Wednesday 13 October 2021

Handful of cards

 I thought it might be nice to share a handful of cards that I have shared on Instagram but not my blog so you can see what I have been up to if you don't go to Instagram.

Let me know if you want to see more as I am happy to add them, if there is anyone out there interested.

These are all digital images that I have coloured in with Copics.
This one was given for free at the start of the Covid Pandemic and Im
sorry to say I cant remember who drew it as the file came
without any copywrite information.

This wonderful Bee is drawn by Mo from Mo's Digital Pencil and
anyone who knows me knows I love Mo's artistic talent. I many many of her images
and never enough time to do more than one colouring as there are so many more
that need colouring. Isnt this Bee the cutest.

This little sweetie was wonderful to colour and I have used for a Birthday card but could also look amazing for a Christmas card I think. Now don't forget to check out these backgrounds.
They are all added after I have coloured the image.

Now we have this wonderful Babe floating with her G&T I'm sure.
Now after I print up my image to colour in and then decide to add a background I found that the best way to protect the image was
To take a piece of plain vellum or even baking paper, draw around the image, no need for detail and then fussy cut this. I use either a glue that will dry tacky and can be used for holding things in place temporary or a double sided tape that does the same just around the edges of the image. I attach this to the image, do my background with a stencil or brush, add paste if needed then remove cover as soon as possible so it doesnt become attached to the image (paste can be a little fiddly so the sooner the better) 

And you end up with backgrounds that just work so well with the image.
This stunning Fairy is from  Aurora Wings  and was such a pleasure to colour.

I hope you enjoyed seeing just some of the cards I have done recently.

 Crafty Hugs



lostinpaper said...

These are ALL such fun! I can't believe that I missed them at Instagram... I am obviously not there enough lol.

frommycraftroom said...

Fabulous cards. I'm going to have to find you on instagram! :) so I don't miss anything. I'm there more than I am the blog these days.