Wednesday 9 September 2015

Flowers Whisper What Words Cannot Say

I love the sentiment 'Flowers whisper what words cannot say'. I think its so true. I  white embossed the flower stamps. I have used a combination of two stamp sets as I wanted small flowers as well as the main large one. Will post the name if anyone is interested.
Okay embossed on watercolour cardstock. Bit of masking involved. Then I watercolored with my Peerless Watercolours, very soft to begin with and then built up the colour. Then I found I had this empty spot between the big flowers where the embossing powder had not taken. I used a white gel pen and finished off the petals but still had a blank area so decided to add some green.

Then I took the green around the bottom of the flowers and changed to a washy blue green on top but then felt I had ruined the image with too much green in the left corner.

I washed out as much as I could but then felt leave it alone. I decided to cut it down slightly by using the stitched die then decided to do my wonky layout with purple layer and green card base.

I hope this still fits within this challenge

I'm sure the flowers do and hope that since I used purple and green cardstock and both of those are present in the photo its okay. If not my apologises and please delete.

Just thought should add this to the NBUS Challenge as the flowers both belong to yes 'stamp sets that I have not used before'.

Was just thinking I should share this at the Time out Challenge #39 Make your mark

I have watercolored so I have made my mark.

Mum and dad and a sheep or three.

I'm going to digress here as I just want to share to those who are aware of what is happening with mum and dad.Mum and dad as many of you know are battling dementia and Alzheimers. Mum has Alzheimer's, it was progressing very rapidly, was aware of what was happening and life was looking terrible. Mum is now on a medication that has slowed the progress and even given back a little of what had been lost. This has meant that I don't need to live there five days a week now and I just stay two days and stay home five days unless something urgent comes up. If need be I can travel there in two hours. 
Dad has progressed to the stage that all his thoughts and conversations are on the past and some stroppy behaviour, often behaving more like a spoilt child than an adult but overall life is mostly better.
I ring a few times day to see how things are and this morning mum sounded so down cause dad was just being rotten so when I got off the phone I decided to order some flowers for mum. I felt the words used in the sentiment above are so relevant, I just wanted mum to know I am always thinking of her and love her. She rang after lunch and sounded like a different person.

And now to share a funny moment. I had a visitor this morning or I should say three. We back onto a bit of farmland. Three sheep decided to come visit, coming through our neighbours yard. Elysha was signing at me 'sheep at the door' 'sheep at the door' Jake is barking and I look out the front and there's a sheep at the door. I grabbed the camera and went to the door and it had moved to the driveway so I stepped out to take a shot.

 and another two bolted past me from the other side of the house. Scared the hell out of me. I thought there was only one. Ended up down the bottom of the street and my neighbour and I had to herd them back up another driveway and out to the property behind us. Sheep have got to be the most brainless animals, so easy to make them run like idiots one direct then another.

Exciting morning hey!!.

Well thanks for visiting and hope you come again.


Christine Blain said...

This is a really beautiful card, Aileen. I love the vibrant colour mix, and the watercolour wash background (no, it's not overdone or muddied!). Gorgeous. Thanks for joining in the fun at Just Add Ink this week.

Jan said...

Aileen your card is totally gorgeous! I love your colouring of the flowers - a stunning variation of intensity and your background anchors them beautifully! Your sheep photos are fantastic too and I'd be getting out the camera too if I had a sheep at my door :-) And I was really touched by your devotion and thoughtfulness towards your parents - so special! Thanks for sharing with us at Just Add Ink this week :-)

lostinpaper said...

Your card is so pretty Aileen, I haven't headed into the Peerless field, they do look like fun though!

Pat K said...

A very beautiful card Aileen. Wonderful colours and I love the watercolouring and fab photos of your little visitors too. xx

Kim Heggins said...

Oh my....your photos are just so sweet. What a treat for you! Your card is so amazing...just love all your beautiful flowers.

Dr Sonia S V said...

Your card is amazing and so vibrant and cheerful. Saddened to hear about your parents. I love my mom dearly and though I am a doctor myself wouldnt know what to do if something like that happened to my loved ones. You are so brave and strong. Glad I found you through blog land
Do drop by for a visit when you get the time
Dr Sonia
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JD/ Jill said...

Your card is so beautifully done! And, I too, love the sentiment! Cute story and pics about the sheep! So sorry to hear about your parents...You sound like a very devoted daughter...and I'm sure your care will be appreciated and helpful...Blessings to you.

Jill V said...

Gorgeous vibrant colours on your flowers - such great water colouring! A really pretty card - and a very special sentiment! I wish you the best as you go through this journey with your parents - try to stay strong and positive.
Thanks so much for taking the Time Out to play along with us. Jill