Sunday 28 June 2015

Celebrate with a butterfly and flowers

Well I just couldn't stop thinking about how I wasn't happy with my last card. So what do you do??? You start again. This time I decided to go with Distress Inks blended. One of my favourite pass times.

I don't have a flower stencil (at least one where the flowers are separate) so I decided to use some gold flower stickers that you remove just the outline and colour inside them. Of course your not meant to then peel them off but I wanted a white base not gold. the stickers had been there forevvvvvvver and I knew I was never going to use so really wasn't a waste. Nothing is a waste in the challenge of making a card you want.

So onto the card, single layer. First I stamped the butterfly and masked. Then I taped the top of the card so my ink didn't drift over the back. Placed the gold flowers and started blending. used yellow, pink and orange and a wee bit of red. Peeled off the stickers, mmmm probably should have waited till it all dried. Had a couple of areas where it caught the inked edge and life so of course I had to mend here and there.
Coloured the butterfly with copics then added my beautiful gems in sizes and colours that suited each flower.

Ohh yeah I forgot I as going to cut a die sentiment and was now unable to due to all the gems being well and truly stuck. Had to compromise with the black die cut 'celebrate' placed towards the top.

so of course I want to enter this in the Fusion Card Challenge: FUSION (Bright Butterfly)

I am so sad this is coming to an end.

Thought I would add to another Challenge - Inkspirational: Challenge #85 Word Prompt Wild
I reckon this card looks as wild as it could get.

Well what lesson was learnt from yesterday and today - we all have crappy days when nothing seems to fall into place and you really should not craft when you have a rotten cold. 

I had to come back from mum and dads early and organise visitors, food, appointments etc as I woke up Thursday with sore throat, a voice that sounded like I was auditioning for a sex phone line (deep and throaty), runny snoz aches etc and all I could think of was getting out of there before I got them sick. Ran out did some grocery shopping for them, swapped places so my daughter could take over and picked up Elysha and my grandson Keegan and drove home to Sydney.

Rang my brother and he refused to believe it was me, thought it was someone pranking him till I laughed. Really thought I was a fella.  Silly bugger!

Went to the doctor and was put on antibiotics so I can get moving again. Have slept a lot, croaked out orders, watched my DH deal with everything and made regular calls to make sure all is going well. I need to get back but agreed to wait till Tuesday as the others are helping out. And of course every time I felt a bit better I disappeared into the craft room and played, just not as well as I could have.

  I hope you have enjoyed your visit and look forward to you visiting again soon.


Marion said...

Gorgeous card Aileen! I hope you are feeling better real soon xox

Kim M said...

This is beautiful! I love blending distress inks too. Great masking job. Thanks for playing along with us over at Inkspirational! :-)

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Wow - stunning! Ha ha - auditioning for a sex phone line - you are too funny!! Hope are are feeling better now!

Loll said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! It didn't stop you from creating a beautiful card. Even though things didn't got exactly as planned, you ended up with a gorgeous, vibrant, one layer card. Great job!! xx

Anonymous said...

A great bright card.
Hope you are feeling better and have lost your sex phone line voice :)

Lyndal said...

FABulous colours Aileen! So glad you joined in the fun @ FUSION! said...

SO pretty! I love the technique you used for the background! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Fusion.

Deanne :)