Wednesday 11 November 2015

Online Copic Colouring Class- Day 5

Well as you can see its skin and hair colours for this practice session. I ran out of heads to try hair colours so will need to print up some more. I love the idea of different coloured hair and also combining natural hair colours with strips or sections in colour so would like to practice those too and have there for future reference.

I did not have the right colours for all skin tones so still need more 'E' Copics to cover very dark brown, and yellow brown. Also need more greys but that just have to join the forever list of needs!!

I enjoyed doing the colouring but found I drifted towards what I have already been doing in the way I blend the copics.

I have discovered an even lighter skin colour that I really like and I love how the shadow is across the one side of the face.  I did the eyes in three colours which you really can't see unless close up but really like how that highlighted them.

I tried out a brown with red for the hair here and like that as well. Eyes three greens look stunning. I didn't notice to after I took the photos I forgot to do eye shadow at the time of colouring.

I have made one card which is on the next post using one of the ballerina's and I added the eyeshadow. It looks a wee bit strong, not really a young girls eyeshadow but doing it after the other colours are all done means there isn't as much playing room unless you want to start playing with face colour again as well for good blending.

Hope you have enjoyed your visit and it would be great if you pop over to check out Ruth's post at Crafting While the Baby Naps and check out her cards. They look so good, I love them. Particularly the blue dress and the eyes on these girls just look amazing.

Off to do my other post with my ballerina card for a challenge. Thanks for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.


lostinpaper said...

LOVE the blue!!

Ruth said...

They are gorgeous! Love your colouring - it's so soft and I love the extra detail on the skirt with the shadows. Your hair is great - love that blue one. I need some new blues too and I like your combination, so that will be on my list. Off to check your ballerina! Xx

Kim Heggins said...

I love your coloring, just so beautiful Aileen!

Deepti said...

Awesome coloring !