Friday 18 September 2015

Happy Anniversary

This isn't for a challenge or at least I haven't looked to see if there is one it fits. I just needed to make an anniversary card quickly and knew my friend would love this style.

This card is made by using Alcohol inks dropped onto acetate then using a straw to blow and move it around. The inks dry very quickly so you can only do a couple of drops at a time. I also used a bit of colourless blending solution a drop here or there reactivates the ink and causes those neat circles you can see.

I have cut the piece out and attached with little white head pins (sorry cant think of the word) on the top part of the white card stock then scored a couple of lines below the piece. Leaving enough room for the 'Happy Anniversary' sentiment. I then attached the whole piece to a black card base.

When I make these sheets I usually have a few A4 sheets going. I lay the acetate out on white scrap paper so I can see the colours and designs I am achieving. I have these played out on an old sheet that has been folded a couple of thicknesses so it can catch any spillage. 

I get out my alcohol inks and then make the colour choices. My favourites are a mix of rainbow colours with flicks of gold/copper which is not transparent like the other inks or blue and mauve with flicks of silver. Have my blending solution there and a straw or two. I may leave it out for a few days stopping every now and then to drop inks add , blow, drop blending solution. One thing I have found is that if you blend your colours too much and they get muddy then you can just add blending solution and wipe off and start again.

But you will be amazed when you cut your pieces up into rectangles squares strips they look brilliant even when you look and think no, they just work. Make lovely card sets really easy.

O oooo I found a challenge perfect for this card
With these alcohol inks I think I have truly made my mark. Love anything colourful so it fits the bill.

Hope you enjoyed your visit and come again soon.


lostinpaper said...

Sounds like a fun technique, I must give this a try (I'll just add it to my ever growing list of the 'to do's ' lol.) Have a great and crafty weekend Ailieen!

Kim Heggins said...

Stunning anniversary card...just so many wonderful colors!

Anonymous said...

this is so bright, colourful and pretty! i'm sure it was much appreciated. wow, you've been a creative card making machine!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous bright "paper" you have created. A truely unique piece everytime.

Sue McRae said...

That background is bold and fabulous! I love working with alcohol inks because you never know of the outcome, all part of the fun I think!

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely gorgeous, Aileen! I have not tried this technique. I love it! Thank you for playing along at ATS&M MYM this week! Melissa - DT