Wednesday 16 September 2015

Honourable Mention or two

I don't know how to put the buttons on the side of the blog for when I get a Honourable mention so thought I would do a post - just to have a braggy  moment. I know its not polite but really its a happy moment and I just couldn't resist.

First I got a mention at


and another from:

Virginia's View Challenge

Yahoo another Honourable mention


I thank you for giving me a Honourable Mention. Its a very nice feeling.


Ruth said...

It's not bragging, it's being proud of being an awesome crafter! Well done! Xx

Anonymous said...

Well done :) Very deserving and recognition for your efforts.

Marybeth said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Yay and I am so happy for you with those beautiful cards! You deserve the honorable mentions and wins! Hugs

Kim Heggins said...

A big congrats to you!!! So excited for you and your wins are well deserved too!