Wednesday 1 July 2015

Quick Catch up

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for leaving such wonderful comments on my posts. Being new to blogging I am note sure if I am meant to respond to comments. Also how to find people, sometimes I have tried to send a comment and realise I am just replying on my own blog -does that go to them as well?

Anyhooo I appear to have been knocked for six again as I think I got moving too soon. Down at my parents in Canberra and it is decidedly colder than Sydney. I am starting to really struggle to get just the basics done for them so have not even looked at my crafting supplies (and you have no idea or probably do being like myself) that filled most of the car.

You know the things we just can't be without, I am so going to have to learn how to pack less especially as I had to put my daughter and grandson in the trailer behind the car so I could fit all my stuff and protect it from the weather-

Yeah yeah you know I'm joking, right! They were covered over in trailer.  Actually I told them to get in the boot and they just laughed at me and got in the car. Should have taken a photo, they looked very nice and compact.

Anyway I have run out of energy, my body is aching again so I'll go to be and cross my fingers all will be okay for the next two days before I head home for the weekend. Sorry theres no card but thought I would share the latest photos of my grandson  - this first is his first impression of pear puree.

and this one is of him in his new beanie given to him at his Christening two weeks ago.

Isn't he beautiful. I have three grandsons with the most beautiful eyes, 2 with blue and one with brown.
Then we have his beautiful sister

who has the most beautiful brown eyes. And another granddaughter with beautiful blue eyes. what a mix.

if you stayed for the full post thanks for taking the time and next time you visit it will be to a card but maybe in a day or two.

Take care all and see you when the mud cracks.


Hannelie said...

I was reading that one sentence over and over again and thought WHAT!!! You got me there! :)
You have beautiful grand children Aileen!

Ruth said...

Oh bless you! Time to chill. I have zero energy for card making at the moment, so blogging will have to take a rest too. Sometimes you just need time for you. Your grandchildren are adorable! Love and hate those first few days of weaning - most of it ends up on the floor!! Look after yourself, please! Xx

Anonymous said...

You need to take time to listen to your body and rest. Hopefully you will be back to normal soon.
Your grandchildren are so beautiful.

Darnell said...

Just looking at those beautiful photos must make you feel better, Aileen! You just do the minimum you need and don't worry about your blog and commenting right now. It does take a lot of time and effort. You just concentrate on resting so you can recover and come back to show us more of your gorgeous card art!! Big hugs, Darnell

lostinpaper said...

We comment and post when we can, it's a wonderful community that we have here in blogland and life gets in everybody's way sometimes. Those kids are real cuties, thanks for sharing your pics!

Kim Heggins said...

You are just so sweet and a wee bit funny too! Love reading your blog! The photos of your grandchildren are just so sweet, they look like so much fun.
Thank you so much for you sweet comments on my are so kind!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your win :)

Aileen said...

Thanks its been a nice week, a win on simon says and a win at daily marker. Cant wait to try the copic online class.

Pop's Cards said...

Awww gorgeous pics I so remember the spoon feeding such fun and such faces pulled, hugs Pops x

Greta said...

Your grandkids are adorable! Have fun playing with your Gelatos!

Deepti said...

Awwww your grandkids are so sweet :) fabulous pics !