Sunday, 1 November 2020

Christmas A Time For Making Memories


Quick and easy card as I had already coloured this sweet gnome. He's another
of Mo's Digital Pencil images and has a very cute face. I decided to put him
inside a frame.

I used a white card base and cut out the frame you see outlined here and again in Gold mirror
card then added the gold frame back into the card. Lined up my gnome and taped in place
then added a full white panel at the back inside the card. Of course it would have been easier to just 
die cut the gold frame and add the image then attached to the card but that logic always
comes to me well after all the fiddling lol.

I have added a beautiful gold heat embossed sentiment I did on vellum
and wrapped toward the back of the card and inside. Finished off with a star
that was cut from the same frame set then a number of holographic little stars
I was given.

All done and going well, very please as I am well and truly on track for Christmas with ones
 like the previous giant snowflake card being made in a few different colours and cardstocks
like maybe another 10, I think.

Thank you so much for coming to look and as always I appreciate any comment left.
Hope to see you again soon

Crafty Hugs



lostinpaper said...

Loving the added sparkle to this little sweetie!

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Diane said...

Fabulous image, framing and design Aileen.

Hugs Diane