Monday 19 October 2020

Koby's 2nd Birthday

 It was Koby's 2nd Birthday today and we had a get together yesterday.

It was also Mason's 6th Birthday but as I was unable to see him you will have to wait till next week to see his card.

Back to Koby, after  John made that wonderful climbing frame/rocker for our youngest grandsons 1st Birthday he was inspired to make something for Koby. At 2 Koby was too advanced for the climber/rocker so he thought about a wooden garage for all his cars or a truck he could sit in but as he was at the right age for a Balance Bike he decided to make one for him.

After research, looking at what others were doing he drew up some plans then made the bike. He decided to make it look like a motorbike and chose his own motorbike for design and colouring. John had just finished working on his own bike and spray-painting sections so there was enough colour to do Koby's the same.

Here are the end results.

ooohh thats right I was going to post a card, here we go.

Koby's biggest love is cars, everything is cars, nanny's car, dads car, mums car, etc so it wasn't hard to decide what to put on his birthday card. I coloured all the images in and only had one image on the front of the card and that was the truck.

The red car had 'Birthday' on the numberplate but I changed that to 'Koby'.
In this photo the red car looks a little blurry thats because its on a wobbler and I had just wobbled it.
All the cars were meant to be on wobblers BUT..... the Borrowers decided to nick them all except one lone one. I tell you after wasting nearly two hours turning everything upside down I was no better off so one wobbler.

I used a balloon stencil to add colour then sparkle paste but of course I forgot Distress Oxide needs to dry before adding embossing paste so we ended up with an orange glow to most balloons.

I'm happy to say I didn't let this annoy me, I just kept at it, finished it
and took it over yesterday. Aaron called me to say that Koby thought they were
for him to play with and he pulled them all off, funny the things they worry about.
I was pleased it obviously was interactive enough for him and really
who needs to keep every card you ever get.

Thanks so much for coming to visit and for leaving a comment. I totally enjoy reading the comments as it lets me know people are actually coming to visit. 

Crafty hugs



lostinpaper said...

What a cheerful post, it looks like you have been very busy in your household. And that bike is brilliant, my husband making a 'wine rack / cellar' at the moment so I have the dust without the fun bike result lol. And I am glad too that your card became interactive, he must have loved it!

frommycraftroom said...

What a fab card! Well that is what a 2 year old would do - he obviously loved it. The bike is absolutely fantastic - what a great gift.

I Card Everyone said...

Looks like brilliance lives in your household in so many ways, Aileen!
Bravo, John... and happy birthday to your little biker! I can see Koby driving those little paper cars around the house! You'll remember that for next year - such a cute card...