Tuesday 11 December 2018

Chocolate Boxes Galore

This post is photo heavy.
It's all about these Triangle Boxes I made, 120 of them all up. I could have probably done with another 70 but I cant afford anymore so this will have to do. I decided to do these as I have not made the Christmas Cards I wanted to make for the Nursing Home mum and dad live at. I started out with good intentions but got a bit carried away with my colouring for the 30 Day Colouring Challenge concentrating on colouring and not making. Then I got sick and realised I just couldn't do it.
My solution was to make these super quick boxes using up all my Christmas pattern paper and when that ran out I moved onto pink and gold pattern paper.

These were the steps:
I cut up piles of pattern paper at 10 x 5". This size holds 15 with room to spare Hershey Kisses. I only wanted to add 10 so could have gone smaller but I didn't know that till the chocolate arrived.

If you decide to go smaller do in exact half so
10 x 5"
8 x 4"
6 x 3" etc

After cutting shape I did a centre fold on all. Then marked the fold with a pencil mark on the inside at 5" and on the width at 2.5". I used this board for marking the inch fold marks as it has more lines and easier to find that 2.5" but when doing the traingle lines

 I used a white pencil for darker cardstock and a grey for my lighter cardstock.

I used this score pal because it had less lines and a centre line that was easy for me to follow. You place the point of the 2.5" fold on this main line then turn your pattern paper till the 5" mark is along the same line then you can score each one forming a triangle.

You dont have to use different score boards, I did because I had both and the second one is in centimetres and I wanted inches. Also I used the second one for the triangle scoring as its less busy and my eyes really struggle with working out line flow. It was easier for me.

I then folded all the triangle folds and just stacked up.

I borrowed this Crop-o-dile from a friend. I did have a very small circle punch but it cut right up near the top and I worried it would tear during tie off. If you have a small stapler you could probably use that to secure the sides and attach the ribbon instead but that would mean cutting the ribbon to size then in half for each side.

First I added tape on the one side on each triangle - the first time I used just cheap tape but found it didn't always hold so well so on the last lot I used this double hold Red tape and you can just see the strip down the side.

I used up one roll on 40 boxes, I had it there so not concerned about using it up. Much better hold.

I used the 4th large line marking on the large punch side as my guide for placement when punching.

Here you can see I have punched the hole on one side of all. The side with the tape as it holds it in place.

I then held the pieces crossed over to punch the second side. Make sure cross over is tight in triangle shape.
 Then added ribbon, I used up what ever I had on hand that looked Christmasy in one way or another. I used up lots of ribbon I tell you.

Then I added a line of glue to the side with no tape. I used a quick drying glue and this example is over glued. I really only needed a thin line.
The glue I used meant I only needed to hold pressed together for a few seconds.

Then it was time to add the Hershey Kisses. Ahh the smell was amazing. This is 660. I had to order the same again to fill all my boxes.

10 kisses in each and plenty of room left. If you wanted it to look fuller could always add a little tissue paper at the bottom first or make smaller or add more chocolates, but when I tied off I felt they looked and felt fine.
Here's a couple tied off and with little tags added. I also added some wooden embellishments I had that I had never used and snowflakes to make more Christmasy but added these after the photo session.

This lot was the first ones filled and all Christmas pattern paper. Now of course I need to buy more lol. I have used up a ton of pattern paper and ribbon and tape. My only real expense was the chocolates and what is that in the larger scheme of things.

We will have some on the table when we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve and Elysha will take some for staff at her day program but the bulk of them will go with me on Christmas morning for Staff and residents at the Nursing home dad is in and  the Cottage mum is in. This way we make sure everyone is remembered on Christmas day.

Now to just finish those Christmas cards for Family and friends. That needs to be done by tomorrow evening or no one will get before Christmas. 

So how many other people out there who craft all year are in the same predicament. I have to start where have I heard that before????

xxxx Aileen


Cathy said...

Thes gift boxes look fantastic Aileen, and how kind of you to deliver to the nursing homes your folks are in, I bet they'll love them. Great way to use up any unused stash of pp too! Cathy x

Dandi93 said...

WOW ! Aileen, 120 little chocolate gift boxes... these are super cute and a nice treat. Awesome job and great tutorial

lostinpaper said...

ooh, I'm coming over to your house to test out the triangle boxes lol. What a fabulous idea Aileen, they are going to love them!

Vicki Dutcher said...

I am so impressed! You go girl! Thanks for the crop-a-dile hint on the hole placement too. I have had mine for YEARS and never knew about the markings! Sheesh. ☺

I Card Everyone said...

You are the sweetest, Aileen! Your parents' care givers are going to love your gifts - and will know how much you appreciate all they do with each kiss! and such a beautiful little box to cherish after the kisses are gone!
Well done YOU!

Greta said...

You are so clever! These will really bring joy to the residents!

Viv said...

What fantastic boxes Aileen! A great idea and I have kept your wonderful instructions (although I have recently sent a huge pile of patterned paper/card to the Charity shop I'm sure I can find some more to make these!)
PS - Have sent you an e mail. x

Ruth said...

Aileen you are such a super star! Seriously, this is amazing! To do so many and remember everyone, you are just lovely. I bet they will love them all. A great way to use up your stash and smell good too - although I am not a fan of Hershey's chocolate at all, it must have been tempting to test a few!!! Well done you. xx

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, aileen, that must've taken some time to do all those but i'm sure they will all be very appreciated. i did say they were easy. :)