Saturday 16 December 2017

The Flower Challenge #15 Reminder Post Anything But A Card

It's that time of the month when we remind you that there are only 10 more days left
if you want to enter in The Flower Challenge. It's been very slow to take off this month,
probably with people all rushing to get cards finished and sent off to friends and family
for Christmas.

If you don't have time to join us this month there is always next month and just let me say
'have a wonderful Christmas and may it live up to all your dreams and expectations'. I hope the weather is kind to you all throughout the winter regions as we swelter away over here.

Each afternoon as John comes home from work it makes me realise how lucky we are to have the luxury of a pool in the backyard as he staggers in from working all day out in the heat (he is a carpenter and works on houses) then drives home in peak hour traffic often two hours or more each afternoon. So he is in the door, walks straight through, and dives in to cool down. An hour or so later, a few cool drinks and life is all balanced out for another day.

 Now onto my notebook cover for this reminder. This time I have done an even easier version.

I have used floral pattern paper to make the notebook cover and if you haven't seen my previous post you should go back a couple of posts to check it out as there is a link there that takes you to a You Tube tutorial on making these covers. If you look on the side there is a place for a pen to slide into
place but I forgot to put the pen there before taking the photo.

I found this fine wood piece at a Dollar store. They were selling at 8 in a pack for $2 and it is very similar in feel to cork. A mix of patterns in each packet. I cut a piece of gold cardstock to place behind it to highlight the piece more then added the  wooden flower again from a packet from the Dollar store.

Makes a great gift, I found these really good for mum, she would write herself lists of groceries she needed to get and the bright cover made it easy for her to find the notebook on the sideboard.

Now its time to go to The Flower Challenge Blog and see what the Design Team have been up to. From what I have seen so far there are some amazing tags and Christmas gift ideas there, totally worth checking out. So many easy beautiful ideas. Each persons design links back to their blog with directions on how to make their particular item.

Thank you so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.


Viv said...

This is gorgeous Aileen, I love that bright colour and love how you added the gold behind the flower to highlight it. It's freezing here today, my hands were like ice going shopping. Very envious of your hot weather and pool too! we used to have a pool and Colin would dive in as soon as we got in when it was hot in the Summmer ;) hugs Viv xx

lostinpaper said...

One of my fave colour combos Aileen, I adore how bright and cheery this is!

Cara said...

This is so pretty, I love that pop of gold x

Karen Dunbrook said...

how pretty, warm and sunny feel....just what I need on a day with snow and ice.
xx Karen