Tuesday 9 June 2020

Just Because

I am slowly, very slowly getting back into that swing of making extra cards or finishing off additional cards that I start then get sidetracked and have to come back to. Im hoping I might even start entered card challenges again but wont hold my breath of that.

Here I have finally used this amazing Transformation Butterfly from The Ton. I stamped and embossed on all types of paper and my all time favourite with stamps like this on vellum.
White embossed in this instance, Zig Watercolour Brushes used, light to move the dark, no water, no warping.

A little Nuvo Shimmer Aqua brush to add glitter but of course the photos don't catch that well. I did a very close up shot but the shimmer ends up looking like random white embossing powder which its not so Im not sharing too close.

Doesn't this beautiful stamp just sell itself. In this instance I fussy cut being careful not to bend the images much as I didn't want the embossing flaking off. I have added to a white embossed 3D foral panel (sorry cant name it as there is no name on it and I don't store in packaging. Finished off with a thin strip of pale green glitter washi.

I will need a slightly bigger envelope as the butterfly hangs over the edge but thats fine. I didn't add a sentiment as I wanted it to be there to be used for whatever is needed at the time. 

After spending so much time in the last many years making lots and lots of cards with Die cut and stamped sentiments  the ones I still have sitting there are the Love and Thank you cards. I am finding that they are beautiful cards but not grabbed by the family as much as Birthday, Get Well, Sympathy, Just Because, Anniversary, Congratulations, New Baby etc cards.

So unless I really need a sentiment I will leave off to be decided on at time of use.

So it's' Just Because' for now.

Lastly  heres a few shots of those wonderful grandchildren of mine.


Koby showing he can balance on the side of his truck. This young man never stops from the moment I arrive at 6am till I go home at 6pm. 19 Months already.

Sophie sending me a shot before she leaves for school, I think the glasses are a fun effect on the screen, not sure. Growing up too fast


Archer the youngest is now crawling everywhere, chubbiest little man. Has a most amazing smile but is very cautious around strangers, a flow on effect of lockdown. A couple of months short of one.

Mason his brother, is happiest when there is a computer around to play on. Loves all the screen games, loves that Grandad has loaded up all the Wii games at our place for when the children visit. Might be older technology but boy do they all love it.

It's Like a games arcade at our place so lunches/dinners become very competitive between children and grown children. I love to watch and give lots of advice but I don't play. My hands don't do what I want them to but I'm more than happy to give verbal support. Have also found that many of these games are not only fun but usable for Elysha and Scott so they can fully join in.

This is all a result of lockdown (and needing a break from those never ending puzzles), more family meals and playing, less dashing off to be with friends and outside activities.

 Am I being a selfish nanny seeing a positive spin on this, I don't know but really thats what life is meant to be about. See the positive along with the negative and get on with living.

If you read all this, thanks for sticking around. Must get some shots of those older, camera shy grandchildren to share too. Having 18 and 17 year old gandsons who rings to chat about life and go away with grandad fishing is another of my joys but for another time.

I hope everyone is well

Crafty Hugs xxx Aileen


Enna said...

How fortunate that you live so close to your grandkids and can spend time with them...and make them roast dinners! Love reading about the kiddos! (not in a creepy way, of course.) And I absolutely love the coloring on vellum! It looks sensational! It sounds really forgiving too, until you got to the fussy cutting part. 🤣🤣🤣

Diane said...

Wow Aileen, what a stunning design and colors.

Hugs Diane

lostinpaper said...

Yes I think there are definitely some positives come out of all this and it's nice to appreciate those for sure. Thanks for the beautiful pics share and also that fabulous butterfly flower!

Anonymous said...

Marisela Delgado said: absolutely gorgeous card, Aileen! Simply stunning! Girl, you know I love glitter! 😀 I think many people have come to see and value what is really important in life because of this pandemic. We hear it all the time here in the U.S. that families are eating dinner together, talking, spending time together bike riding, family movie night, etc. My mom and I play loteria (means lottery, but is Mexican bingo). Some good has come out of this time at home. 😊 Your grandchildren are so sweet! Mari

frommycraftroom said...

Absolutely stunning card! Love your colouring.
I can empathise with the cards left behind with certain sentiments - I tend to have them left too! I too often make cards without a sentiment so it can be added later or add a small one that can have a bigger one mounted on top!

Thanks for the gorgeous photos. Even though I have still been leaving the house to go to work I have enjoyed the slower pace - no before or after school activities, no weekend sport no late night party pick ups! and the list goes on and on - on the plus side we have all been home to eat together no mean feat for a family of 6. I have seen the kids spend quality time together to because they couldn't see anyone else.

BożenA said...

Wonderful intense colors. This card is very inspiring, until you want to follow you and do something beautiful and invigorating.
I'm glad you're doing well during the epidemic. A large family is a blessing. You have wonderful grandchildren, enjoy them
keep safe always,
hugs BożenA