Friday 27 November 2015

Woohoooo Triplets

Yes you heard me right and NO I'm not the lucky grandmother. This is a young girl that is not a relative or a family friend but she is really in need of a Random Act of Kindness.

This young lady already has a two year old, running, laughing made little boy and now she is having three more in less than three months.

She lives in a very small community that proudly has approx 250 residents. Its out in the country side and about 1 1/2 hours away from where we live on the outskirts of Sydney. We live right on the end of Sydney, more countryside than built up so now you can image how much more isolated they are.

Now just a little bit of her history: she struggled to fall pregnant in the first place and miscarried a number of times. She successfully carried her son but with many many visits to the hospital. They decided to try again nearly straight after his birth as they knew it would be a struggle. After another miscarriage she fell pregnant with no medical assistance with triplets. They didn't say anything to anyone until recently in fear of loosing these babies.

Now everything is looking very positive and going well. But what they didn't count on was:

a) Her husband getting into the Army at the same time as the babies are about due.
and there is no mum to help out and her sisters live a couple of hours away.

So this young couple haven't asked for help but the community around them and her two sisters have asked. I heard about it and there's to be a Baby Shower tomorrow down at the Community Centre in her small town.

So I am driving down there to do a Random Act of Kindness:

I've made a card and going to drop that off, eat their morning tea and come home again. LOL

Nah, I'm not that rotten, I bought a Baby Safety Seat thats appropriate from birth to 4 years, I have a bag full of soft lovely plush toys that are like new, from my grandkids (hope she doesn't get too many of those) and I thought money in with the card will come in handy for buying the essentials. We don't have much ourselves but I always reckon that if you can afford to help someone in some way you should just do it. 

I don't know what sex the triplets are so I kept to neutral colours. Coloured with copics. I stamped with a pale blue ink in the first place, but hadn't thought through what colours I was going to make the bears. So, of course the yellow bear has ended up with a green outline. I went over the outlines with glitter pens in the colours of the bears but it didn't cover up the green lines on the yellow bear.

Finished the bears off with white stitch, red copic hearts and black copic outline pen for eyes, nose and mouth.

Stamped the sentiment 'Woohooo! and used Alphabet letters to make the word 'triplets'.
Gave a wee bit of grounding to the bears and all finished. Off early in the morning to get to this little wonderful country town and hoping it's not going to be too hot.

Cant wait to meet this young lady who is so excited about having her babies and thinking to myself how wonderful God can be. After all her previous heartbreak to now bless her with a full family, health, and a wonderful caring community.

Life is Good.

Heres the baby seat all unpacked and ready to deliver.
No need to give them a pile of rubbish to get rid of.
 I did check that it was needed before I bought it
and it was marked off the list.

okay so off to enter my card over at Jennifer MsGuire

Well its getting late so Im off to clean the kitchen before hitting the sack. Early start tomorrow.
Take care and thank you for coming to visit. I hope you come again soon.


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, aileen, this is SO CUTE!! i love the brightly coloured bears and the white stitching! how thoughtful of you to help out with much needed supplies and support and i'm sure your kindness will be very much appreciated.

Joyce said...

I love your story and your card. What a gigantic heart you have. Those babies are lucky to be born into such a caring community.

Shari said...

This card is so adorable. I love the vibrant colors of the bears. ♥

Vicki Dutcher said...

What a nice SHARING you are doing! I am sure this young couple will appreciate it! They will for sure like the adorable card with these cute bears!

Ruth said...

This is so super cute - and I love the bright bears. You are such a caring and sharing lady, Aileen. It's such a lovely thing to do. I have two friends with 2 year old twins and a 4 year old as well. It is such hard, hard work, so I wish them all the best. She will need a lot of support and this is exactly what you're doing. God bless you! xx

Anonymous said...

Aileen that is a beautiful card. What a generous thing you are doing for someone you don't know. Wishing the family a safe arrival of their new babes.

ChristineCreations said...

What a lovely act of kindness! I can’t even imagine triplets! I know what you’re doing will be an encouragement to her. Its such a sweet and lovely design!

Lin said...

Oh what a heart-warming story. We hear so much about the bad things in this world, and I thank you for sharing this happy story. I adore your colorful card with the sweet teddies! We thank you for sharing this with us at the Simon Says Stamp Wednesday challenge!
And on a personal note I wanted to say thank you to you for the lovely comments you always leave on my blog. Seems like commenting is a lost art lately, and so I truly treasure yours! Hugs across the miles from me to you!

Lilian said...

They are so cute!!!
Thank you for joining us at ATSM!
The Leaf Studio

TaeEun said...

Oh! Aileen, This card is so adorable and what you did is such a wonderful act of kindness! I'm so touched by the story! Thank you for sharing!