Friday 31 March 2017

Enjoy Life sip by Sip & May your day be as Wonderful as the First Sip

 There is a big Spring Coffee Blog Hop going on and I am hoping I have made these
in time to scrape in. I cant believe how many people have entered the blog hop.....
Just checked it out still 22 hrs to go, plenty of time for another card.....maybe.
Anyway there are already 1051 entries -imagine if you had to judge each card, wow.
Anyway I have only a couple of stamps relevant to coffee, I think I like to drink it more
than stamp it. They are mostly tea cups like this wonderful set

This stamp is from Power Poppy and I have stamped it out twice so I can do two cards with
different sentiments and in different colours.
This budgie is blue and purple and his set of tea/coffee cups
are fine china finished in silver.

Its funny but you get the illusion that the green and yellow budgie is slightly larger
than the blue and purple. Check were they are side by side and see what I mean.

I am much more drawn to this version, even though I picked the colours for both
this one looks brighter and lighter and better to me.

Both are coloured with copics, this tea/coffee set finished in gold.

A few sequins dotted here and there on both cards, careful not to put directly
under the tail/bum. didnt want people thinking they are pooping sequins.

Here are the two side by side, love both sentiments and happy with both cards.

Thank you so much for coming to have a look.


I have entered both cards in the hop on 
separate URL's but same post.

Green and yellow budgie

The Green and Yellow Bedgie - Copics because they are just so
easy to use no matter where you are, and they blend so beautifully
and they have so many colours to choose from.

Thanks for coming and I hope you come again soon.

Thursday 30 March 2017

Four Cards and Some Useful Information

This is a photo intense post so I hope the page opens okay for you.
I have three cards I did the other day but a quick trip to Canberra meant I didn't get to post.
This first is another baby card. I need to do some boy ones I know.

This was a really easy card and yet looked very effective once finished.
I stamped this sweet little onesie straight onto the card and coloured with Copics.

I added a bit of grey shadow around the little outfit so it would look a bit 3D.
I then decided to add a frame and I have these neat die and stamps from
PaperSmooches and don't use them near enough. Anyway this time I have stamped and silver
embossed on vellum, die cut then attached to the front of the card.

Used the Misti to line up the sentiment perfectly and stamped in HA grey.
The three little gems - yes 2 black smears but two doesn't work so added the
extra gem up the top. All done and very happy with this.

Then I had another idea so I used the negative from the same die but this time it was
from card so would hold its shape. Placed in the centre of the card front and then
added pink and mauve Distress ink with Clarity brushes to get a nice soft blend.

Drew around the outline while the negative was still in place with my gold
gel pen.

Lined up the two sentiments perfectly using the Misti and stamped
in black.

Coloured two of the birds by Stacey Yakula (love her stamps)
with Copics then fussy cut. After fussy cutting I got back around the outline with my 
black outline pen, this works really well in the instance that I have cut too close and removed outline or not close enough and there is white showing. Just attached with a bit of tape and thats another card

This little sweetie I coloured recently with Copics in the Cool Tones, this version 
I have done in the warm tones.

I then added Glossy Accents to the eggs and the cuties little nose.

Finished off with a bit of gold foil washi tape down each side.

My final card is again coloured with Copics but I also added some pencil colouring.
I also did these flowers no line colouring. Stamped with pale blue Distress ink.
The first flower is on the card base the others I stamped onto scraps of Copic
card to colour and fussy cut.

Here you can see the additional colour and definition added with the pencils.I then
decided to add a frame. This frame is actually part of a a frame, once cut it is in
three pieces and in this instance I have used the middle piece. (Sorry cant think of
who this die is from, I was thinking Papertrey but went to look and couldn't see it there)

I placed the frame so the flowers sat slightly over the frame and I liked the effect.
I added the word die 'incredible' and of course the dot of the 'i' jumped off the table
and disappeared. I ended up using these small gold gems that you can heat set in place
but I just glued them. Not perfect but better than anything else I tried.

Now I want to talk to you about two of the best things I have used lately and that
have made my life easier.

First we have the acetate grid. I couldn't find a grid pre-made though
I am sure someone was sharing one in bogland so I just went into
my drawing program and drew up the grid. I added the red line to divide the
grid equally so I knew the centre if I needed that and also did blue lines
for each 1", the black for each 1/8" line squared. I made to fit my
Misti. I add my card and then I add this on top and lay the stamp (Upside down) exactly 
where I want to place the sentiment or stamped image. This helps me make sure
its straight instead of adding the stamp to the lid and adjusting and adjusting again.
Once I am happy with placement I close the lid, the stamp sticks to the lid, remove the grid,
add ink and stamp. PERFECT, cant believe I waited so long to make this.

Next this is the tape that Jennifer McGuire recommended. The next bit of wonderful news
is that if you live in Australia you can get this cheap as at OfficeWorks. There is also a pink
tape dispenser and refills, same price, same as the blue, just have the glue dots in hearts
not dots. So you can get either. We cant at this stage get the 32m but you can get the 16m.

I LOVE IT. Its easy to use and refill. It has a very strong hold but also you can place your glued
item, layer,  down on the card base and if its not right then you can just as easily remove and reposition. If you get glue dots where you don't want them you can rub them off easily. Also if you have attached layer rather firmly you can work at it and separate to reposition unlike most tapes.
I have ruined a number of cards that ended up in the bin or having to be cut down because of misplacing. 

Check it out, really worth it.

Well if you stayed with me through all this, congratulations. 


Welcome Sweet Baby card

Happy Easter Card

I could say take your pick but better nominate so lets go
with 'Incredible' card with flowers.

Incredible Flower card.

Happy Easter Card - using up that washi tape that
is purchased and just sits there.

Welcome Sweet Baby, the frame is a
stamped image on vellum then diecut.
Hard to see.

Incredible flower card with die cut
frame and word.

Incredible Card with Flowers

Welcome Sweet Baby- the frame is
a die cut from vellum.

Welcome to the World Little One

Welcome to the World Little One

Thank you so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.

Monday 27 March 2017

Three cards: A Birthday in the Forest and Two Humorous Easter Cards

First we have the birthday card and my first time using brushes to add
blending rather than the foam tool. Used a negative die cut circle held in place 
with masking tape. Added the palest blues and greens, the blue a little heavier near the 
grass line . Ended up using the foam tool at the end just to add a wee bit of depth around the edges.

Coloured my little friends with Copics, fussy cut then placed where I wanted them on the card.

Ok just noticed I coloured that bit of white card the wrong colour cause I moved him down, ahh well you will justhaveto pretend its green. I stamped his bubbles onto the card base with the palest blue distress ink then very lightly added watercolours pink, yellow, mauve and Wink of Stella. Had to be careful as it wasn't watercolour paper, but worked out ok. Decided to add his turtle friend.

Stamped the sentiment which is straight, its just the angle of the card and my photography skills
that make it look like its dropping off the card, trust me.

The next card is another of Mo's Digital Pencil images. I love this chook and the look on her face.
She comes with a sentiment  'Hero' but I wanted a couple of silly sentiments for some friends that
appreciate my humour.

I coloured with Copics then decided to add some Glossy Accents but only here and there. I didnt want all the eggs covered plus it would take too long for my impatient self.

I used the double sided stitch die from ....... nope no idea. Then did another cut from 
chickie pattern paper which I thought was good for Easter.

I typed up (well on the computer) the sentiment and die cut with a random
die that hardly gets used but is quite neat. Added the sentiment with some dimensional foam tape. John came up with this sentiment. We ended up throwing them at each other all Sunday as we ran into each other. But they got a bit rude/cynical/double meaning as the day went on so I settled on this one from John.

 This card is the same as the last one except this time I have a yellow card base, the die cut used is the Wonky Stitches Die from MFT and I also wanted to follow their sketch but not sure if it works.

I needed to add a word bubble and came up with this sentiment. I thought it was funny, of course you had to realise 'flo' is another chook, I got it but when I said it to John then Aaron they looked at me like I was mad. I'm going to send this to a friend I know will get it (or at least pretend she did)

Check out the buggy eyes. Like ohh my goodness, my haemorrhoids.....

then I needed a tag along the bottom so I decided to use washi tape with soft gold and coloured eggs and cut the end so it looked like a tag. Too light?? ahh well, it was fun.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and come again soon.


I have coloured so much in the last week but haven't posted yet so I need to make more cards .

Chicken talking about Flo card.

Its your birthday card

How Many Days to Easter card

How many days to Easter, has wings just cant fly.

Birthday card with Purple Onion characters.

Who's The Idiot card - Copics are my favourite colouring medium.
You can colour simple or layer upon layer or blending colours, It is such a magnificant
medium and gives amazing effects. Couldn't image life without my Copics.