Wednesday 6 January 2016

63rd Wedding Anniversary

This is a very special card for me. This is to celebrate my parents 63rd Anniversary. I want to also write a bit about my parents but will leave that to the end of the post. I will explain my card first then you can finish up if you like or you can stick around and share a bit of my life with me.

This card is a bit busy but it is exactly as I envisioned it.

Both images are from Mo's Digital Pencil and I love putting them together this way. First we have the elegance of the bride and groom dancing and having eyes for only each other.

Then 63 years later the same couple looking back at their start of married life. The old couple are just like my mum and dad except dad is the shorter one now, has only a shadow of hair left and is like a cuddly teddy bear (with a bit of a bad attitude some days) and mum is taller, never wears a tracksuit, is whip thin and elegance personified lol.

It doesn't though, cause the love they share is certainly what I see. They have reached a time in their lives that has them sharing many quiet times, looking with love at each other and just holding hands,(In between the sulking and bad moods with each other that is).They love looking at old photos and talking about the past so I think they will really love this.

I wanted to achieve the look of an older couple looking or thinking back to when they married and that is the image they see. I stamped the Anniversary and moved the numbers (chipboard painted with silver paint) around all over the card and decided on where they are.

When layering I decided on a slight silver background paper then used a circle stitched die to cut the image of the old couple and attached that with a little bit of dimensional foam to lift slightly.

All of course coloured with copics and a wee bit of blue shimmer gel pen around the blue ribbon on the wedding dress.

I would like to enter this at:

have both letters and numbers on the card.

Now for a little background for those interested in reading on:

Mum and dad are celebrating their 63rd wedding Anniversary at the end of this month. I know they won't see this post cause they don't know how to turn a computer on let alone type anything. The technology age of computers passed them by and they are happy with that. 
Dad is 90 next month and a big party is planned as its a wonderful way to get all the family together. Mum is 85.
Dad has dementia and over the last few years he has slowly been disappearing into the past. Now most conversations are around his days on the farm (as a boy) and the Airforce (2nd world war) and some imaged feats and adventures. He still knows us and can read and work the remote on the TV so he is happy (even when he keeps turning up the volume on the TV cause we are talking too much).

Dad loves to go for a coffee and loves to see us all but he's conversations go back to the past constantly. The more he cant understand whats being said, the more he goes back to the past but thats what his life is now. 
I grew up with the strictest dad you could imagine, got to know him better when I was working down the street from where he worked and found the man I love so much when he was there for me in my tough times. Now I sit and listen and work on being patient and listening as many times as he wants to tell it.

Mum has Alzheimer's and was diagnosed in May last year. Her type of Alzheimer's has effected her memory and vision. She now has holes in her vision which means she had to stop driving and even walking down the street can be a trial as she just cant see what we see. 
It was so fast moving that we were stunned. Mum went from being stressed and struggling to remember things but coping to not being able to read or write, remember how to turn the oven on, find things, understand things, be my and my brothers and sisters rock to someone who just didnt know where to turn or what to do. And was aware of what was happening. 

For dad it was slow and the need for help increased as time passed but to him nothing was changing. For mum she could see that she couldn't work it out, couldn't do it, couldn't do what she had always done. Mum ran 5 kms every morning, she surfed, she exercised, she cooked for large crowds, she read, she studied, she played scrabble, went to the pictures, she sewed for others running a very successful business till she was 72. She went to art galleries, travelled, my mum never stopped, even going shopping was like going for a jog as she kept a mean pace. The houses always spotless.

That all disappeared last May, mum is still here but now she is a shadow of herself. She has been on a medication that appeared to slow the effects down and actually gave back a little of what was lost for the last 6 months but things are slipping again now.
 She is such an amazing woman, had a hard childhood, and made our life wonderful being there for all of us. She was my listening board, helped me through the good and bad times, held me close when times looked like they couldn't get any worse and always always listened to my good news and bad news with equal love and compassion always had the right answer for me.

These times are gone and now I hold my mum and  dad and wish with all my heart they could find a cure. I want my mum  & dad back, but know that what I have is more than others, so I shouldn't be whinging.  I hate having to make the decisions for them, trying to get them to understand the most basic of concepts and seeing their gratitude as though I have done something unbelievable for them.

For all of you going through the same with your parents/grandparents, or having been through this I appreciate your having stuck with it and apologise for turning a beautiful post into a maudlin post. Really not the place for this post and I have reread a couple of times and thought of deleting but I think its worth leaving just in the fact that there are so many families going through this now and it might help someone somewhere to know they aren't alone. Take care XX

Thanks for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon. 


stampwithsandy said...

Wow, what an amazing anniversary card, Aileen! I love the two sets of images, young and old. Just lovely. Thanks for playing along this week at The Paper Players!

Marybeth said...

I love this post and I love that you shared it with us Aileen, what a beautiful story! Do not delete it! You must be so proud of the commitment your parents made to each other and I am going to guess to God. ( my parents on 61 years and just a few years behind) I am glad your mom was there for you and I had very strict parents as well) ! I am sorry about the Alzheimer you are all suffering with now. Well I could go on and on but this is a comment not an email. :) Your card is absolutely darling and with so much thought ! Your parents sound wonderful! Wow about your mom!

Ashwini Rao said...

Its an amazing card, Aileen! I am glad it came out just the way you wanted! :)
Also, thanks for sharing with us - parents mean so much to us and its difficult to see our pillars succumbing to pain like that - hang in there.. I am sure you'll always be there for them just like they've been there for you. :)

Greta said...

Truly a beautiful post, Aileen, & I'm glad you shared it. Life certainly doesn't go the way we would choose, so often. I'm glad you have wonderful memories--they do bring comfort, I've found. This card is so special--beautiful & creative & perfect! Hugs, Greta

3kidmama said...

(((((((((Aileen))))))))) What a precious post about your parents. It makes your beautiful card feel exquisitely perfect. Reflective. Your tribute to your parents' lives is so moving - what a gift you have been to each other through the years. The best of what it means to be a "family"! I'm so very sorry for the difficult journey you are on right now. I will keep your parents and you in my prayers as you navigate the daily challenges ahead. Dementia and Alzheimer's are truly horrific diseases!

Thank you for sharing your heart today. 63yrs of marriage!! That is one amazing heritage that your parents have left for their family!

Ruth said...

Aileen, the card is perfect for your parents and please wish them a Happy Anniversary - 63 years, how special is that?? I'm so glad you shared this. I know a little of what you've been going through and it is nice to read it here too. Highlighting what these diseases can do is important. Love you, chuck. Keep strong. Sending you a hug!! Xx

lostinpaper said...

63 years together is really incredible! They are so lucky to have you, as you are lucky to have them, hold them close as long as you can x ps I absolutely know they will love your card, it's perfect!

chrissie said...

I enjoyed reading your post and what a wonderful molestone to have reached
The card is fantastic with a lot if thought going into it

Thank you for joining in st Try it on Tuesday

Love Chrissie xx

froebelsternchen said...

What a wonderful anniversary and card! Thank you for joining us at Try It On Tuesday!

Marion said...

Such a beautiful card and post about your parents Aileen. They are very blessed to have you. I am sure it is difficult for you all. I hope that they have a truly wonderful anniversary.

Maria Rodriguez. said...

Oh my gosh Aileen, this is the sweetest, loveliest anniversary card I've ever seen. Love the images and what they represent, thank you so much for sharing the story of your parents, I totally understand the sadness you are going through because I'm living the same situation with my 92 y/o mother. She has been living with my husband and me for the past 4 years, I had to bring her here to the USA because back in Mexico, no one could or would care for her. She had a person hired by my sister that was not caring for her the right way, so I went and brought her here. I'm the only care giver and it's stressful at times, but my husband of 43 years and our daughters and family support me and help me a lot, plus I have my card making hobby and my sport of Triathlon to keep me balanced, this is how I release the tension and stress I'm face with every day.
It's indeed so sad to see someone you love affected by this terrible decease and you feel like you are on the side lines unable to do anything but keep them comfortable the best way you can.
Thank you for sharing your story and your beautiful card Aileen.
Many hugs, my dear.
Maria Rodriguez.

Maria Rodriguez. said...
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TaeEun said...

What a beautiful and lovely Anniversary card, Aileen! Wish your parents and your family all the best and a wonderful anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous card. A fabulous achievement.

Thank you so much for sharing your story - so glad you didn't delete it. I am sorry for the hard times you are going through. You must feel like the real meat in the sandwich a lot of the time. You are doing a great job. For me I will not experience this as my father passed away 20+ years ago age 49 suddenly and mum almost 9 years ago with numerous health issues.

Karren said...

What a beautiful card to celebrate such a wonderful achievement. I used that same old couple image on my parents' 50th wedding anniversary card a couple of years ago. Your story about your parents is beautiful and sad at the same time. Hugs to you.

Loll said...

You had me in tears, Aileen. The love you have for your mom and dad is what helps them cope with the ever changing times of their lives. I can only imagine how hard it is for you to see their health failing and their minds slipping away. For now, they have the love of each other and of you and it must be a tremendous blessing for both of them.

A beautiful card you've made to celebrate their lives together. I love the idea of having a older couple looking back at their younger years ... it has so much meaning.

Sending love and hugs to you and your parents. xx

Cathy said...

This is such a beautiful card Aileen, perfect for your parents. Their anniversary and birthdays will add to your store of wonderful memories, hugs, Cathy x

Vicki Dutcher said...

Your card is so perfect with the first married and then the reminiscing -- Al's is such a nasty disease; so unfair! I am sorry you [and your parents] have to go through this -- I think it is harder on the loved ones for sure -- either way, very sad.

coldwaters2 said...

Wow Aileen this is brilliant and beautiful, love that image I love how you have used that little circle of the elderly couple that is an awesome bit of creativity, smashing card
lorraine x

Joanne James - The Crafty Owl said...

What a touching story Aileen - your card certainly is so appropriate and a wonderful tribute to your parents achievement of 63 years of marriage. Thanks for joining in with my number challenge over at The Paper Players this week!

Colleen Begley said...

I love your unique anniversary card! Such a great idea to do the wedding and the older couple. Your coloring and layout really make it shine. Congrats to your parents.

Lee-Anne said...

Oh my...what a beautiful card to celebrate so many years together! Love how you've shown early vs. later years...just brilliant, Aileen. Sending you hugs...such a tough thing to watch your parents go through. And thanks for popping by my blog to leave a little love...very much appreciated!

Susan Powell said...

An absolutely beautiful card for such a beautiful couple!

Darnell said...

You are such a dear daughter, Aileen. Every word of this was written with love and that's a testament to your parents! I think it is wonderful that the first chapters of our lives are spent being taken care of by parents and in their last chapters, we take care of them. Well, that's the royal "we" as I never knew either a mother's love, nor a father's, so I appreciate the part you wrote about knowing that "what you have is more than others." So many people forget that bit. And I didn't think what you wrote was maudlin. I thought it was all beautiful!

As I have since we met, I wish you all the best as you continue this very hard journey with your sweet parents. Your card for them is so moving and so perfect!! Blessings and hugs, Darnell

Kim Heggins said...

Your card is amazing...just amazing. Just love how you have both young and old images, so sweet. And your story about your parents was so sweet, you can read the love you have for them in what you wrote. So here's to a very happy 63rd anniversary to them!

Barb Ghig said...

This was such a beautiful post, Aileen! I'm so sorry your parents' health are failing, but it was wonderful to read your story and see how much you adore them! God bless them both...they must be very special people, for sure! I know they are going to flip when they see this GORGEOUS card! Your coloring and design is amazing, and I love how you added the older couple looking lovely, and so very powerful! Hugs to you!!!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful card for a special couple and such a heart warming post!!

Mrs.B said...

This is a beautiful card and I'm sure your Mum and Dad will realise and appreciate the love that has gone into its making.
Love your design with the older couple looking back on times past.
Thanks for sharing with us at TioT
Avril, xx
p.s. Thanks for the nice comments on my blog.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

A truly wonderfully loving and also clever card, Aileen, well done on your thoughtful creation. Thanks too for sharing your heart, blogging is tricky, as is being a daughter to two aging parents. I've just lost a dear friend to Alzheimer's, the third one over a number of years, but this was the hardest one as she was my friend. Your parents are your dear ones, so yes the task is challenging indeed. God knows though, He cares and He is there for us where the rubber meets the road in life. I cared for my mum five over 16 years till her bronchiactesis took her. It was a mercy in a way a she was getting harder to care for. My dad is failing he's 87, he has some memory problems as consequence of his chronic heart lung issues. Lack of oxygen to brain... You sound as if you're making the most of difficult situations in both their lives.
May God bless you in it.
Shaz in Oz.x

Thanks so much for sharing, Shaz in Oz.x

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

benilhalk said...

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