Saturday 12 March 2016

Hello Sunshine

As the sun continues to cook us here I am really enjoying all the Spring and bright colour challenges. No sign of Autumn at all, as my frangipani tree out that front continues to produce masses of beautiful white and yellow flowers and the weeds look wonderful too.

I started doing this card for a yellow, orange and green challenge at Less is More but was too slow to get moving so decided to finish it off and post anyway. Im sure I can find a challenge here or thereto add it to.

Wonderful stamp (NBUS) from Paper Smooches You may not recognise it as I did the no lines colouring and as the colours are all similar its not as clear as it would be usually.
I enjoyed doing this, I stamped with the Distress Ink Lemonade..... and then coloured with copics.

I decided to do a very pale halo around the flowers in my softest yellow and just not sure it works. Pale Yellow copic maybe too pale but decided to make the card and post and if Im not happy I will try adding a pale blue to make it green, no, just don't want to overplay it for now.

Anyway, I finished it off with a gold die cut 'Sunshine' and stamped 'hello' in pale green but that looks more yellow here.
Final touches are a few bright 'orange' enamel dots. I keep forgetting the word 'enamel' when I go to describe these dots so I hope I don't confuse you all too much when I say 'plastic' 'acrylic' etc its just my brain seems to close down a bit.

Just not sure if I did the wrong thing my adding gold sentiment. If so please delete and my apologies.

I think this is my third card or could be the second.

 Update on mum and dad  & Dad's 90th
It went brilliantly and I did mean to post before but I have been plagued with migraines and have barely had a morning when I haven't woken to one. After Chiro visit yesterday I am feeling sore but my head is feeling lots better so I hope I will have a break from them just for a couple of nights which would be nice.

The day started with a drive to Canberra on the Saturday and just as we arrived in Canberra my sister called to say her car had been written off in an accident just as they were leaving home.

Sitting in traffic that wasn't moving at all and bang straight into the back of them. Car totalled so they were unable to come to the party.

Both my sister and her son are being treated for whiplash and feeling the ache but are okay.

The day was big with dad sitting like the king at his table and everyone coming to say hello and catchup. Sadly not many of the oldies were there as mum and dads brothers and sisters are mostly too old to travel all that way for an afternoon tea. But lots of cousins came, representing their parents so we had a ball.
I think our kids and their kids were glad to head off home after munching out on finger food and lots of cakes and cheesecakes but my cousins and my brothers and sisters we all had a ball.

Dad is the second one along on the left and mum is the second on the right.

Dad having his first selfie with my daughter Jessie

I took mum and dad home at 5pm, got them settled, read cards and discussed who was who and I went back to the hotel at 7pm to find all my cousins still in residence in the Beer Garden. Boy we had a good time, catching up, drinking (the others, I cant because of migraines) Elysha dancing to the band and then we convinced the Bistro they needed to make dinner for us all ( 25 I think I counted). 
Took in a cousin who had arrived late and hadn't booked in anywhere so she shared with John and me and Elysha.

Family shot but was after two of my kids had left. Elysha with her twin Aaron, son Dale holding Mason, me, my husband, daughter in law with Sophie and soon to be daughter in law Rachael and mum and dad at the front.

Rachael, Aaron, my 13 year old grandson Keegan, Jessie & Elysha.

Missing from photos  son Jay,  grandkids Brock and Khloe.

I woke in the early hours to harmonious snores all round and sat thinking about the joy of this type of celebration. Elysha so relaxed and enjoying herself, me catching up with some cousins I had not seen in many years and enjoying the fact that everyone had enjoyed it so much we had decided to do another party towards the end of the year. A 'Just Because' party.

Mum and Dad are still talking about it and mum appears to have bounced back a bit. Leading up to the party was very stressful for her and we were worried that the tablets had stopped working. Its just another indicator that when we get together next it will be totally on the side without her knowledge till the day arrives. She is no longer able to handle the pressure of these things though we did everything and they only had to come but mums mind just did terrible things to her.

Vision Australia are doing wonderful things to help with her lost vision and are going to start training her in the use of the vision cane with the ball on it. Though she can see she has holes in her vision and is unable to judge when the ground is uneven or a step up or down and in places like the shopping malls where they put down intricate tile patterns they don't realise that for someone with this type of Alzeheimers what they are seeing is undulating. Its truly an amazing journey my mother is on and anything that can make life easier should be grabbed.
As mum starts her training on using this walking guide I asked if they could tach her how to swipe at peoples legs when they insist on walking straight at her. I am totally amazed at the ignorance of people these days that walk in groups talking and expecting others to find a way around them or the ones that walk straight at you though they can see a woman helping another woman who is obviously having troubles walking.
Alas they said 'no' so I will have to teach her myself or take my own cane for wacking those who don't move out of the way.


Ruth said...

Gorgeous card and I love your no line colouring. Thank you so much for an update on the party. It sounds like you all had a marvellous time! I have to confess that sometimes we don't tell my eldest when something like this is on the cards as she just get hyper and it's too much to cope with. Glad to hear about the white cane training. It should come in handy and people will generally move out of the way when they see someone with one. Sorry to hear about your sister - that's a massive rear ender, they must have been going at some speed when they hit the traffic. At least she is OK. Xx

lostinpaper said...

Gorgeous bright cheery card Aileen, looks like you needed something cheery, but glad to hear that everyone was okay.

TaeEun said...

This card with your gorgeous no line coloring is so pretty! Loved to read the heart warming story of your family! I've been away from my family for 20 years now. So I miss such a big family event very much. Your sister's car looks terrible. I'm so glad to hear that nothing serious happened.

Lynne in NI said...

Beautiful card, I can feel your hot colours from here! Feel free to send some of your sunshine to Ireland, we're totally fed up with rain these past few months!
Great family pics too :)

Teodora said...

Wonderful card and i am asking the same ... bring this sun here to Denmark as well! :) I love your bundle of flowers at the top! Very bright and making think straight to Summer. I am also happy that everyone in your family is ok!

Cara said...

Love the no lines colouring. I hope your sister and her son recover quickly and that things go okay fir your parents. Cara x

Wanda Cullen said...

Your card is a breath of spring with your lovely florals! The gold is perfectly OK (you can consider it a neutrai)! Thanks for joining us at Color Throwdown!

Barb Ghig said...

Oh, how I love your no line coloring and all those fabulous bright spring colors! Such a fabulous card, Aileen! Thanks so much for playing along with us this week at ATSM!

So glad that your sister and her son will be ok, and that your parents did well with everything in the end!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous no line coloured card.
Glad to hear the family is OK after the accident. Sounds like the family party was a blast. :)

Vickie Z said...

Love those flowers.... Sorry to see the accident but, looks like a fabulous family get together!! So glad you joined us at CTD!

Broni said...

I love your happy, sunhine-y card! Looks and sounds like the party turned out well after all and it's great you got to have the family together. Hope your Mom does well in her vision training. My Mom has dementia, so we're on similar journeys. And I'm all for you carrying a cane to knock those rude people a little! Thanks so much for playing along with us at the Color Throwdown!

Loll said...

Bright, bold and beautiful card Aileeen.

Lovely pictures of your family. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time, especially your dad and mom. Thanks for sharing. xx

EdenLand Designs said...

Beautiful card, love the bright colors!! The family pictures are an awesome bonus to this visit :) Thanks for playing along with us at ATSM this week!
Susan DT

Kim Heggins said...

Wow...your photos are so pretty, looks like everyone had a great time. So sorry to hear about your sister and brother, that accident looks just awful! Sending prayers.