Thursday 30 June 2016

Boots at the bottom of the garden.

I wish I had boots at the bottom of the garden that were full of blooms light this. I wear big boots so they would need lots of blooms to fill them. I really really love how this card came together. Everything worked well, first idea each time. don't you love when that happens.

this image is a digital image that I have had for years and printed up years ago on watercolour paper but never got around to colouring. I had a clean out recently where I there away all those images I stamped or printed onto this cheap watercolour paper because I was having a few disasters and thought get rid of it and go good paper.
This image was caught between some other papers and missed.
and had to give it a go.

and thought I don't have any gumboot stamps but I really love that look. Was going through my pre stamped and printed images and saw this image I coloured so thought well give a go, worst comes to worst just toss it and start again.

The Zigs worked very well on it, again not using water, but one colour to blend with another for light and dark. Even did a pattern on the pink boot as is done on the one in the inspiration photo. Really pleased with that. Wee bit of bleed but barely. after I finished with the colouring I used the postage stamp die to cut out the image. Added a piece of pattern paper that looks like a fence pailing, then decided I needed coloured card stock for the main card rather than white. went with green and it all came together perfectly. Finished off with a die cut sentiment that was layered four times. the fourth layer is white glitter paper.
The layout I used was inspired by a sketch from Joanne at Paper players PP #301 A Sketch Challenge
so I will enter there though I just noticed I continued my pailing 
 layer from top to bottom so hope its close enough to still be relevant.

Image about 2 or 3 years old, old patterned paper and coloured cardstock so a real shop your stash this week.

Thank you so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.

Wednesday 29 June 2016

beautiful Butterfly

An idea took me in this direction. I'm not sure the word sentiment which I cut from a lacy stamped and watercoloured panel which was in pinks and the die cut butterfly that is oranges and pinks work together. I felt they did but you can tell me. I can take it :)

Close up of the sentiment and the butterfly sitting on the 'e'. Lets ignore the
crooked 'u'. They are both watercoloured, white embossed on watercolour cardstock and of course I managed to squeeze a bit more 'Wink of Stella' out of the pen (I have already topped up twice with water so I think I have used to total exhaustion). 

the card started when I was using this partial die that just cuts one edge. Isn't it beautiful, there are four different designs in the set and I love them. After I cut out the section I thought glitter paper so used the plain white glitter paper to highlight it.

Added the sentiment then the butterfly and decided enough (especially as I want to add to the Simon Says Wednesday Challenge and that closes in 34 minutes) (raised eyebrows at that I mean to say!!!)

I think it looks good as is and doesn't need anything else just not sure on the colour of the die cut sentiment. May stick another over in butterfly colours in the morning. Will see how I feel.


Thank you so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.

Tuesday 28 June 2016

WTF? Who Totally Forgot

Love a bit of humour..... don't you???
Who made a card and totally forgot to leave room for the question mark??

Why I do believe that would be me, BUT I made an executive decision and decided that it still looked okay as there wasn't any room and no way I was cutting that top section off.

I was sitting, relaxing and just playing around with this digital stamp from
Sassy Cheryl's Digital Stamps . I bought a few images as they are so so cute but hadn't
coloured. This one I just did a rough colour in but thought he looked cute and scruffy
then Elysha told me 'ohhh mum so buful, lub him' so thats the decider.

So I went through my sentiments and thought this set was perfect. they tickle my fancy
WTF?! includes 'Who totally forgot' 'who's turning forty?' 'who's turning fifty' 'Where's the fun' 'Wow that's fantastic'. They need more use.....yes

Simple card, digital image coloured with copics, check out the little bottle on his hat. Sentiment added and finished. CAS.

breezing in with an hour to spare lol.

thanks so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.

Monday 27 June 2016


If you follow my blog you know I  l o v e waiting till the last minute to enter Challenges. I don't really but life gets in the way, I think on ideas here and there and then I look at whats happening and realise I am down to the last couple of hours and its now or never.

I have had this stamp for a long time and it has only been used once due to the abundance of floral stamps I have. Maybe someone needs to come up with a weekly challenge that is for stamped or digital flowers only. that way I could work my way through all my new ones, and my much loved ones and my many neglected ones.

I love this group of flowers and it works well on this card. I watercoloured with Zigs but stamped on Tim holtz watercolour paper so had a few issues. Anyway it worked out ok and I love the blue/green I used. Yellow centres give the flower a nice lift.

I stamped the sentiment 'Aloha' as its another way of saying Hello or Goodbye so can be used for either. I didnt want to do the splats..... just not confident enough with that yet so I decided to use a nix from Lucy's Cards that has mixed soft coloured iridescent sequins, stars and beads.
I'm happy with this and had best add to a Challenge or two.


I took the flowers arranged along the bottom of the card as inspiration and the die cut frame and the sentiment placement. My sequins are my substitute for splatters. I love Tracey's card, this floral stamp set from Simon Says is on my want list, its such a relaxed style and looks fantastic white embossed.
 I black embossed my flower as I felt the white emboss would loose the outline effect of my flowers. 

'Flowers are summer'

New Challenge to me

Thank you so much for coming by and I hope you come again soon.

Saturday 25 June 2016

If you have good thoughts they will shine out

Hows that title for a mouth full..... just love this sentiment. Ended up stamping it again on a small card and put it on the wall. 

This is a card that started out with me stamping all the stamps from the set

I have a new Penny Black Die and wanted to use it and it just looks to me to be perfect with the 'oriental delights' stamps. I was not planning to do much with the little girl as it was the ladies I was more interested in. After colouring all the images with Copics I must have changed my mind half a dozen times. After colouring the little girl I was really drawn to using her, just love that smile that seems to shine out of her cute little face.
 I finally came up with this design you see.

Had to do a bit of floor work and after finishing thought it would have probably looked better as shadow but its done now. I was trying to cove and succeeded in, covering the bits of red that bled and though I tried to remove with colourless blending it was still very obvious. That red is so hard to keep inside the stamping, especially if you are doing layers of blending. I love how she turned out, those freckles.

I used the Penny black die 51-130 (comes as two different patterns) and I just love this design. I cut twice and cut one of the circles in half to attach to the card. If you click on the patterned paper you will see its a wonderful red and muted gold oriental pattern and was perfect for this card.
The sentiment is from a set of stamps I won from Unity stamps.
There are a number of sentiments in the set and they are all beautiful.

This sweetie is so cute and even in traditional costume I can see many other ideas.  


Stamping + Die-cuts + Colouring images

I am the Die Queen (well working on it) and I love dies. This is my favourite
(at this time). Who wouldn't love it: the pattern and design of this die is so eye catching.
 Love it and it has so much potential to be explored. Screams oriental pattern and is fantastic 
in gold mirror silver mirror black and white cardstock.

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Friday 24 June 2016

Celebrate with Cake

I love any excuse to eat cake and drink coffee, actually the coffee needs no excuse but cakes usually do. I remembered Paper Players was celebrating on their blog 300 posts and I wanted to enter the Challenge. It ends in 9 hours, its now 10.30 so I knew I would miss it if I waited till tomorrow morning so I decided to do it now.

This card was very simple and quick and 10 minutes saw it fall into place. The image is a very simple cake coloured with copics. This is a digital image, I think it was a free one and is in my folder of undetermined. Sorry cant tell you where its from. Okay so back to just coloured then coloured again to add darker tone.

I die cut the Winnie and Walter 'Celebrate die' twice, once from the original piece and once in pink.
Added the pink layer and all the loose little bits then added the original again. I'm quite happy with the result here. 
Added a few sequins, more to cover little specks of copic that must fly out of my pens as I open them or glue globs/splots. Actually I think you are meant to use minimal things like sequins when doing CAS style but they were a necessity here.

All finished. The sequins are really pretty mixed sort of iridescent colours but it doesn't show up here properly.


Thank you so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.

Thursday 23 June 2016

Twofer Post 'Love you more than coffee' and 'You are beautiful'

I decided to do a card for one of the coffee challenges that are on. I absolutely love coffee, cant image starting the day without coffee, cant be human nice without my coffee but have only one rubber stamp in reference to coffee and one digital so its obvious I like to drink it mainly.

I love this image from Mo's digital Pencil and decided to get it finally. She looks just how I look first thing in the morning (in my dreams lol). Coloured with copics.

Very easy image to colour and comes with the sentiment so makes for a very quick easy card. I forgot to do the steam coming out of the coffee so you will just have to image I have just finished drinking it and I'm using the last bit of heat in the cup to get my fingers to loosen up ready to take the day on.

I finished her off with the brilliant green sparkly gem heart that just doesn't show up properly in the photos so you will just have to trust me on that. It does sparkle and was going to be up in the upper region of the card but then a bit of random colour smudge appeared out of nowhere just above the 'love word' so a bit of rearranging was done. the wee little flower on the mug also sparkle very prettily IRL.

Another Vellum card front down with Zigs.

I love the Hero Art floral background stamp I have used here. If you know me you know I do as its dotted quite regularly throughout my card postings. Again I have white embossed on vellum.

Painting with yellow and a wee bit of orange zig to add shadow and depth. I cover all the petals with the pale yellow zig first then come back into each petal looking for where I want the shadow and add a very very small amount of orange. It goes a long way. I add a second layer of yellow coming into the orange last and I wipe the tip off if it changes to orange too much, to bring the yellow back in. I hope you can understand what Im saying here. You really don't need too much orange.
I did the leaves the same way using a light and dark green. 

I cut the panel out with a stitched rectangle die but you cant see it on the vellum so then I decided to cut the card base slightly wider, added a 1/2 inch of gold mirror cardstock each side. Glued the vellum where it wouldn't show through.
Added  'you are beautiful' sentiments that come with 'handsome' and 'wonderful' as well from Papersmooches. A few pretty gold sparkly gems and I am happy.

Challenges :

Vellum card

vellum card with die cut words

velum card

Love you more than coffee

Love you more than coffee

Thank you so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.