Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Birthday Card and a Scene

I'm not really into doing scenes on my cards. I love colouring whether its painting, pencils or Copics but scenes, well they seem like a lot of work. 
I love to make cards that I feel are special and I give them away either to someone celebrating an occassion or as a gift pack for others to use.
I think we all put a lot of work into our creations with stamping, colouring, pattern paper and diecuts. But the realism is that this craft we love is only truly appreciated by others who also craft.

Cards given to family, friends, acquaintances are looked at, admired briefly but how often do we hear people talking about those they know not really appreciating the effort and love that went into those cards.

I love to imagine that someone will see my creation and love it as much as I do but truth is those who don't craft rarely see what we get out of it. Im not being negative, I'm being honest about it. 

I love LOVE to create but I also know that, what for me is a total pleasure, may to others be 'thats nice......thanks moments. I say all this so you understand where I am coming from. I want to make a card that I spend some time colouring in some way. Then I want to finish up so I can move onto my next card and I don't want to get into too much scene/time spent on that card. All that masking or drawing additions or wee intricate die cuts or dies that make them interactive and amazing is just not me.

Cards are getting busier and busier with full rooms or parklands and I love that others like doing this and I love to receive a full on card cause I would know how much effort went into it but sometimes I look at all that work and expense that is added to a card for a piece that spins, pops etc. 

Or at least I thought it was totally not me, just the stamped image coloured, a die cut or two BUT then some of those amazing artists who draw the stamped images started making things like the background you see on my card. 
Stacey Yacula is one amazing artist and I love these background stamps.

I mean look at it, all the works done, I stamp and quickly do light watercolour colouring.  No masking, working out placement just stamp and colour.  
I  then added the stamped images I have coloured, fussy cut and theres my card. A few half bubble gems to look like bubbles floating up, a little bit of shadow under my critters and I have a birthday card that I hope some child will enjoy looking at.

No time at all and I have a card I cant wait to share.
Remember I'm not criticising those who are happy to do all the layers and additions and when I get one I am the first to show to everyone who walks in my front door what an amazing card it is but I also wanted to be able to say what I have without hurting anyones feelings.  

If your lucky, you too might get to receive one of my more busy Stacey Yacula background cards and know that I have taken the next step in card making.  Next thing you know I'll be stamping and masking my critters on before I add the background....... nah dont hold your breathe on that one.

Thank you so much for coming to visit and I hope you come visit again soon

Crafty hugs xxxx Aileen


Diane said...

Fun bright colors and what a cute colored design.

Hugs Diane

Enna said...

You're so funny! I'm right there with you on all of it. The SY critters are just so irresistible that I HAD to buy some backgrounds. But now I can't find the Purple Onion rubber stamp tool thingy, and, of course, they are out of stock. Well, you can send me anything & I promise to spend lots of time appreciating it and not throwing it out!!! I love your cards!

lostinpaper said...

What a sweet little scene Aileen, I am venturing into creatingg scenes too, isn't it fun!

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Anonymous said...
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