Monday 6 July 2015

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Yes I know, I sound like I'm getting better, don't I????

Just wanted to share two wins from last week........Nooooooo I didn't win any Challenges but I did win a spot in an online class and a parcel came today from a blog hop win.

First let me thank Simon Says who had a BlogHop that I participated in and I won a nice little package. Nothing beats opening a parcel and not knowing whats inside.

I included both photos so you can see what was included clearly. I got a new background stamp from Hero Art (ohhh still my heart). I am going to stamp this soon cause it looks so good. May end up being my all time favourite.
The grey and white item is thin grey chipboard with the pattern like embossed white -cool oooh. Grey sequins, chalkboard tags, journal cards white ribbon, white ribbon flowers, wood 'always' red lace washi tape. I couldn't thank Simon Says enough, so nice.

I don't normally win things though I enter everything down to which fly will get zapped last on a hot day round the barbie. I love to enter cause you never never know then to win twice in one week, well thats like winning lotto, well nearly.

The other prize is the  Online Copics Class - been too sick to start yet but, went and had a sticky now its just give me a minute - actually it will be great when I go back to mum and dads to have something to do at night. This prize was one of the prizes that was offered by The Daily Marker - 30 Day Coloring Challenge. I think I got Kathy to understand how much I appreciated it without her loosing the hearing in either ear.

So for all of you who thought my last post was it for today, I apologise but as the postie pulled up and came up the drive with a little parcel my heart went a fluttering and I felt you would want to share.

Catch you when the mud cracks


Anonymous said...

WOW Congratulations. What a parcel to receive and I bet you have fun with the online class.

Ruth said...

Well done! May end up joining you on the online Copic class. Have just started with them and finding them tricky to get my head round! Xx

Hannelie said...

lucky you !

Darnell said...

Winner, winner, indeed! Congratulations, Aileen! Enjoy your new goodies and your class!! Hugs, Darnell

Kim Heggins said...

Oh all your prizes! A big congrats to you!