Thursday 7 December 2017

Sophie's Birthday Card and aChristmas Decoration

It was my granddaughter's birthday and she loves me to colour in unicorns for her so it was a natural that I pick this for her birthday. I went rainbow theme, used Copics and it was a quick and easy colour as I didnt worry about any shading with the colours.
This unicorn stamp is from Neat and Tangled and includes the unicorn, floral branches and

I decided to add Sopie's name and stamped with the Altenew Alphabet stamps, but didnt realise how big they were till I started stamping and really had to squeeze her name in (rather typical of me). I then decided to add glitter to the letters and black glittered. Was a bit over powering but to her 5 year old eyes it was perfect and that was all that mattered cause I am the best Craft Nanny in the world. And I am happy to wear that title.

I then decided to have a go at making a Christmas decoration like Jennifer Mcguire had shown on her website but with smaller dies from Hero Art. I used a Christmas Tree die cut and cut 6 in white card stock and 6 in pink glitter.

Folded each in half, added tape on each side of the fold, joined all the pieces together, added a pile of gems to the white pieces of cardstock then added a piece of elastic to hang the decoration.
It was one of those things I wanted to try, wasn't so impressed with once finished, felt I used a lot of gems on but Elysha thought it was 'beeeutifull' and it should join our other decorations so it has.

Thanks for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.


Have a Magical Day Sophie

Have a Magical Day Sophie

Have a Magical Day Sophie

Update on Mum and her sister Pat
I thought I would share this photo from happier times when mum and Pat still knew each other and shared their love of life. For those of you who read my last post about Aunt Pat you know we were taking mum so Aunt Pat could see her. My sister got mum there and Pat looked at mum and smiled and it was all worthwhile. Mum didn't know Pat or her other sisters but we expected that in reality. 
Aunt Pat died on Friday and will be missed by us all. We will celebrate her life with happy memories and my only wish is that mum could join us in this celebration of her life. 


Anonymous said...

Sohpie's card is beautiful and so is the new decoration.
Sorry to hear your news thinking of you at this tough time.

Jeanne H said...

Please accept my condolences. Thank you for letting your followers know. About your card - I think it is a special thing to add the recipient's name.

lostinpaper said...

So happy that your Mum and sister got to see each other once more, so sorry to hear about your loss, a big hug to you and your family Aileen.

Cara said...

I love your card for your granddaughter, so bright and fun, I can see why she loved it. Your tree decoration is great too, I love all the bling. I'm sorry to hear that your Aunt Pat has passed away but it seems that you can take some comfort in that she saw your Mum for one last time. Sending hugs x

I Card Everyone said...

Aileen you are the best Crafty Nanny, and certainly do a beautiful job of keeping your darling girls happy, and feeling so special!
I am so very sad to read about your Aunt Pat - of this I'm sure: they'll know each other again one day, and in that belief I hope you find consolation. My sympathies to you, and your family, sweet friend. xxoo

Marilyn said...

I love Sophie's card and what you said about being the best Craft Nanny.. that's a title I've had in our house with my granddaughter and now my four year old grandson. Isn't it the best title in the world? I also like your tree and all the pretty gems.
It's good your Mom and her sis got to see each other again and condolences on your loss.

Viv said...

Aww how sweet Sophie's card is Aileen, love your rainbow unicorn! love your tree decoration too, no wonder Elysha loved it also.So nice that your mum got to see her sister, they are so alike too, didn't realise they were identical twins.Sad time for you just now, hope you have lots of happy memories to sustain you though ;) hugs Viv xx

Julie B said...

I bet Sophie will love the card, what little girl wouldn't.Thanks for sharing at ATSM this week.
Sorry to hear your sad news, always difficult at this time of year.

Ruth said...

What a sweet card - little girls love unicorns, especially rainbow ones. I'm with Elysha on your tree decoration - it's so sparkly!! Been thinking about you a lot lately, and sending all my love across the pond xxxxxxx

Ina G said...

Simply love your unicorn card for Sophie. Gorgeous bold and bright. No doubt she loves it. So sad to read of your sadness. Lovely though that your Mum got to see her sister one last time. Thanks for sharing with us at ATSM this week Aileen.