Thursday 16 April 2015

The Start

I have been blogging for years with my sign language and Proloquo2Go Blog but have reached a stage in my life that I feel I just cannot give what is needed for this blog to continue.

 I have finally arranged to close down my website 'Hands Can Talk' as I lost control of this website over 2 years ago and the business I bought the template through in America has not responded to any emails that were sent over the last 2 years. My password was not accepted within the Admin section of the webpage and all contacts with the owner of the template design were met with an automatic email referring to family issues. Well, being unable to access data and update information etc it really was just a lost cause so it will cease from early May.

At the same time I decided that I would close the 'About Sign Language & Proloquo2Go' blog and will then close down my Hands Can Talk Facebook page.

Life takes interesting turns and with my parents getting older and relying on me to help where possible along with being full time carer for my beautiful Elysha, Nanna to all my beautiful grandchildren, mother and wife I decided that something had to give.

I have run Hands Can Talk for nearly 20 years, teaching, producing resources, presenting workshops, providing as much help as I possibly could. I totally believe that Communication is the most important issue for our children/adults with speech and/or developmental delay. So much has happened since I first started all those years ago putting my knowledge of sign language to use with the Key Word Sign community. I learnt how to use corel draw on the computer so I could draw sign language graphics and I tried very hard to get some brilliant resources going out there. I achieved a limited amount though I see such potential within technology for Apps for Key Word Signing but its one of those areas where you need plenty of money or the old adage its not what you know but who you know. I hit barriers within the hearing and Deaf community because of that 'special needs label' and have reached the end for now.

I need my time and energy for my mum and dad and my family now so I decided to lighten the load. BUT I have a great hobby that I love and it has always made life bearable when times felt like everything was closing in and there was no time for anything extra. ART in any form, of course along with reading mean I can always cope. Big art had to become little quick art so I make cards, I paint some, I colour some, I cut and paste some and I have a family who always tell me they are beautiful so with my inbuilt cheer squad I will blog about my cards and creations, add in a personal post here or there and people can decide for themselves if they are interested or not.

I started posting to Flickr a couple of months ago and really enjoy it. Not always regular, it has to fit in with what I do but with less time spent on other media for my business I can spend more time (I hope) on a blog full of bright colour and a bit of humour (I hope).

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Darnell said...

Welcome to Blogland, Aileen! I've loved getting to know you and seeing your beautiful cards on Flickr, but I'm excited for you to start this new chapter and enjoy the friendships and the challenges that blogging can bring! I'm here if you need anything! All the best, Darnell