Monday 11 September 2017

Celebrate You & Me and a Couple More Cards

Okay there are three cards and some photos to show you what I have been up to this weekend. (Photo heavy) I don't want you thinking I do anything other than stamping, colouring and making cards. Mum and dads Nursing Home is in total lock down due to influenza. Lucky we decided to just barge in on Fathers day because no one has been allowed in since then even to take mum out for walks which means its been really hard on dad but lots of phone calls each day so he is surviving.

Todays cards, this one was inspired by the Muse Card done by Anita
I loved the blended colours and the colour choices but instead of
water stamping I used a silver embossed piece of card stock that I cut to shape.

I also loved the look of the black sentiment and wanted to do the glossy
accents look but as I am babysitting I forgot to bring the Glossy Accents
and had to settle on just black. I have managed to catch some of the silver
embossing  in the light with this photo.
Very easy and pretty card. Thanks so much for the inspiration Anita.

This card is made with a layer of beautiful pattern paper that has a gold embossed cloud
pattern on it. I added this to the card base then the Copic coloured digital image that I have 

framed with a gold cardstock die cut oval frame. She fit in perfectly.

Finished off with a vellum strip with a sentiment gold embossed
'Hello Gorgeous' and a few scattered blue enamel dots to
match the birds.
Girl image A Day for Daisies

I Love these ladies and I don't get around to using them enough so I have dug them all out to start using again amongst all the other stamps - hoo hum. Ok this was easy as I had already done this type of card before and had a little envelope with dresses in it so just needed to match up.

Was one dress short for the lady at the back as I didnt want to dress her in Jacket and dress the same,
her elegance just wouldn't allow that so dressed her in a soft apricot coloured dress that went perfectly with her Jacket. They all look 'Hot to Trot' as we would say here so I thought the sentiment 
perfect rather than the one that came with it.


Celebrate You & Me Card

Celebrate you & Me Card

Old Age Aint No Place For Sissies

Hello Gorgeous

Old Age Aint No Place for Sissies

Old Age Aint For Sissies

Thank you so much for coming to Visit and I hope you come again soon.

Next this is what happens when you cant go visit your parents on lockdown and when exhaustion hit after a week of specialists and tests for Elysha. It was a good week, all is well and Elysha continues to loose weight, her heart is doing brilliant, new hearing aids working fabulous, pre diabetes medication causing no side effects  so life is good.

Yep what you see is stamping but not just been a good girl stamping: This is using all those NBUS stamps that have been siting for the last year that I just had to have and have had to time to use and the pile grew and grew. Well I stayed and stamped and stamped and then I finally worked out not only how to cut on the Scan n Cut but also how to add a border.

What a machine, I love it. Still have lots to learn but its brilliant. First lesson from this lot- images like Stamping Bella, that are so fine lined are not picked up by the Scan n Cut it only randomly picked out parts of lines - to be continued...... lesson No 2 learnt how to stop the scan n cut picking up lighter lines therefore stopping it cutting inside images as it sometimes randomly does..... thank heavens for sons.......

Thursday 7 September 2017

Two Cards Made By Me and A Pile Of Cards From Instagram Friends

 I have again stamped the Penny Black Flower again but this time I have gone pink. I stamped with Distress Ink in Spun Sugar and Crushed Olive, then coloured with Copics R81 83 85. Finished off with Prismacolor pencils for shadow and white for highlight.

washi tape pink with gold foil dots, die cut, 'celebrate and a few clear sparkle gems.

 Mo's Digital Pencil cute little baby Copic coloured, frame from Pretty Pink Posh.
Love the pattern paper. Pale pink paper for card. Die cut 'wonderful' and 'baby'
and stamped 'sweet' and 'girl'

Thank you so much for coming to look at my cards and I hope you come again soon.


Celebrate Pink Flower card

Celebrate Pink Flower Card

Celebrate Pink Flower Card

Welcome Sweet Baby Girl

Welcome sweet baby girl

Welcome sweet baby girl

The photos below are here so I can link them to Instagram. None of them are made by me but all were made for with me or Elysha.

Over the last year I have received some wonderful cards from friends all over the world, some who I have met through my blog and others I have met through my Instagram Account. I get cards, gifts and stamped images and I try to remember to thank people at the time and I always plan to share these wonderful cards with people. For Instagram I have to post with on Facebook or my blog before I can add to Instagram or take photos of them with my phone. I decided to add here in small images at the bottom. This week is Instagram friends cards for the last year. Some of them are also blog friends but tend to Instagram more than blog so I am covering it that way.

Hellen sent this to Elysha                                    Michelle sent me a huge pile of embossed panels            
                                                                You cant see them here, she is such a sweetie
                                                              Patricia  does digi images and gave me a card
Ruth made me a little zip bag
perfect for my paint panels and some
stamped images

Shona gave me a really neat stamp set, actually she gave me two, a flower one too but
I forgot to photo.

                                                                        Snow made me labels for back of my cards and
                                                             envelopes and pre cut lawn fawn images
Sue sent me some funny images
to colour in

TaeEun sent me this amazing card and some stamped
images from same company.

Therese sent me this fabulous card wit the mice that inspired me to try the same idea then she also sent me these wonderful ballerina girls to give my granddaughter and some pre stamped images so I could colour them.

I have the most amazing collection of cards from all over the world and treasure every one of them. I have kept every one of them as I enjoyed showing them to my mum while she could still understand and now I share my hobby with my granddaughter who opens the envelopes addressed to me and wants to know all about my friends in other countries.

Elysha also loves opening her mail and regularly gets cards  that she opens with shaking hands and excitement. She checks the mail daily and will run in waving the mail 'I got mail' 'I got mail' I love that it never wears out.
Next week I will catch you up on my Blog friends cards.

Tuesday 5 September 2017

The Flower Challenge #12 Tic Tac Toe

I am so sorry for the lateness of this post. I thought I had written and and set to schedule this post. Even tucked the photos away in the done folder.

This month its 

and here are the brilliant choices.

Now for my card

My choices: White Card Die Cut Sentiment and Blue: blue card and Copic colouring.

Beautiful new flower stamp from Penny Black. Stamped with Distress ink
then copic coloured and slight pencil colouring, very soft minimal colouring. 
Leaves are from the BG range of  inks, so I kept it all blue 
except that yellow dot in the centre.

Die cut from Penny Black as well, isn't it the neatest. Die cut in
white then dark blue foam for contrast. Lost the little white dot,
I mean really it was nearly non existent, replaced with a blue
gem. A few more gems scattered and we are all set up.

Again my apologises for being asleep on the job, now its time to go to The Flower Challenge check out what the rest of the wonderful Design Team has done. (Or have you been there and been waiting for me it get myself organised???)

Thanks so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.


Coloured fun foam under the die cut sentiment;
layered sentiment;
cutting around the coloured image;
copic and pencil colouring
Lots of trend there.

My second card, couldn't resist

Monday 4 September 2017

A Couple of Cards in Anticipation of Summer - it's on it's ways.

Of course I start off with photos that are not the greatest quality as I took them with my phone,
fiddled in Photoshop then imported here and somewhere along the way the quality disappeared.
I will fix the photos once I am home again on Wednesday, I pack so much to bring sometimes I wonder if I should just buy 2 of everything and take over a room in their house.

Anyhoo.....first we have a selfie with the beauties from Stamping Bella, I love the tall leggy girls and the ..... well I love them all as you will soon see I have gone berserk and bought a pile more stamps (I Know I Know I said I was going to be good but how can I when all I see is everyone making beautiful cards with new stamps. WHAT AM I MEANT TO DO!!!!!) Whooops sorry  
I have stamped and coloured my girls with Copics. Blondie in the green swimsuit 
is trying out the new hair colour you can add and wash out over night - looks cool hey!

I cut the image out as a postage image being sent to a friend and attached to a patterned paper
with Hello written all over it so no need for a sentiment. Inside is the sentiment
 ' Missing you, wish you were here'

This next one is a Tiddy Inks digital image that I have coloured in with Copics and actually coloured over the coloured rabbit with the blue as well to give the illusion of water over the rabbit except whats above the water. A bit of water building up in the mask as well. I used the Pretty Pink Posh Die Cut to cut out the area of the image I wanted discarding the boxed frame that is around the image.
I found a piece of pattern paper that has soap bubbles on it and I thought it looked perfect for the card so it was attached then the cut scene then another scalloped cut in white to frame it. Still wanted something else to add to it so stamped 'Mahalo' Added a Frangipani that has been heat embossed, watercoloured and fussy cut and some leaves. I love how it turned out.


Mahalo Card

Mahalo Card

Mahalo Card

Hello Card

Thank you so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.