Friday 24 July 2020

With Love Rainbow Rose

Todays card is made with stamps from The Ton, both the bunch of roses and that gold embossed pattern on the vellum.

I coloured the roses with Copics and followed the same pattern I used for a Rose I coloured in a class with Kit and Clowder plending one colour into the next. Love how it turned out and have done this a few times now as I really like it.

After I finished colouring I fussy cut the roses and after trying a few ideas I decided I liked the look of them laying on some soft green coloured vellum. I then remembered this background stamp I had also purchased from The Ton. I love how it looks and here I have used as coming from the side, stars and dots and heats embossed in gold it looks wonderful.

I finished the card off with a die cut sentiment in gold 'With Love'. I hope you like it as much as I do.


Today is our last day of isolation and I even got a phone call from the department of health thanking me for helping Scott deal with the isolation time. 
It was an interesting two weeks and we have worked our way through a number of puzzles, colouring (he is now the proud owner of a large collection of alcohol markers and watercolour markers), called on friends to drop off bits and pieces that had been forgotten in grocery deliveries. 

Elysha has been in her element watching movies, parts of movies, chatting to herself, writing long stories where she marries the hero (each time its different, Harry Potter, Dr Who (Matt Smith one) etc, dancing with the Wii and the latest is singing with a microphone along with music that also has the words for karaoke. 
It is a very interesting experience as its in the same area Scott is doing puzzles or colouring and it doesn't appear to worry him that her tone flat, made up words when the captions were too fast for her, terrible voice going from song to song.

Scott also talks to himself but a lot less than Elysha and we know this is a form of working out problems and working out what is going on before discussing with us. 

Scott is a routine person and every step is pondered and decided on with lots of thought.  Everyday he goes for a walk out the front, down the driveway, turns left five paces then up the stairs to the front windows left then repeat approx 15 times. 
 Everything  must be explained, rationalised, discussed and things we just take for granted are big for him. Most days are good, some I feel mentally exhausted by the end of the day having explained every step and every decision to both Scott and Elysha. 

I think he has learnt a lot with us over the last year especially since March when things changed and he started coming every day. He has learnt to relax very slightly understanding I don't stress the little things, he has gotten use to my sense of humour and even sits and laughs with me when I stir up my husband (his brother) who plays the game well.

There are definitely times I want to run and hide or rip my hair out. I dream of a holiday where I'm the only one that goes and I sit watching sunsets with a yummy cocktail in my hand and a good book to read.
. In this dream holiday everyone can sign fluently, there is no need for social distancing and I get a massage every day.  Mmmmm I think Im asking for too much there maybe.....


lostinpaper said...

Wow! Your rainbow lowers are amazing! ps when you are thinking of that holiday maybe you could come up this way and we could colour!

frommycraftroom said...

This is absolutely beautiful!
Sadly no fun to come to Melbourne at the moment. I don't have half as much to deal with but I want the same holiday as you! without the massage (not a big fan of those!). Yeah for getting out of isolation.

I Card Everyone said...

Aileen, if my mom were alive she would say "you're a good one, McGee!" and I agree! Bless your heart.
Gorgeous rainbow rose - I think you've cornered the market on this rainbow coloring technique, my friend!
I won't promise the massage, I don't know much about cocktails but am willing to learn, and sample, and the sunset I can offer any time!

Diane said...

Just a stunning rainbow flower card design.

Hugs Diane

Keep It Sweet and Simple said...

Love your rainbow colouring.