Monday 30 July 2018

Party Time

I couldn't resist the latest challenge at Muse Card Challenge

Those wonderful rainbow colours and the cute critters were my inspiration. This card is made by Bharati at Handmade Happiness and is just so cute. No way I was missing this challenge.

For my card I have used Tim Holtz Distress Inks as watercolour strips that I painted on then flicked with some water when they were dry for a little bit of contrast. I then added double sided tape to the back of the panel and cut with this new die from Gina Marie Designs 'Flower Burst Trio' $10- how cool is that. I also cut a white version with the double sided tape.  

I added the white negative to my card front then started the job of transferring the coloured petals to the white negative. Was very easy where the petals stayed in the original cut but got more difficult when adding petals that had come loose as some where so close in size to others. I used the coloured negative to help me work out exact position by colour matching and sometimes matching by looking at water marks. Yes it was fiddly and probably could have been done an easier way but I had time to play and fiddle around (waiting on calls) so I enjoyed the process but it was time consuming.

After I had placed all the pieces I looked through my pre coloured images for the perfect addition. I was going to go two critters but ended up going with this little fat cockatoo who looked perfect on her own. (No we don't have pink and white cockatoos in Australia but this one had just been to the feather-dressers and was feeling a little grey and dull with winter and all so decided to pick herself up with a few pink streaks). My cockatoo is from Winnie & Walter (a wonderful collection of little birds and accessories and sentiments in the stamp set)

I then decided to use the 'Party Time' die  (sorry blank on brand at the moment).
I cut one layer in black foam and one layer in silver  cardstock. I attached the silver slightly to the right to give a shadow effect. Placed perfectly to hide the one spot a petal is missing from, it went missing. One little bitty petal so that 't' in party is perfectly placed.

Time to link it up before the challenge closes:

Then got thinking is it CAS enough to go in the AAA challenge and thought, well just link it and if its not right my apologies.

Looking at it again Im thinking maybe a bit too busy for CAS.

Thankyou so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.

Sunday 29 July 2018

Alcohol Inks and Lots to Share Part 1

First off I want to mention that my friend, Amy from  Brite Designs by Amy was the one who inspired me to write this post. Having seen my first chart on Instagram she suggestion I write a blog post about one of my favourite subjects. I never do anything by half measures so here is Part 1.
When you are finished reading don't forget to go check out Amy's brilliant blog as well.

This post is a very photo heavy post so just warning you. Now make a cuppa and join me as we talk about whats what or at least what I know and can share with you. 

This little corner here is in my office and the long table use to carry all the resources I needed to post out to people and class information. Now it has my Alcohol ink set up, then next to that is my photo area and my Scan 'n' Cut. Another area taken over by the crafting (whats the joke where the lady says "my husband keeps telling me to stop reference to our house as my crafting room!!)

Ahh one of the joys of children leaving home is that we can stretch out.

A box around the area that use the alcohol inks - why?
A tip I picked up on one of the many videos I have watched to protect the wall and area around the area if I am using the blowdryer to move and blend the alcohol inks, much better than having bright ink colours dribbling down the wall or areas around.

Here we are getting closer to the work area. Around the box I have used a disposable drop sheet that is thin enough that I could put around the box, over the edge and down under the table and I taped it under there to keep it out of the way.

The lazy Susan I have covered with that brilliant stuff from Glad 'Press n Seal', makes it so easy to cover the top, two pieces did the job and of course press close so no trouble or bulk.

This mat I made again after seeing the one used by Myriam's  on YouTube . Myriam has some amazing tutorials on Alcohol inks and then other acrylic art. She is wonderful and informative and clever and artistic and you just need to check her art out.

Anyway back to seeing her mat I left a question asking how it was made then thought until I find out I will use some glass out of an old picture frame I had. Bingo I had picked it, that was what she was using and she tells you on one of the videos how she made it. She has different feet on her's. I used the tonic water caps and John filled with silicon then just stuck in place.

Good tip here, add a piece of just ordinary sticky tape all around the edges folded over and tucked to get rid of the sharpish edge to the glass. My piece  is a perfect size for an A4 sheet of acetate.

During the 30 Day colouring Challenge that Kathy runs so perfectly, I spent a couple of days making first the top chart then the next one down.

The first chart has all my Tim Holtz Alcohol inks which I added to each piece of yupo that I had cut out with a label punch. After I had added the colour to all of them I flicked here and there with Blending solution to show how the ink can seperate and change colour. You can see better if you click on the photo as it will enlarge the image. 

Each punched piece of Yupo has a quarter piece of a velcro dot on the back of it (economising) and the rough velcro piece is added to the chart. I have written on the back of each the ink name.

The image I am showing close up here on the back of is a Copic colour so I have but the Copic name on it. By adding the name to the back I make it easier to find the ink bottle and also to replace the ink swatches.

I have also written the ink name on the cart so you can see where it goes.

Now on the chart, third row from the bottom half way along there is a blank space and a bit of black, that is the velcro quarter on the chart and from there down I have added my latest purchase which is the Piñata inks. These are a lot heavier in colour density so I have made two swatches of each, one the colour straight and the second with Isopropyl added to thin and show colour. Purple is probably the darkest colour of them all.  The two green swatches you see above are Piñata - same colour just one with blending solution to show difference.

You will also notice that some inks above on the chart that as soon as you use them can have a different coloured halo around them even when no blending solution is added showing you that no amount of shaking or mixing changes this. These colours appear to seperate as soon as they are used. Others change in colour with other colours appearing when blending solution or isopropyl is added.

 This second chart is my Copic re-inkers. I don't have them all (360 I think) just the refills for the Copic pens I use the most but this means I have more Alcohol inks available to me than just the Tim Holtz or Piñata inks. Even with those I find myself drawn to the same or similar colours as my  Copics as I tend to like the lights and brights. Again I have flicked blending solution on the inks to show colour effects from the solution. With these ones I have just written the name and code on the back of the Yupo swatches as I like to move them around a bit.

Each can easily be pulled off the chart and put together to make colour combo's up I think might look good together and  for experimenting with. I have found this is a great way to also look at same a coloured image and pick out what I feel might work with it as a background on a card.

I really am a very visual person and have swatches of all colour mediums I use. These ones are small and the charts can be on the wall where I can see them but also down on the table for making choices.

My Distress Ink swatches are done totally differently as are my pencils and paints. Surrounded by colour helps with inspiration.

Just so you have an idea how it can be used, here are some cards I made using Alcohol inks  

Okay this is todays post and tomorrow I will go into some of the products I have found to help with using the inks and storage and share some links to where you can get them. I don't get paid for any of the links or telling you about products. Also anything I share in information is purely my own personal opinion and works for me. I'm not an expert and still constantly learning from others just wanted to share and hope you enjoy the info.

Look forward to seeing you again soon and please let me know if you found this interesting and if you would like to see more like this or just prefer my card posts. It helps me to keep my blog interesting if I know what you like. All positive comments appreciated.

Thursday 26 July 2018

Big Hugs

I decided to give the stain glass technique that lots of people have been doing. Inspiration of course is Jennifer McGuire and this brilliant blog post . I have done cards with Glossy Accents before but usually built up. This look is flatter so gives the look of Stained glass and fun to do.

Check out this stunning die cut, yes its another one Gina Marie Designs . This one was a little harder to cut out cleanly due to all those wee little pieces but I found twice through was enough to get a clean cut. The panel behind the die cut is a piece of watercolour paper that I had just added random colours to. It was a  scrap piece that I thought I would never use yet its perfect for this card.

Here you can see the Glossy Accents over the colours, looks great and easy to do.

When I cut the floral pattern I did two so I could build up a bit with the actual die cut. I cut on a piece of card that was bigger than the card front as I needed to add first my watercolour panel then lay the design so it showed colour in all the flowers. I then glued in place, added each of the flower layers. I then placed upside down on my cutter and trimmed off the excess cardstock to the card shape and size.

 After this came the Glossy Accents.This was a bit hard in the smaller sections but I found I could control the flow enough to get into the coloured section and wipe away any excess.

I finished the card off with a 'big hugs' new die from Simon Says
Really pleased with how it looks.


watercoloured panel behind the flowers.

Thanks so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.

Monday 23 July 2018

Hugs & Kisses and Magical Birthday WishesCards

 Two cards tonight, both rather bright, my first a rainbow of colours my second an alcohol ink delight.

This first card is for dad, just to let him know I love him.
He still struggles through every day, some are good others not so good. As his dementia advances his understanding of life gets narrower and it is often like having a young child in the house again.
Luckily for me he still loves seeing my cards, so giving him something in the mail makes him feel good and makes me feel good too. Mind you, he will probably ring me about 6 to 8 times, to tell me he got the card each day, till Jessie puts it up on the wall with his collection.

So here we have a little sweetie from Penny Black, I stamped her a while ago on watercolour cardstock but it was just sitting there so I coloured her with Copics as they are so quick.

I quite like the effect as it looks like its watercoloured because the cardstock is so absorbent. Gave her a rainbow umbrella and after colouring the hearts I added some heart gems I have. Aren't they gorgeous.

To finish off I added the Hero Art 'hugs' (this die is from a Hero Arts monthly kit) die cut that is just so pretty. That was cut from silver mirror cardstock. Finished. So very easy and quick to do.

Now I have also been playing some more with my Alcohol inks on acetate. I just use the super cheap, thin acetate as I always end up adding to a card from or die cutting like I have done here.

I had four pieces A4 size going at the same time, each with different colours mixing. I squirt   isopropyl onto the acetate, then quirt out inks and use my hair dryer which is on low heat setting to move the inks around. I just keep going with different colours and adding more isopropyl until I am happy. My final round I try not to dry too much so I can add some gold foil. The more isopropyl added the better the gold foil sticks. (thats the golf foil you use for heat embossing through the Minc or laminator). Gives great effect.

I made this card from once piece I have added, pinks, purple, red pepper, blue and pale green.
I have die cut with the hexagon die middle size (sorry cant think of the brand right now) This one adds stitches on the die cut piece and the card outline. I have just used the die cut pieces in this instance.

There are three sizes, the smaller one was just that bit too small so I went the middle size and felt it ended up looking ok. But would have preferred next size down (probably what we would see in the card outline size. 

Anyway I decided I wanted to enter in a sketch challenge so I went with what I had and hoped people wouldn't feel it was too crowded. Each one I cut in acetate I also cut in white card to back it and show up the stitching and a layer of white funfoam to add depth.

the side strip also has the stitching on it (this one is from a set from MFT). Finished it off with the 'Magical' sentiment from Stamplorations and if you look at the 'a' and 'l' you can see wee little round double sided glue foam spots which I doubled up to make sure the word sat properly.

Stamped inside with birthday greeting.

Thats it, another two cards. I hope you enjoyed your visit and look forward to hearing what you think.


Birthday Wishes card

Birthday Wishes Card

Birthday Wishes Card
2nd card -not with the topping.

Hugs & Kisses card

Hugs & Kisses Card

Hugs & Kisses card

Friday 20 July 2018

Happy Birthday & Hello Sunshine

I have made two very quick rather CAS cards. I am down visiting mum and dad and was waiting for Elysha who was at a 'Christmas in July' party and my sister to be ready so we could go. And you know that its in these short periods of time I usually get inspired yes I had 25 minutes before I needed to pick up Elysha so this is what I made.

I blended Distress Oxides Worn Lipstick anddddd no I'm not home so I've gone blank pinky/orange
will have to come back to that. None of my photos pick up the true difference in colour that is there, I can just see it (maybe if you squint)
Anyway with this card I have just used the die cut leaf  - beautiful isn't it. New purchase, yes I have to admit I just went nuts and bought more than what I needed from Gina Marie Designs I'm going to talk some more about Gina later in my post.

I am just in love with how this wonderful leaf looks and the ideas I have going through my head for using it. In this instance my time constraint meant two simple cards. So the first with the die cut blended image and and 'Happy birthday' diecut .

Now this time I have cut a white version of the leaf then then inlaid the colour fill from the first die cut that I had added double sided tape to before I put it through the Big Shot. 

Next time I won't worry about the double sided tape, I think it was more fiddly especially trying to get the backing off the wee little pieces, it would have been easier to have little dots of glue in the empty slots. 

I love how it turned out and I managed to keep every piece on hand. This time I added the 'hello sunshine' from Stamplorations. Another die I love using.

There you go two super easy cards using this fabulous leaf die cut twice (price for the die $6).

Now I mentioned Gina before, she is the proud own of Gina Marie Designs and sells a number of things, amongst them lots of amazing dies. What I find amazing about her dies is the great quality and the price. Now we all love those dies that give us wonderful borders and frames and backgrounds well she has an amazing collection. No she doesn't have everything but she certainly has enough to keep me very happy. 

When I can get a set of dies that will give me say 7 different sized frames 
looks absolutely brilliant and only just back briefly from retirement -$10.

this one is Wonky stitched oval. See the thin ovals thats so you can just emboss the stitching or add the thin oval and cut -$10.  

The others you will just have to wait and see as I make the cards cause I'm not admitting just how many I bought but I will say that I will be having lots of fun.

 I am not getting paid or receiving any gift from Gina for doing this post. I had a big shop and wanted to share but also wanted too raise awareness of the fact that she is producing very good quality items at very affordable prices and people should be checking her business out. 


Happy Birthday

Hello Sunshine

Happy Birthday

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine

Something old - Happy Birthday die
Something new -the leaf die but at least Im using it.
Distress Oxide - oldish 

Thank you so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon