Wednesday 29 July 2015

You are so Sweet

I had to make another one. After looking at my other card and struggling to see the bling I thought 'come on Aileen, you can do better than that!'

I had coloured in this little cutie before with mix of Distress Inks and Inktense pencils (really really bad hair day). Added a bit of glitter to her laces and the edge of her skirt with glitter pen.
Cut the watercolour card stock with the stitched rectangle die then cut a sheet of silver glitter paper with the next size up. Attached silver layer with tape it is flatter looking than it appears in the photo. Honestly it appears to be this die, the papers tend to warp unless its thicker card stock, might need to reinforce next time.

Anyway stamped sentiment then attached a beautiful little pale pink flower. All done.

Off to enter this in:

and cutting it very close :)

since its so feminine I thought I would also enter the challenge

Again thanks for coming to visit and hope you come again.

Light and Bright Hello

My W9PLUS flower stamps arrived. I did a pile of stamping, masking and more stamping. I started out doing single flowers with watercolour pens, wasn't happy with any of them. Tossed the lot.

Went back to my Inktense pencils and I am so glad I did. I had forgotten how easy they are to use and how vibrant. The watercolour pens are back on the shelf for now I will stay with what I really am comfortable with. My Inktense Pencils and my Tim Holtz Distress Inks. Both are perfect for watercolouring.

Check out the vibrancy, I have not lightened the colour of the photo at all. After I finished colouring the flowers I added a little green in the empty areas then went over the flowers with Wink of Stella pen.

I have taken a close up of the flowers in the hope you will see the sparkle going on here, it really looks brilliant but its just not showing up as well as it should. Then I die cut 'Hello' in the flowers and put that one aside, did another in black and laid the black layer straight back into the coloured image.

Added a little glitter with Wink of Stella to the black layer as well not that you can see it.

I'm so glad I went back to my Inktense pencils. Time to do some more.

Would like to enter this in 

I hope it sparkles enough, if not please delete.

Well I hope you all enjoyed your visit. See you again soon.

Monday 27 July 2015

Make a Wish

Well if this doesn't make you decide you need some Stamping Bella stamps Therese I don't know what will. Just had to start with that comment cause I know Therese is trying so hard to be strong and I'm working on destroying her resolve.

Isn't this the cutest stamp. So easy to colour in when you decide to paper pierce the dress. Was done in a matter of minutes. These girls are all so tall and have the longest, skinniest legs, and easy to colour faces. A wee bit of bling, don't know why my Wink of Stella is just not showing up

I stamped a second time on a scrape of patterned paper for the dress. Coloured the crown and wand the same colour. Photos aren't the best but I have less choice at mum and dads so settle for ok.

Thought I would enter this is a couple of challenges:

also entering in the Less is more challenge as the dress is a snippet of patterned paper.

last one as Best Wishes is for Birthday Wishes

It has been suggested that I enter this in the challenge at Quirky Crafts by two of their DT's so who am I to ignore their suggestion
Also adding direct link to their page Quirky Crafts Challenge as per the rules.
Thanks ladies

Well thats it for today, hope you all enjoyed your visit.

Friday 24 July 2015

Aloha - Saying hello from the beach

Well I wish I was. As winter progresses here and it just gets colder and wetter I long for a beach, a bit of sunshine and a relaxing drink or ten!!!

I'm hoping this card is CAS enough for the Challenge I have made it for. I really left it till the last minute but I was down at mum and dads when I saw it. Drove home, dinner etc then thought well I might as well go for it.

I had this digital image in mind. Its a Tiddy Inks beach extras with these cute crabs that honestly look like they are all waving 'hello'.  I don't know if all the different colours on the umbrella make it look too busy but it was a very quick and simple and easy to colour. Only shading is on the crabs and lots of dots. Felt the front panel needed to look crooked so I went with it. The card base is actually a really pretty blue but looks mauve here. Trust me its blue.

Would like to enter this in

If its not CAS enough ladies please delete.

Hope you all enjoyed your visit and see you soon.

A little bird told me it's your BIRTHDAY

These stamps are so easy to colour in with copics and make quick CAS cards. I had to take the photo's at mum and dad's and they don't have any place to do a photo set up so its lots of improvising. As I was editing the photos I found a few had funny looking tilts to them but I'm sure you get the picture.

Coloured in simply with copics, a little wink of stella but barely showing, yet its a new one. Maybe its the light, anyway will need to work on that. A Couple of silver blingy dots and a sentiment that would fit. 
I have to learn to stamp the sentiment first with these stamps. They come with such lovely sentiments but they are always too big for the area I leave myself.
I decided that since she is hiding the gift it fitted with the sentiment I have used.
I promise the card is not a miss-shaped rectangle.

Would like to enter this in :

Pretty sure this fits the bill

Thank you for visiting and hope you come again.

Thursday 23 July 2015

Love You - Blended Rose

I had originally die cut this rose, then distress inked it to use on a previous card but it just didn't work. So it sat there staring at me. Come on Aileen use me use me. Laid on a plain white card, yeah it worked but not perfect. Then decided to emboss some card stock with the brick wall look. Well my Cuttlebug really doesn't like my extra thick card stock and I  didn't want to add a layer. So I had to use with only one A plate and one C plate and layers or card stock to get the right thickness. When I tried to B plates it sounded like it was going to explode. But got it in the end.

Kept it nice and simple and went to glue the rose to the card base, oooops dropped it in the wrong spot so nice shiny glue smears everywhere. So removed from that card, had to find a spot to suspend the rose till I made another base. I tell you I should be making videos of my card making to show you what not to do.
Anyway got it right the second time then added the die cut 'Love You' which I had cut from watercolour paper with water blended Inktense Yellows and Oranges.
I love the end look, added some Wink of Stella clear but it just didn't show up in the photos. Too late at night. 

I hope this is considered CAS as I would like to enter in:

Die cut rose and sentiment

Thanks for visiting and see you all again soon I hope.


This extra is for those following the story I have been sharing on mum.
Now I want to give the best news. We went to the urologist today and he was very very pleased with the results from the medication. So now we wait for medicare approval (1 to 2 days) and a new prescription arrives and we don't need to see the specialist for 3 more months. Mum and I had the biggest grins on our faces when we came out, then we hugged and decided we needed to celebrate with lots more hugs and excited chatter.
Mum, unlike dad is aware she has Alzheimer's and what its doing to her and I think that is more heartbreaking.
Anyone who travels the Dementia/Alzheimers path knows where we are coming from. We know that its not the cure, its not going to stop it but for now it has slowed the rapid decline that was happening and has even given back some small small memories (mum has started to cook again, not real full on but bits). Gone for now is the lost not understanding and I have a bit of my old mum back, just for a bit.
Its a bitter heartbreaking thing to watch this happening to your parents. I have a daughter with dual disabilities and there were times when I felt the world had no idea and I was so heartbroken but as life went on I grew and found that though she has many hurdles in life she is the most wonderful thing to have ever happened to me. 
Now I face a very different time in my life where both of my parents are becoming more and more childlike as time goes on. My fathers dementia has been slow and progressive and he is really not aware of it. He loves talking of the past and we all listen as though we have never heard it before. As time goes on and he struggles to understand conversations around him he goes more and more into the past. Also coming with that is the anger and nastiness that at times I really struggle with, the stubbornness and determination to do the exact opposite of what I ask. 

Then theres the times of such great love between them and seeing them just sitting and holding hands, or dad sitting on the bed just staring at mum and looking so sad, when he calls me cause he knows he upset mum but he can't remember what he did and he just wants her to know he's sorry and loves her. Those are the times that make the rest ok.
Today is a good day and as mum is going well at the moment I have decided to go back to Sydney and go back to once a week and stay for two days dealing with medical issues etc and just see week by week. We are trying to avoid the Nursing home at this time as mum feels capable and I feel confident in her but we are both aware this can change any time. We see the geriatrician in two weeks so lets see what she has to say.
For now we can get back into a bit of routine, Elysha can start going back to her program and catch up with her friends and I can be home being mum and Nanna for a bit.

If you stayed all the way through this thanks for taking an interest. Sometimes with everything thats going on its nice to be able to share.

Tuesday 21 July 2015

We're Moved

Well it's been awhile since I have been able to post so if your here reading this 'thanks for sticking round'. 
Lots happening with my parents and hopefully it will be really good news on Thursday. Keep us in your thoughts please. Mum has been on a medication for the last 5 weeks and we are seeing a pause in the pace of the Alzheimers. We know its not a cure but the rapid rate of decline has stopped temporarily and she has even picked up some of what appeared to be lost. The Neurologist sees us on Thursday, if he agrees then mum gets to stay on the medication. If he disagrees she can no longer access the medication and I just don't want to go there. 

Now onto my first card in ages. I'm hoping this isn't too late for the Simon Says 'Shaped Card' challenge. This was a Challenge to me okay. I have never done shape cards, don't have dies or patterns for shape cards. I pondered for a night or two then thought of the large stitched circle die. I folded the cardstock in half and attached the die shape will a little of the circle above the fold so I would have a hinge.
It was interesting as it took quite a few times through the Cuttlebug as my cardstock is 300gsm which is very thick x two. Ended up nearly cutting all the way thru, just ran the scissors around the edge to finalise the back part. So success one.
Then what to do with around card. First I die cut a beautiful rose and distress inked it but it didn't look right. So I decided to add a pale blue sky but wanted a white edge. I finally worked out how to die cut two circles so I had a round frame to protect the outer circle. Blended with Tumbled Glass distress ink - oooops forgot about the outer outer edge so had bits here and there with slight blue so might as well go round and do whole outer edge.

Looked ok but that rose still looked wrong, so looked through all my per-coloured what will I do with these bits and found my two fish.

I had originally coloured with Derwent pencils and baby oil but they looked a bit wishy washy so I finished off with Copics, better. Black ink pen around outline -better.

Yes thats it, added some dimensional foam tape. Needed some bubbles so added bubbles with white ink through a stencil.

Sentiment - well I had to add some humour here, was looking at whole pile of sentiments , passed over 'we're moved' went onto 'miss you' etc then thought of the humour behind a fishbowl 'we're moved'.

Well thats it, nice and simple as. Hope you enjoyed your visit.

circle card


Monday 13 July 2015

Hello, sunshine

I couldn't resist I had to enter this one too.  I love it. Its only a little stamp so further down I have attached a close up of the stamped image.
This was one of half a dozen stamps that arrived last week and being furry related I had to colour a few. This one is called Felicia and Sparky but Elysha decided he was called Sunshine so sunshine it is. These stamps come as just the rubber but I just use reposition tape to attached to with the Misty or an acrylic block. They are from a company called Eat Cake Graphics and if I could afford it I would go mad purchasing there are so many cuties.

Anyway todays card is using 'Felicia and Sparky' coloured with copics. Did the ground with lots and lots of grey dots. Stamped the sentiment 'Hello, Sunshine' and felt that said it all.

With the close up here can see little bits of outside the lines but hey thats the way it goes and it certainly doesn't show up just to look at the card.

Hope you enjoyed your visit,
see you when the mud cracks.

Will enter this in the Simon says Challenge Furry Friends

I reckon laying outside playing with a Puppy has got to be a Summer fun activity.

It'll be all right.

I decided to go in the furry challenge going on at Simon Says Blog. Of course then I had to make up my mind which image to use. This one is one of Mo's Digital Pencil images. I just love the dog.

Close up so you can see his eyes. If your a dog lover you will see what I'm talking about. If not then just ignore my waffle.
I coloured with copics, then cut out the layer with the new die I got, this one punches lots of little holes so guess who has dots everywhere.
 Attached to a purple card base. Stamped my sentiment and ooooops, yes I used Miss Misty but its crooked. Lets blame my cold, hey.
To save the card I restamped on the purple card stock, used a label die to cut out the sentiment. Attached it directly to the card, over the crooked sentiment and attached a couple of wee little gems to finish it off.

I hope you enjoy looking at this card as much as I have. I just think its so cute.

used markers/copics for colouring so assume thats what it means :)

Of course I have a couple more cards, you know how it is. Colour one then another then another, then decide which to use. Ended up making cards for all. Will post another later so as I love to say

See you when the mud cracks and enjoy your visit.

Friday 10 July 2015

Happy Birthday to You

I love this girls dress. Once upon a time I could wear dresses like this - I think I was about 12 years old lol. As you can see another Stamping Bella stamp.  Still more to go but this is the last for now in this batch.

I love this stamp - its just so soft and pretty so I coloured her all soft and pretty. Copics again. Stayed with that beautiful pink and mint green look. Finished her off with some Wink of Stella here and there on her and the cake.

Finished of with three little gems in her hair and stamped sentiment in grey rather than black to go with the card. Just felt black would be too harsh, anyway the grey worked. Had to pick a separate sentiment as the one that came with her was just too big for the design I settled on for the card.

Did the same as I did for the last card and used a piece of patterned paper to cover the front of the card. Added a wee bit of glitter by running the glitter ribbon down one side then attached the image slightly lifted with dimensional foam.

I thick I will enter this in  Cute Card Thursday: Challenge 381 - Ladies Only

I know the Topping option was red, white and blue but well it looked so pretty so entered her anyway.

Okay thats it for today, I hope you enjoy your visit and
'see you when the mud cracks'

Thursday 9 July 2015

Coffee and Friends a Perfect Blend

I love love love coffee. BUT I have never wanted to do a card with a coffee cup or tea cup or mug or anything related UNTIL I saw this stamps from StampinBella. Isn't it the cutest and so easy to colour.

More copic colouring with a touch of Wink of stella here and there. I decided not to colour the mug in but just add shadow. Little bit of grey copics for the steam and shadows on he ground. A couple of luminous sequins. The background is patterned paper from a 6x 6 pad and has a wonderful gloss to it. Just to add a little contrast I added an orange layer to the coloured in layer and then added a bit of dimensional foam for a bit of height.
And then yes I did my famous add the sentiment once the card is finished using Miss Misti and a perfect touch down first go.

Would like to enter this in the Simon Says Monday Challenge : tea or coffee

Just as an extra thought here : I seem to spend a lot of time looking for challenges and trying to remember where I saw a challenge or what is was etc. Until I get myself working on regular lists I have found a brilliant blog that lists all challenges it knows of my Day, Fortnightly' Monthly etc and tells you what the current challenge is etc. Brilliant find ; Heres the link for your information 

Always be your beautiful selfie

I am slowly recovering but it sure is slow. Colour in one day, another day to make the cards, and another day to post. In between lots of coughing, nose blowing  (yes I knew eeeeewww too much info), migraine or two and lots of nanny naps. 

So I got some new stamps that have been waiting (not too long mind you) to be inked up and coloured. This first is a couple of sweeties on the beach taking a selfie. Bought it simply cause so many of our girls will totally relate to it. I'm sure it will be popular. The stamp really doesn't need an introduction, obviously its a StampinBella. 

Coloured in with copics, a wee bit of Wink of Stella here or there. The panel I cut slightly smaller than the card front. I wanted to put a piece of patterned card stock behind but didn't want to waste covering the whole panel so I just cut a thin strip for each side and stuck on the card then added the coloured in panel. Of course I stamped my sentiment with Miss Misti - ahh placed just perfectly (for me!!) and no need to even re-ink. Finished off with a little mock silver shell.

Thought I would enter this in  Creative Inspirations : Challenge 321 Girls

Forgot to mention my tip in the link but it was to use less paper just cut thin strips to go each side and give the illusion of another sheet of paper under the top layer.

Tuesday 7 July 2015

Make A Wish

If I could have a wish come true it would be that as soon as I received something I ordered I used it so I didn't have a mountain of stamps still waiting to be used. That is so sad, each time I order anything I look, I look to see what others are doing, I ponder about how many cards I could get out of this one stamp etc then I order. BUT then I get distracted....mmmmm while Im here I'll also get that and that and that just to make sure the postage to Australia isn't higher than the price of the stamp, you understand.

Then of course everyone has releases around the same time so of course multiple orders going out on the wire here - there - there - ohhh dear time to stop ordering and let them all arrive. Which of course they all do within a week or so of the other and bang already the wee little basket is replaced with a bucket to be replaced with a roll away rectangular container to be buried under the mountain. DARNELL it must be nearly time again for a NBUS challenge, maybe with no limits on entries along as each entry is totally new schtuff???????

Ohhh who am I to complain I love NEW STUFF.

Anyway onto todays post

Isn't this beautiful. This is the stamp that arrived yesterday from Simon Says Blog hop win. The stamp is a Hero Arts 'Flower Medley' Background. As soon as I saw it I had to have a go. The top picture looks a bit spready at the bottom  as though collapsing but its not so just must be the angle of the dangle.

Stamped with Versamark ink then white embossed on Tim Holtz Watercolour cardstock. Looked to see what others had done with it and found that its so NEW that there was very little to look at at all. Must admit white embossed on white can make it hard to see what your doing so I kept looking at the wee sticker on the back on the package that have a grey and white image to work from. I did a very very pale was of different colours picking out each type of flower and staying the same for it. At first I did orange roses, yellow little daisies, blue bell flowers, fuchsia ultra little flowers and green formal leaves.

Then played around, added more water and daubed with towel to remove excess water and colour, changed colours and generally played around till I was happy. the leaves dominate so I came in with a couple of different greens and yellow and teal to add some contrast.

Finished off with a bit of sparkle from gems here and there and just added straight to the card base. Card cut down slightly so it was the same size. Was going to leave with no sentiment then thought of the Penny Back 'Make A Wish' Die and thought this looks like a card you would go to to make a wish and cut two, one in black and one in grey to stick behind the black. Attached to the card.

Now have another 2 panels stamped, embossed and ready to play, just have to decide what I want to do next.

But for now I'm going to add this to Virginia's View Challenge - Stamping #16

Thanks for coming to visit and as I love to say ' See you when the mud cracks'.

Monday 6 July 2015

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Yes I know, I sound like I'm getting better, don't I????

Just wanted to share two wins from last week........Nooooooo I didn't win any Challenges but I did win a spot in an online class and a parcel came today from a blog hop win.

First let me thank Simon Says who had a BlogHop that I participated in and I won a nice little package. Nothing beats opening a parcel and not knowing whats inside.

I included both photos so you can see what was included clearly. I got a new background stamp from Hero Art (ohhh still my heart). I am going to stamp this soon cause it looks so good. May end up being my all time favourite.
The grey and white item is thin grey chipboard with the pattern like embossed white -cool oooh. Grey sequins, chalkboard tags, journal cards white ribbon, white ribbon flowers, wood 'always' red lace washi tape. I couldn't thank Simon Says enough, so nice.

I don't normally win things though I enter everything down to which fly will get zapped last on a hot day round the barbie. I love to enter cause you never never know then to win twice in one week, well thats like winning lotto, well nearly.

The other prize is the  Online Copics Class - been too sick to start yet but, went and had a sticky now its just give me a minute - actually it will be great when I go back to mum and dads to have something to do at night. This prize was one of the prizes that was offered by The Daily Marker - 30 Day Coloring Challenge. I think I got Kathy to understand how much I appreciated it without her loosing the hearing in either ear.

So for all of you who thought my last post was it for today, I apologise but as the postie pulled up and came up the drive with a little parcel my heart went a fluttering and I felt you would want to share.

Catch you when the mud cracks

Peony Panel Celebrate card

Have you ever made a card, then thought mmmmmm I know I saw something like this before. Well I think this is called subliminal memory. After I finished colouring in 5 panels cause I never do anything by halves I finally got to the yellow and grey and thought I would enter the colour challenge with white/yellow and grey. Grey leaves, darker grey panel under the peony panel. 

Added with foam tape to add height.

Too small for my card front. Looked through my die cuts -too thick, too dominating came to the one I used and outline leaves, debated and stayed with the daisy outline diecut.

Stamped on the 'Celebrate' sentiment that I felt was just perfect.

Took photos then started thinking I've seen this before. Went looking and BINGO

Tasnim Cards and Bookmarks 2012

I have always loved Tasnim's style  and glad to see I could remember it so well 3 years after the fact.

Needless to say I will not be entering this in anything other than sharing with followers.

First post since being off feeling totally crap. Still not allowed near my parents and grounded with no one wanting to share hugs, eat from the same spoon or sip from the same cup. Picky bunch..... but have to say this is the first time I have felt like doing anything at all and after making the cards (will share the others another time - different colours), taking photos and doing this post I need to have a nanny nap.

I hope you enjoy the card anyway, it really is pretty and is a little different and I like to think my style as well.

Thanks for coming by to visit.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

Quick Catch up

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for leaving such wonderful comments on my posts. Being new to blogging I am note sure if I am meant to respond to comments. Also how to find people, sometimes I have tried to send a comment and realise I am just replying on my own blog -does that go to them as well?

Anyhooo I appear to have been knocked for six again as I think I got moving too soon. Down at my parents in Canberra and it is decidedly colder than Sydney. I am starting to really struggle to get just the basics done for them so have not even looked at my crafting supplies (and you have no idea or probably do being like myself) that filled most of the car.

You know the things we just can't be without, I am so going to have to learn how to pack less especially as I had to put my daughter and grandson in the trailer behind the car so I could fit all my stuff and protect it from the weather-

Yeah yeah you know I'm joking, right! They were covered over in trailer.  Actually I told them to get in the boot and they just laughed at me and got in the car. Should have taken a photo, they looked very nice and compact.

Anyway I have run out of energy, my body is aching again so I'll go to be and cross my fingers all will be okay for the next two days before I head home for the weekend. Sorry theres no card but thought I would share the latest photos of my grandson  - this first is his first impression of pear puree.

and this one is of him in his new beanie given to him at his Christening two weeks ago.

Isn't he beautiful. I have three grandsons with the most beautiful eyes, 2 with blue and one with brown.
Then we have his beautiful sister

who has the most beautiful brown eyes. And another granddaughter with beautiful blue eyes. what a mix.

if you stayed for the full post thanks for taking the time and next time you visit it will be to a card but maybe in a day or two.

Take care all and see you when the mud cracks.