Wednesday 31 March 2021

Seriously.........Happy Birthday

I love these critters AALL & Create from Topflight Stamps . I have lots to still colour and more I wished I owned but you all know how that is. 

I made this card before the next one so the scene is very very basic, blue for the sky and green for the grass and a branch hanging down.

Now with my stack of Nutty squirrels there is a sentiment and some pretend swearing
and I added the die cut sentiment 'Seriously' and a 'Gold' leaf that they are reaching for.

Now this card was done with inspiration from 'Amy' who is just amazing at bring these images to life. My card is so close to hers you could be forgiven for thinking its the same card (my learning process is do the same then next time.....) 
The flower is not the same as Amy's as I used a stamp I have had and used for many many years -The Uniko gerbera , the leaf on the right is also from Uniko and I drew in the stem.
The background and fairy on a leaf are all from Sweet November stamps.

I cant wait to use more of these amazing stamps and backgrounds, just need to find a mere moment in time.
I left this close up in the darker range so if you click on it you can see the shimmer on that gerbera. 

Thankyou so much for coming to visit and I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxed Easter Break.

Crafty Hugs



Saturday 20 March 2021

Celebrate Floral & A Happy Birthday


The same image I posted a few days ago but this time its on watercolour paper so I have coloured with my Zigs for the flower. The of course I used my Wink of Stella to thin and move colours so its a bit too sparkly but hey really can anything be tooooo sparkly.

I added white gel marker to the flower centres then decided to be really daring and coloured the background black.

Actually not quite black went with Copic marker C9. Done with a lot of care so I wouldn't end up going into the floral image. Love the end result and will try this more often but I do have to admit I do it with lots of trepidation as a) if I don't like a dark colour once started there is no choice and b) I usually have a lot of oooops moments.

Anyway it turned out ok in the end and just to remind you this drawing was done by Emily Midgett and she is currently doing a new one off release but I don't know if its too late to order if you want any.

This little sweetie is from Mo's Digital Pencil and of course you can colour her with or without the sentiments.

I went pale and soft in the colouring of this little sweetie. Check out that cute as face. I added some sparkle with a clear gel pen that contains glitter.

I decided she needed something else so I cut out a few wee little butterflies from some alcohol ink backgrounds I  have. So simple and ready to go.

Going to enter this sweetie who is new and not coloured before to Darnells Challenge

Thats it for today. My apologies  for the photos its been raining and dull for the last few days. We have had to backwash the pool a number of times and the backyard looks more like a giant pool than grass and pool. 

Jake (Elysha's dog) doesn't like the rain or water and keeps going to the doggy door in the backroom and just sticking his head out and debating, will I or won't I. Its amazing how long he can hold on. Such a human gesture, head tilted then the mad dash, wee's then runs in and runs around like a berserker, I did it I did it, I survived weeeeeeeeeeee

Arent you glad I shared that bit of trivia with you lol 

Crafty hugs


Tuesday 16 March 2021

Reminder for the Flower Challenge Blog #54 Use Shades of Purple

This card I loved colouring. This is another image from Beccy's Place
She draws so many wonderful images and I love the detail in the blooms. 

This floral is another from her Free images. In this instance I enlarged the image to fit really nicely
on a Slimline card. I don't worry if the image is hanging off the page as only whats on the page will be printed.

I'm hoping this image isnt too large on your screen, as it was slimline the image was reduced quite a bit to fit all into the photo.

I have coloured with Copics and found a great combination for the purple flowers. I then decided to do leaves with more detail colouring than I usually do and I really like how they turned out so will build on this with practice.

After colouring I did add a layer of wink of Stella to add some sparkle. Then I used a slimline die to add a nice border around the card. A large pink mirror card  die cut 'Celebrate' from MFT and some sequins and its all finished.

This image is definitely  going to be used again.

All right now its time to leave a comment just so I know you have been,
 then chuff on over to The Flower Challenge Blog and see what the wonderful Design Team have been up to.

Crafty hugs



Sunday 14 March 2021

A Floral and One Little Cutie

I am working steadily through stamps and digital images that I haven't used before. I think Darnell might get sick of me visiting the NBUS Challenge but I really want the mountain to reach hill proportions (though I think that maybe a never ending challenge)

This is a large stamped floral image and I really enjoyed colouring this. I have coloured it for the first time with Copics and I feel I have quite a bit of work ahead to get those wide petals looking good. Maybe if I added pencil I could get a better finish but I will continue to work on this stamp.

This stamp is called Bountiful Magnolias  from The Ton.

I added Wink of Stella then wiped some off and it looks just right now. To add extra sparkle on the dark brown embossed background I heat embossed some holographic embossing powder which just goes all round the edge of the brown cardstock.

I ended up fussy cutting the floral bouquet and adding with dimensional foam to lift it slightly and finished off with clear rounded gems. The embossed looking background was actually a pad of different coloured cardstock embossed with all different embossing folders.  I liked the idea but did find the embossing is quite light so not as impressive as backgrounds done with a proper embossing folder.

This next card was a quick card, coloured with Copics. She is one of the wonderful images from Mo's Digital Pencil and she was released in January. 
I am a Patron of Mo's so every month is very exciting getting an image before it is released and another that is exclusive to Mo's patrons in Full Bronte also 10% discount on top of other discounts being offered at the time. The getting images earlier doesn't make much difference to me as Im always so far behind in my colouring but I do love each and every image I get. There are also other Tiers so you don't have to spend the same as me but I love the fact that I could be helping out a business that I really love as well.

On the close up you can see I did more heat embossing around the edge of the card, this time with a sparkle pink embossing powder I got from Hero Art. I did her shoe laces as well but they turned out rather messy as I was in too much of a hurry.

Such an easy image to bring to life, and love that sentiment.

Okay thats it for me so hopefully I'll see you here again soon.

Crafty Hugs


  We went out for lunch today with the kids and their children. We also had a huge change in weather just for day it was like a real winters day. Rain, rain and more rain and cool temperatures.   
We went German today and it was a very late lunch which we then had to convince Elysha and all the littles was really dinner. It was an amazing lunner (lunch and dinner combined) and I can say we will be back again to try more dishes.

Back to when I was getting dressed, I put my boots on, struggling with the short zipper thinking to myself my hands must be getting worse. Then I looked at my booted feet sitting in front of me and it suddenly clicks, those boots are on the wrong feet with a definite turn at the top in the wrong direction. Don't ask me how they fit but they did. Yep I'm really getting old and yes Elysha thought it was super funny and couldn't wait to tell her brothers with the most exaggerated signs I have ever seen. 

Here we go Darnell  another entry for the NBUS Challenge with the Floral stamp even though both are NBUS

Friday 12 March 2021

Emily's Flowers

I decided to do another card for The Flower Challenge Blog as I really enjoy colouring with purple.

This stunning looking bloom was drawn by Emily Midgett and she released  some images in limited edition as a one off item and I was luckily able to purchase a copy for both copic and watercolouring in a small number of images. I will share others later. Emily is an amazing floral artist and designs for quite a few different companies and is also very busy on Design Teams of quite a few companies as well. She is also the mother of two sets of twins the latest born last year and I am totally blown away by this amazing young woman.

I have coloured using my RV colours. Once I was happy with the colouring I added Wink of Stella to the heavier coloured areas of the flowers. It was a new brush so there are a couple of areas I was a bit heavy handed but I can brush off the excess so I'm not worried.

Here you can see the sparkle. I placed the image in a double stitched frame of a purple card base.
 I finished it off with some purple gems and these beautiful delicate die cut "birthday wishes'

I think I'll add this over on The Flower Challenge Blog so I can share it more.

And after a couple of years missing from Challenges I think I will also join Darnell at NBUS card challenge for March as the die cut sentiments come from a never before used die set from The Ton

This die set that has quite a few die cut words  (all ones you use regularly) and also the outline to add behind if you want is just brilliant. I went mad and cut out lots of them, they all go through the machine at once as its a single plate for the words and another for the outline. I did them in white and black and lots of mirror card. the only down side I found was that I did need to use a metal shim to get a good cut and I did put each through twice to guarantee a clean cut. There are also extra ...... yes dots , we all manage to loose those dots so these are extras, perfect.

Thank you so much for dropping by I hope to see you again soon.

Crafty Hugs



Tuesday 9 March 2021

Hello Lovely

This beautiful floral is a digital from Graciellie Design and called Beautiful Bloom I think,
the link takes you straight to it. Always remember  she has amazing specials all throughout the year as well so if you see things you like and cant afford just wait for a special.

Okay now I have coloured the flower with red Copics starting with R14 and going to R59 for depth in the shadows.

The sentiment comes with the image as well as a pile more sentiments.
I decided to do really light colours in the BG 0000 to BG10 and also G0000 and just pulled the colours in all different directions little patches everywhere then going over them again no control or pattern and even used Colourless 0 to lift colour if I felt it was too heavy.

I added this panel to a white cardbase that I attached silver glitter washi tape each side of first and finished off with these wonderful pale green gems that tend to reflect the colour they are sitting on. 

I love this flower as its a great one to practice Copic layers and blending into folds on.

I hope you have enjoyed your visit and come again soon

Crafty Hugs


For those who visit regularly.  

  I would like to thank those that read my post asking people what they use for social media and lack of responses. Therese what you said is all so true and you made me think about the fact that this is my only sure way of being able to look back at cards from the past that is mine. I hear you loud and clear. I will continue and just share what I feel like at the time.

Thank you

Friday 5 March 2021

The Flower Challenge #54 Colour Shades of Purple

It's time for the next challenge, we are using shades of purple for this one but you can do natural leaf colouring and centres but try and stay with the purples we are asking for for this challenge.

Also remember you need to mention our challenge when you do your post and if possible add
the Challenge badge.
 We are using digital images from Beccy's Place I decided to use one of Beccy's freebie images.

This beautiful freesia was just so beautiful to work with. I printed it up as light as I could manage on my computer and went with a quite enlarged version.

I originally coloured with the flower cup in purple and the petals and closed bud in the background in a very bright pink colour. The purple cups are copic only. I then went over the pink colouring with a range of purple pencils, slowly and lightly as I built up the purple colour.

I was really pleased with how the the leaves turned out to. I then die cut using a Honey Bee 
die that gives the outline an old parchment look. Added a lilac layer slightly larger then finished off with a purple layer and the 'Beautiful' die cut and sequins.

Thank you for coming to have a look, Its now time to go check out what the Design Team has been up to on The Flower Challenge Blog and our Guest Designer Colleen Balija who makes the most amazing and inspiring cards. So so much beauty.

See you all again soon.

Crafty Hugs