Sunday 29 July 2018

Alcohol Inks and Lots to Share Part 1

First off I want to mention that my friend, Amy from  Brite Designs by Amy was the one who inspired me to write this post. Having seen my first chart on Instagram she suggestion I write a blog post about one of my favourite subjects. I never do anything by half measures so here is Part 1.
When you are finished reading don't forget to go check out Amy's brilliant blog as well.

This post is a very photo heavy post so just warning you. Now make a cuppa and join me as we talk about whats what or at least what I know and can share with you. 

This little corner here is in my office and the long table use to carry all the resources I needed to post out to people and class information. Now it has my Alcohol ink set up, then next to that is my photo area and my Scan 'n' Cut. Another area taken over by the crafting (whats the joke where the lady says "my husband keeps telling me to stop reference to our house as my crafting room!!)

Ahh one of the joys of children leaving home is that we can stretch out.

A box around the area that use the alcohol inks - why?
A tip I picked up on one of the many videos I have watched to protect the wall and area around the area if I am using the blowdryer to move and blend the alcohol inks, much better than having bright ink colours dribbling down the wall or areas around.

Here we are getting closer to the work area. Around the box I have used a disposable drop sheet that is thin enough that I could put around the box, over the edge and down under the table and I taped it under there to keep it out of the way.

The lazy Susan I have covered with that brilliant stuff from Glad 'Press n Seal', makes it so easy to cover the top, two pieces did the job and of course press close so no trouble or bulk.

This mat I made again after seeing the one used by Myriam's  on YouTube . Myriam has some amazing tutorials on Alcohol inks and then other acrylic art. She is wonderful and informative and clever and artistic and you just need to check her art out.

Anyway back to seeing her mat I left a question asking how it was made then thought until I find out I will use some glass out of an old picture frame I had. Bingo I had picked it, that was what she was using and she tells you on one of the videos how she made it. She has different feet on her's. I used the tonic water caps and John filled with silicon then just stuck in place.

Good tip here, add a piece of just ordinary sticky tape all around the edges folded over and tucked to get rid of the sharpish edge to the glass. My piece  is a perfect size for an A4 sheet of acetate.

During the 30 Day colouring Challenge that Kathy runs so perfectly, I spent a couple of days making first the top chart then the next one down.

The first chart has all my Tim Holtz Alcohol inks which I added to each piece of yupo that I had cut out with a label punch. After I had added the colour to all of them I flicked here and there with Blending solution to show how the ink can seperate and change colour. You can see better if you click on the photo as it will enlarge the image. 

Each punched piece of Yupo has a quarter piece of a velcro dot on the back of it (economising) and the rough velcro piece is added to the chart. I have written on the back of each the ink name.

The image I am showing close up here on the back of is a Copic colour so I have but the Copic name on it. By adding the name to the back I make it easier to find the ink bottle and also to replace the ink swatches.

I have also written the ink name on the cart so you can see where it goes.

Now on the chart, third row from the bottom half way along there is a blank space and a bit of black, that is the velcro quarter on the chart and from there down I have added my latest purchase which is the Piñata inks. These are a lot heavier in colour density so I have made two swatches of each, one the colour straight and the second with Isopropyl added to thin and show colour. Purple is probably the darkest colour of them all.  The two green swatches you see above are Piñata - same colour just one with blending solution to show difference.

You will also notice that some inks above on the chart that as soon as you use them can have a different coloured halo around them even when no blending solution is added showing you that no amount of shaking or mixing changes this. These colours appear to seperate as soon as they are used. Others change in colour with other colours appearing when blending solution or isopropyl is added.

 This second chart is my Copic re-inkers. I don't have them all (360 I think) just the refills for the Copic pens I use the most but this means I have more Alcohol inks available to me than just the Tim Holtz or Piñata inks. Even with those I find myself drawn to the same or similar colours as my  Copics as I tend to like the lights and brights. Again I have flicked blending solution on the inks to show colour effects from the solution. With these ones I have just written the name and code on the back of the Yupo swatches as I like to move them around a bit.

Each can easily be pulled off the chart and put together to make colour combo's up I think might look good together and  for experimenting with. I have found this is a great way to also look at same a coloured image and pick out what I feel might work with it as a background on a card.

I really am a very visual person and have swatches of all colour mediums I use. These ones are small and the charts can be on the wall where I can see them but also down on the table for making choices.

My Distress Ink swatches are done totally differently as are my pencils and paints. Surrounded by colour helps with inspiration.

Just so you have an idea how it can be used, here are some cards I made using Alcohol inks  

Okay this is todays post and tomorrow I will go into some of the products I have found to help with using the inks and storage and share some links to where you can get them. I don't get paid for any of the links or telling you about products. Also anything I share in information is purely my own personal opinion and works for me. I'm not an expert and still constantly learning from others just wanted to share and hope you enjoy the info.

Look forward to seeing you again soon and please let me know if you found this interesting and if you would like to see more like this or just prefer my card posts. It helps me to keep my blog interesting if I know what you like. All positive comments appreciated.


Aileen said...

fabulous inks

Cathy said...

Looks like your really branching out into AI Aileen, your set up looks great. I follow some AI groups on facebook and they make some incredible work. Will check out the video you linked too. I've got an Ikea trolley with my paint etc for acrylic pouring that gets shoved around when not in use in my small craft room. My alcohol inks are in a drawer. I enjoyed seeing your workspace. Have a great week, Cathy x

Ruth said...

YOu really don't do anything by halves, Aileen! This is amazing! I love that it looks like a real painters studio - although I think some splatters on the wall would have added artistic value to the house.... xx

BożenA said...

Your cards are so beautiful, Aileen. I love how you used your AI painted cards. This little swimmer looks simply stunning. I love how you capture the possibilities of this colorful sheet. I also love this beautiful flower, I love triangles ... Thank you for sharing such a great inspiration

Bobby said...

That's quite the set-up, Aileen. It looks like it's working for you because those cards are fabulous.