Wednesday 3 June 2015

Happy Birthday All in Yellow

This is a special birthday card for a friend of Elysha's. She, like Elysha, has Down Syndrome and is deaf. She also uses sign language like Elysha.

This image is from Mo's Digital Pencil and I loved it when she drew it as it is a very special sign.

The little girl here is signing "I LOVE YOU" and this is a sign used both in America & Australia. These two countries use sign language that differs greatly and our sign language is so different as to compare chalk to cheese but we do sometimes share a sign. This is one and a very personal sign. I have four children and they all know how to do the sign and use it. It can be signed without saying anything and be very personal. Elysha when she was little would make the hand shape then come and put her finger tips against mine in the same shape. It was a very special moment, oops sorry don't mean to drift off there.

Anyway it was requested that I make the card and do everything in yellows as she loves yellow. these are all yellow copics but some look more orange and of course I had to contrast the dress. 
I don't know what it is with the stitched die cuts but always when I attach the cardstock it looks ripply even though I have put plenty of tape down to attach to the card.

Stamped Happy Birthday sentiment using my Misti and have to say this is the best this stamp has ever turned out as I was able to stamp a couple of times to fill gaps. Again coloured with copics. Balloons - there was one heart balloon with the imagined I thought I would add some extra, cut out vellum and coloured the back of the vellum with copics.
Then I just couldn't leave well enough alone. the main balloon was outlined so smarty here thought I will draw around the vellum balloons in black marker, yes it looked stupid but too late to turn back so I did what any crafty person would do I added glitter gel pen to outline in yellow and orange. Drew on the extra balloon strings.
Took the photos then noticed yes I can see the glue behind one balloon so I will add more balloons I cut out later and make it an even bigger bunch but wanted to finish for now to add to 
Kathy's 30 Day Colour Challenge  This card is for Day 2 of the challenge.

I hope you enjoyed your visit.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your special moments too.

Vicki Dutcher said...

What a sweet memory! Mo does know how to draw, but you made it real by your awesome coloring! Fun yellow card that I am sure is appreciated!

Anita in France said...

What a lovely post, Aileen ... and how wonderful that this sweet image means so much to you and your family! It's so beautifully coloured and all those heart balloons are so fun! Great to have you come over for a visit ... thanks for your lovely comments! Anita :)

Annie said...

a beautiful card with a beautiful story! hugs to you and your daughter.
annie x

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, this card is so sweet!! i love the bright cheery colours, your colouring and the balloons look so lovely and translucent. how nice that you were able to find such a meaningful image.