Tuesday 22 November 2016

The Daily Marker Colouring Challenge Days 18 through to 21 and Moving Day

Sorry I haven't been posting in the last week. I have managed to get around to some blogs to comment, thank goodness I am finally catching up on that. Haven't even managed to post to Instagram either so will add a few days worth of colouring here and post them later on Instagram.

I have had plenty of time to colour, sick time, worry time, sleepless time and my usual migraine time. Lucky for me I found a great group of friends to help me with The Flower Challenge and they have been making sure everything is running smoothly on there (if you haven't entered a card yet there is still a couple of days.). 

Will post the colouring now and tell the rest at the end so if you just want to look at what I have coloured you can and if you want to know more well just come to the bottom of the post.

I have been colouring madly because I decided to nominate myself to make enough cards for mum and dad's new nursing home -only 110 and I need to finish by the end of this week. Of course I had to realise I could not colour every single card as I wanted so some have stamping and die cutting and watercolouring and even got into foiling to show off but today its all about the Daily Marker 30 Day colouring Challenge Days 18 through to 21.

How cute are is this lot, so easy to colour, each done in Copics and then added some clear glitter stickles for fluff. This is a Mo's Digital Image and I think one of the first Christmas images I ever bought.

This cute little image is from Tiddy Inks and I haven't coloured her up before. So cute with the reindeer. I decided to do each one a different colour and the reindeers collar to match. I did the bells grey on the image coloured red but felt they looked dull so went red on the other ones and liked that more.  Again I used the clear glitter stickles for sparkle on hat, collar and socks.

This little sweetie has been coloured up but I won't use her for Christmas as it
really doesn't work over here for me. I know I will do some snow flake cards etc but for me this little cutie is something I can use for a number of different cards. She is a Mo's Digital Pencil image and I coloured her with Copics and clear glitter stickles. She does come under the Christmas theme but after getting her I decided to keep for other ideas. So cute........and yes I just noticed I haven't done her my to do list along with the pearls.

Last and certainly the cutest. I love this one, He comes with a different sentiment for Thanksgiving I think it is. But we don't celebrate thanksgiving. It also comes with no sentiment so I added the Seasons Greetings.

After colouring with Copics, I outlined the 'Seasons Greetings' with silver pen.

And of course as far as Elysha is concerned 'he' looks just like 'Jake'. Maybe she drew 'Jake'....well who knows.....maybe Mo did.

There is another and thats getting ahead but since I need to get back to Canberra in the morning I think thats okay.

Im just not sure I will end up using this one. After I coloured it in I felt Santa's beard looked too flat, not coloured, non, so I decided to do with some acrylic paint.. Now I'm not so sure it works, I think maybe I might need to think some more on this but well it was colouring so thought I might as well share. This is an image from Sassy Cheryl (Cheryl's?), a new one for this year. 

Hows that for a good advert for Kathy's challenge - love this idea.

Okay all these images need to be finished off into cards in the next few days and you will see them in challenges over time I am sure. 

For now the colouring has kept me sane and feeling that I can cope with whatever is thrown at me in life.

A bit of sad news.

Mum and dad will be spending their first night in the Nursing home tonight so lots of positive thoughts would be very very appreciated.
Mum's medication that was doing such a good job with holding the Alzehimers in a slower pattern has stopped working and thinks are slipping a lot faster for my darling, beautiful mum. 

Dad  has become much more protective of her. They still cuddle up at night and he holds my mum as she cry's and tells her it will be okay.
 I can no longer stay with them in this accommodation at night (I will miss these nights of cuddles and tears and laughs) so we are working on finding somewhere close that I can stay at on a regular basis especially for the next two months. The Geriatrician feels it will take that long for mum to adjust to her new room.

Life has been very cruel to a wonderful, gifted, amazing, supportive mother and the only joy I can take is knowing that soon she will not know what it is that is breaking my heart each time I see her.

A post that has ended on a sad note, my apologies friends.

A prayer or a positive thought for mum and dad would be appreciated.

hugs Aileen


*Vicki* said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mum and dad my friend. Send you and your family lots of prayers and hugs. I hope you are feeling a bit better from your migraines...I suffer from them to and can't live without my medicine or I wind up in the ER. So glad that you've had some great coloring time here. These images are super cute and you've done a brilliant job with them!! Sending BIG HUGS

Karren said...

Beautiful colouring, Aileen. And hugs to you, my friend. I hope your mum and dad settle into their new home.

cm said...

Aileen, my heart goes out to you, your mom and your dad. Prayers, hugs and love coming your way to support and encourage you during this challenging time of transition. No need to apologize for 'sad news'; we're here for you - and each other - to share joys and sorrows; laughter and tears. And smiles...which is what your sweet, charming, pretty images have given me! Those smiles will be infectious when you transform these into 110 cards (WOW) for the residents of the nursing home! What a gem you are, and a most wonderfully compassionate daughter for your parents!
Hugs, prayers and positive thoughts headed your way...keep what you need and share the rest with your folks. There's plenty more to be had!

lostinpaper said...

big Hugs you amazing woman you!

Lynne in NI said...

Awww these are all fab Aileen, I always think a Christmas card needs some glitter so I'm lovin these! And so kind of you to make them for your Mum and Dad's new home, that's certainly an undertaking and a half to make so many!
Alzheimer's is such a very cruel disease, I'm sorry to hear your Mum's meds aren't working so good. Tough times for your Dad especially. xx

I Card Everyone said...

I am so sad to read this news of your sweet mum, Aileen. I think your Dad, and you, have too much to bear, but will handle it all in the best, and most loving way. So unfair, and cruel. Prayers will be added for your all tonight, dear darling friend ... giant hugs, too. Now I must go revisit your adorable coloring - just so talented - keep the Santa: I adore the little mouse in his beard!!!
xx Michele

Maria Rodriguez. said...

My dearest friend: As someone who is walking in your shoes on a daily basis, I totally understand what you are going through. This diseases are cruel, not only to the person who is suffering with them, but to the families who helplessly watch the people they love, deteriorate every single day, a little more.
It's sad and it makes you feel desperate and frustrated, sad and fearful, and all we can do is to try to be supportive as much as we can.
My heart goes to you, my dear friend, I hope your mum adjusts quickly to the her new surroundings so she can be at peace.
In a way, I understand all the coloring you are doing, this is therapeutic so keep it up. All of this images are gorgeously colored, adorable and fun. My favorite I think it's that little doggie in the cup, just so sweet.
Hang in there my dear, I hope you feel my love across the many miles, as I'm embracing you.

Kim Heggins said...

Wow...what an array of amazing colored images! So sweet and so beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What a tough time for you and your family. Hope the adjustment isn't too long.

You have done an amazing job colouring all these cards for their new home.

Darnell said...

Your coloring is divine and I'm so glad you have had it to distract you from what is happening with your dear mom, Aileen. I'm sending loads of positive energy your way and saying prayers for strength for you throughout this sad time. It is too darn bad that you can't stay over in the new place and I hope you find something that will work for you nearby. Keep the faith and remember you are such a blessing as a daughter! Sending logs of love and hugs, Darnell

Bo┼╝enA said...

My dear Aileen. I am with you in these difficult moments when your heart is bleeding. You know very well that this is the best solution in this situation, but sometimes difficult for us to accept the reality. It's great that Dad is up there with your mother, it will be well looked after. I keep my fingers crossed that as soon as you managed to find a good home closer to you. I have you in my prayers and heart.
Joy and peace you wish,
I am delighted with your cards. Fast card but so efectowne and beautiful

MaryH said...

Aileen, what a wealth of gorgeous images, and perfect coloring you have shared (while I think all are brilliant, the perfection of the fur on the little puppy just stole my heart!) So hard to place your folks into a care home, and of course it hurts you to do so. But they have to be where they can get the most attention, which however much we love, we may not be equipped to do properly. I hope the migraine will soon ease and things work out for the best for ALL of you, and that they will be well adjusted in their new home. Enjoyed scrolling through your lovely cards on the previous posts. TFS & Hugs. Prayers too.