Tuesday 28 November 2017

A couple of Christmas Cards and a Small Reminisce

A couple more Christmas cards using Stamping Bella Stamps coloured with Copics and
adding some KindyGlitz glitter for the dress. This card was claimed by Sopie

who wasn't very happy with the plain wooden stars. She wanted glitter. I offered to
take it home and glitter but then the thought of having to part with it meant that
the plain wooden stars weren't so bad after all. the stars covered my boo boo's.

Next came my cute little chick with reindeer horns and presents and a perfect
Christmas sentiment. Finished off with some Washi glitter tape. So easy and

My photos aren't the best and the cards look warped being one layer but they
are all looking good IRL.

Not getting much done though I have new Christmas stamps and so many images stamped and coloured, life is getting in the way and craft is having to take a back seat. The cards I had planned for the Nursing Home will not happen this year but will be partly ready for next year.


Sending you Christmas Cheer

Sending you  Christmas Cheer

Friends like you make the season so bright

Sending you Christmas Cheer

Friends Like you Make The Season So Bright

Thank you So Much for Coming to Visit and I hope you come again soon.

Nostalgia Photo

Flash back photo today is of mum and her twin Pat. Today's  a bit of a sad post as many of you who know me are aware that mum is battling a very aggressive form of Alzheimer's that was only diagnosed  2 years ago. Already mum has progressed so far that she is now in her own world and no longer aware of us and what is going on around her. Sometimes a small spark appears and she will talk about something in the clearest of voice then it is gone.

But todays post is about mums identical twin who is in a different Nursing Home and has had some injuries happen in the home. She is not recovering from these injuries and is now in Palliative Care and has been asking for mum. We are bring mum up to Sydney to visit her today and tomorrow and hoping that Pat will be alert enough to know mum is there and that mum will register the visit. It is a very hard sad time.

They were the closest of twins, doing everything in life together, often one would be trying to call and finding the phone engaged because the other was trying to call. They both made their own clothes and would find they had bought the same material. They grew up best friends as well as sisters and though they had different illnesses they both fell ill around the same age and deteriorated at the same rate. The link is so very strong. I hope and pray they know each other at this time.


lostinpaper said...

Big hugs to you and your familyAileen. The photo of your Mum and her twin is so beautiful, I do hope they have a lovely visit together, that twin bond is indeed extremely strong. I am also glad to hear that you have a headstart on the cards for next year, that is the perfect way to look at this for sure. Love the cards that you shared today Aileen, I hope you may find just a little time for yourself in the near future, Hugs x

brenda said...

Both cards are beautifully bright and cheery and really bring a smile to your face Aileen, many thanks for joining us at Stamping Sensations challenge.

B x

Dora said...

Two beatutiful cards.
Thank you for joining at Stamping Sensations this month.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards.
Ditto what Therese said.
Thinking of you at this tough time. Hoping your mum and aunt had some lovely time together.

Mac Mable said...

Thinking of you and the family x Both cards so beautiful as is the photo of your gorgeous Mum and her beautiful twin Sister x

Viv said...

Lovely cards as ever Aileen. Thank you for sharing with us at Stamping Sensations.
Gorgeous pic of your Mum and her sister -Thinking of you and your family at these difficult times Aileen. A big hug. x

Inkyfingers said...

I love your cute festive chick and that is such a great CAS design.
I do hope the visit between your Mum and Aunt goes well.
Thanks for sharing with us at ATSM.

Vicki Dutcher said...

Your coloring is so awesome on all of these cards! That red dress is fabulous!

I Card Everyone said...

First, the good news: your cards are adorable, beautifully colored, and not in need of a single other bit of glittery anything!
As for the sadness, you have me in tears... that wretched disease!! Look at these darling girls, a prayer will be said that they do indeed know each other - bring the photo, Aileen - they might at least want to tell the story of those darling sisters, even if they don't recognize their 'today' faces! God bless you, sweet friend ... and the biggest hugs imaginable... xxoo

Kim Heggins said...

Simply beautiful and fun cards, just so sweet. So sorry about your mum and beautiful and so sad. My MIL suffers from Alzheimer's as well, such a horrible disease. Wishing a good visit.

Darnell said...

Your Mum and her sister are so beautiful, Aileen. I'm sorry you are going through this really sad and hard time as you are experiencing their decline. Having it happen at the same time is evidence of their bond, but especially hard on you and the rest of the family. I pray, too, that they are able to at least sense the other's presence for the peace that will bring them and you.

Your two cards are awesome, hon! Your coloring is always so impressive and I just love that chickie "reindeer!" Lots of hugs, Darnell

Bobby said...

My heart aches for you Aileen. I know at least five people who are in the throes of Alzheimer's or advanced dementia, two of whom are my children's in-laws. It's a sad thing to see and go through. It is wonderful of you to take you Mum to see her sister. These contacts are important even for the split second of recognition. It gives a peace that is present at the end of life. Prayers for you and all the family as you prepare for this.

I love your coloring on the lovely Bella image and on the chick. Sometimes photography is the most difficult part of showing off our cards.

Jane said...

Wonderfully cute and fun chickdeer! Thanks for playing at AAA Cards.

Loll said...

So sad to hear your mum's sister being so ill as well. It's wonderful that you will be able to take your mum to see her, but at the same time, it is a sad and difficult time. Sending prayers. xx

Cara said...

Your cards are stunning and perfectly coloured. What a wonderful photo of your Mum and Auntie. My thoughts are with you all x

Nandini said...

Your cards are really beautiful. I was saddened to hear about the illness in your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult time. Thank you for joining us at the ATSM challenges. Hope to see you again soon. Nandini, DT

BożenA said...

I love your joyful cards, Aileen !! I love their wonderful, energizing colors and funny images.
Your mother and her sister are beautiful women. I am extremely sorry that the disease is progressing so quickly, taking away your closeness to the person in the world. That's so sad. I hope that you get so much love from your family that you can cope with your parents' illness.

ÅsaJ said...

Such a cute card! Love that little chicken. Thanks for joining AAA Cards! Hugs Åsa