Friday, 31 March 2017

Enjoy Life sip by Sip & May your day be as Wonderful as the First Sip

 There is a big Spring Coffee Blog Hop going on and I am hoping I have made these
in time to scrape in. I cant believe how many people have entered the blog hop.....
Just checked it out still 22 hrs to go, plenty of time for another card.....maybe.
Anyway there are already 1051 entries -imagine if you had to judge each card, wow.
Anyway I have only a couple of stamps relevant to coffee, I think I like to drink it more
than stamp it. They are mostly tea cups like this wonderful set

This stamp is from Power Poppy and I have stamped it out twice so I can do two cards with
different sentiments and in different colours.
This budgie is blue and purple and his set of tea/coffee cups
are fine china finished in silver.

Its funny but you get the illusion that the green and yellow budgie is slightly larger
than the blue and purple. Check were they are side by side and see what I mean.

I am much more drawn to this version, even though I picked the colours for both
this one looks brighter and lighter and better to me.

Both are coloured with copics, this tea/coffee set finished in gold.

A few sequins dotted here and there on both cards, careful not to put directly
under the tail/bum. didnt want people thinking they are pooping sequins.

Here are the two side by side, love both sentiments and happy with both cards.

Thank you so much for coming to have a look.


I have entered both cards in the hop on 
separate URL's but same post.

Green and yellow budgie

The Green and Yellow Bedgie - Copics because they are just so
easy to use no matter where you are, and they blend so beautifully
and they have so many colours to choose from.

Thanks for coming and I hope you come again soon.


  1. I think both cards are simply fab! I adore the colours you've used. Such fun cards!

  2. Both of your cards are gorgeous. That stamp is beautiful, and I agree about Copics.

  3. Love both of your cards, beautiful coloring!

  4. The tea cup images are lovely!! Both beautiful cards!!

  5. Wow! Such a gorgeous colouring!!! Both these cards are fabulous!!!

  6. These are sooo pretty! Love them both!

  7. "...pooping sequins" indeed! That is so funny, Aileen; you cracked me up!! And your right, the budgie on the left does look bigger...funny how our eyes work! Two sweet cards. Love how you've colored the birds and the teacups. They're beautifully done. Have a great weekend. Bev

  8. What a pretty image...LOVE seeing them side by side. Such awesome coloring and pooping sequins :)

  9. Cute cards. Love how colourful they are.

  10. Very pretty.. Love the colors in both cards!

  11. Love your teacups and especially that sweet bird at the top!

  12. What an adorable image. I love this card.

  13. ooh, love how you have added the gold too!

  14. Beautiful! Love the green & yellow budgie. It looks so real - my hubby has budgies.

  15. Both versions are so wonderfully colored.

  16. Well, I grew up with parakeets and I now have a small parrot, so I am
    a birdie lover! So your cards ... I love them both equally. And your
    coloring is just beautiful!

  17. The image is beautifully colored! Both cards are pretty but I love the gold version with yellow-green bird without sequins poop :)!

  18. Yay for getting it in at the last. It's a fabulous stamp set and I love the different look you get just by the different colours. Xx

  19. Beautiful pair of your incredible coloring.

  20. Just gorgeous. Beautiful colours and colouring and great sentiments x

  21. Wow, gorgeous cards, Aileen. I love the image and the colours very much. Thank you for joining us at As You Like It. Sorry for my late reaction. Luv, Wilma

  22. Those sentiments are perfect with your beautifully colored tea cups, Aileen.


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