Thursday 23 July 2015

Love You - Blended Rose

I had originally die cut this rose, then distress inked it to use on a previous card but it just didn't work. So it sat there staring at me. Come on Aileen use me use me. Laid on a plain white card, yeah it worked but not perfect. Then decided to emboss some card stock with the brick wall look. Well my Cuttlebug really doesn't like my extra thick card stock and I  didn't want to add a layer. So I had to use with only one A plate and one C plate and layers or card stock to get the right thickness. When I tried to B plates it sounded like it was going to explode. But got it in the end.

Kept it nice and simple and went to glue the rose to the card base, oooops dropped it in the wrong spot so nice shiny glue smears everywhere. So removed from that card, had to find a spot to suspend the rose till I made another base. I tell you I should be making videos of my card making to show you what not to do.
Anyway got it right the second time then added the die cut 'Love You' which I had cut from watercolour paper with water blended Inktense Yellows and Oranges.
I love the end look, added some Wink of Stella clear but it just didn't show up in the photos. Too late at night. 

I hope this is considered CAS as I would like to enter in:

Die cut rose and sentiment

Thanks for visiting and see you all again soon I hope.


This extra is for those following the story I have been sharing on mum.
Now I want to give the best news. We went to the urologist today and he was very very pleased with the results from the medication. So now we wait for medicare approval (1 to 2 days) and a new prescription arrives and we don't need to see the specialist for 3 more months. Mum and I had the biggest grins on our faces when we came out, then we hugged and decided we needed to celebrate with lots more hugs and excited chatter.
Mum, unlike dad is aware she has Alzheimer's and what its doing to her and I think that is more heartbreaking.
Anyone who travels the Dementia/Alzheimers path knows where we are coming from. We know that its not the cure, its not going to stop it but for now it has slowed the rapid decline that was happening and has even given back some small small memories (mum has started to cook again, not real full on but bits). Gone for now is the lost not understanding and I have a bit of my old mum back, just for a bit.
Its a bitter heartbreaking thing to watch this happening to your parents. I have a daughter with dual disabilities and there were times when I felt the world had no idea and I was so heartbroken but as life went on I grew and found that though she has many hurdles in life she is the most wonderful thing to have ever happened to me. 
Now I face a very different time in my life where both of my parents are becoming more and more childlike as time goes on. My fathers dementia has been slow and progressive and he is really not aware of it. He loves talking of the past and we all listen as though we have never heard it before. As time goes on and he struggles to understand conversations around him he goes more and more into the past. Also coming with that is the anger and nastiness that at times I really struggle with, the stubbornness and determination to do the exact opposite of what I ask. 

Then theres the times of such great love between them and seeing them just sitting and holding hands, or dad sitting on the bed just staring at mum and looking so sad, when he calls me cause he knows he upset mum but he can't remember what he did and he just wants her to know he's sorry and loves her. Those are the times that make the rest ok.
Today is a good day and as mum is going well at the moment I have decided to go back to Sydney and go back to once a week and stay for two days dealing with medical issues etc and just see week by week. We are trying to avoid the Nursing home at this time as mum feels capable and I feel confident in her but we are both aware this can change any time. We see the geriatrician in two weeks so lets see what she has to say.
For now we can get back into a bit of routine, Elysha can start going back to her program and catch up with her friends and I can be home being mum and Nanna for a bit.

If you stayed all the way through this thanks for taking an interest. Sometimes with everything thats going on its nice to be able to share.


Ruth said...

Firstly, your card is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Secondly, thank you so much for sharing. I've been thinking about you and hoping you got the all clear for the medication. I confess I had a little cry when I read this. Your story reminds me of conversations with a friend whose mother is also going through this at 84, and of my own grandmother who had it for 5 years. Wishing you all the best in your journey with your family - ups and downs. Xx

lostinpaper said...

Good news for your Mum, some of the new meds are fantastic especially if they are started early. ps love the card, the embossed background was genius!

Kim Heggins said...

Your card is as beautiful as can your gorgeous rose. Thank you for sharing your story too and that is wonderful news for you mom with regard to her medication. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

Continue with your positive approach. It is such good news for your Mum enjoy your better quality time. There was a segment on telly last night about a new medication and I couldn't help but think of you and your mum while I was watching.
Your card is beautiful - I love that you share the whole experience.
Have a great weekend. :}

Shona Chambers said...

I absolutely love your card and I know what you mean about a video of 'not what to do'. We should get together and create one because I have the most spectacular fails some times! Love that brickwork embossing and its goes perfectly with the simple flower, so glad you stuck with it. I've never been to your blog before and read your update on your Mum. Such a hard thing for you to go thru with one parent, let alone both at the same time. You must be a very strong person to be coping so well. Must sign up to follow your blog to check and see how your going. So very glad you joined us at CAS-ual Fridays and hope you have the time to join again in the future. Take care!

Claire said...

Beautiful card Aileen - your post made me laugh..I'm sure we could all make a filmed tutorial on 'how not to make a card! Love the embossed background...It's the perfect backdrop. Hope you are getting lots of support for yourself, as well as your parents. How sad that you are seeing both decline...dementia really is the cruellest of blows. Take care

Dana said...

Gorgeous!! Love the flower and textured background!! Thanks for playing with us at Addicted to Stamps and More!!

Shelly said...

This is beautiful! Love your background and flower! Thanks for joining us at CAS-ual Fridays!