Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Hello Lovely

This beautiful floral is a digital from Graciellie Design and called Beautiful Bloom I think,
the link takes you straight to it. Always remember  she has amazing specials all throughout the year as well so if you see things you like and cant afford just wait for a special.

Okay now I have coloured the flower with red Copics starting with R14 and going to R59 for depth in the shadows.

The sentiment comes with the image as well as a pile more sentiments.
I decided to do really light colours in the BG 0000 to BG10 and also G0000 and just pulled the colours in all different directions little patches everywhere then going over them again no control or pattern and even used Colourless 0 to lift colour if I felt it was too heavy.

I added this panel to a white cardbase that I attached silver glitter washi tape each side of first and finished off with these wonderful pale green gems that tend to reflect the colour they are sitting on. 

I love this flower as its a great one to practice Copic layers and blending into folds on.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit and come again soon

Crafty Hugs


For those who visit regularly.  

  I would like to thank those that read my post asking people what they use for social media and lack of responses. Therese what you said is all so true and you made me think about the fact that this is my only sure way of being able to look back at cards from the past that is mine. I hear you loud and clear. I will continue and just share what I feel like at the time.

Thank you


lostinpaper said...

Such a vivid bold bloom Aileen, how lovely!! I am happy that you are going to keep your blog, I enjoy my visits here, but no pressure when you share I will visit my friend x

I Card Everyone said...

I'm sure you meant to say HELLO GORGEOUS!! Aileen this is just popping off of my computer screen! I could understand your taking many turns with this fabulous bloom for practice... though I'm not sure you need it, my friend - your nooks, crannies, and folds are tremendous!
ps I missed your question about readers, and comments. Sorry. Readership seems to be okay, it's the time it takes to leave a little comment that seems to be slowing down these days. I try always to thank those that do - but then that dratted 'no reply blogger' thing - frustrating. Hang in there sweetie. I'd be sad if you didn't share! =]

Diane said...

Wow Aileen, the vivid color and flower are amazing.

Hugs Diane

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