Friday, 5 August 2022

The Flower Challenge #71 Circle/Circles

Sorry I'm a bit late posting my card, technology is not my friend at the moment but
we will persist.

So this month is all about circles so I went through my vast array of stamps to see what I could do and this fantastic stamp jumped out at me.

Isn't this the prettiest bouquet. The stamp is from Funky Fossil this company is in the UK and Sarah has the biggest collection of amazing stamps floral, characters, animals and much more and stencils that are unbelievable as well. Check it out.

Back to my card, I have Copic coloured the flowers and you know that card is
straight, its just my photography  thats crooked :)

This stamp is so pretty and doesn't need anything else to show it off so I just finished the card off with a die cut 'Happy Birthday' cut from Silver glitter cardstock.

Now its time to go check out what the rest of the Design Team have been up to at The Flower Challenge.. This month my wonderful friend Therese from 'Lost in Paper' has joined us and as always she has made the most amazing card.

Thank you so much for coming here to check out my card,  and I hope to see you here again soon.

Crafty Hugs


We have a new addition to the family, of the furry kind.
This is Emma who in this shot is 3 1/2 months old. Next
to her is Jake who is 17 years old. Jake is Elysha's
companion dog and as he is slowing down a bit it, was time to
introduce another member to the family. Emma is a
Cavoodle  - mix of Cavalier King Charles and Miniature Poodle.

She is a non stop ball of hair that will push her way into
any situation if it involves a treat or a pat. She has given Jake
a new lease on life and we couldn't be happier. 

Lots of training ahead as unlike Jake who came to us through the Guide
Dog Association of NSW fully trained Emma is at the beginning
of life. OOOOOOh my goodness we have never had a puppy
before but we are certainly learning quick, she is training US well.

Thank goodness she is like Jake in that she does not shed so Elysha is
doing well with her. Unlike Jake who always looks so handsome and styled
that hair of Emma's is just a wild uncontrolled mess, brushing her does not
do a thing for her but she does enjoy it. Actually in this photo the hair doesn't
look messy at all but thats probably because the groomer had just visited.




lostinpaper said...

Hello to Emma, isn't she too cute and isn't Jake a good boy sitting there with her!! AND I agree, your circle of flowers was the absolute perfect choice for this month's inspiration, I love it!

Bobby said...

Those pups are so cute, Aileen. My granddaughter has two Cavalier King Charles, one a new puppy.
Your ring of flowers was the perfect choice for this month's challenge.

Stef Perry said...

Love your gorgeous floral wreath Aileen, I'm off to visit Sarah after this (funny how we all "enable" one another lol). Your coloring is gorgeous as always and I love the sparkly sentiment as well!

TaeEun said...

That's an adorable wreath bouquet, Aileen !!! A great stamp for our theme! Emma looks really cute! Wishing you a happy training time :) !

Maria Rodriguez. said...

Hello Aileen, I was without a computer for a while but now, I'm back on line and I'm loving it.
Your card is gorgeous, love the pink and blue with a hint of green on these lovely blooms, the sparkly birthday greeting is such a fabulous detail.
Now, those puppies are just the cutest, I'm so glad Elysha has a brand new companion to play with.
Sending big hugs to all.
Stay healthy and safe.
Maria Rodriguez.

Ericka Strange said...

Love your beautiful boquet Aileen and all the gorgeous coloring. So pretty!

donna mikasa said...

I thought about a wreath for the challenge prompt--yours is gorgeous! And your Cavoodle is just adorable!