Thursday 25 February 2021

Floral from Pinkfresh Studio on Vellum


Check out this amazing background stamp from Pinkfresh Studio 
I have again stamped and heat embossed on Vellum, this time with white
embossing powder.

Coloured with Zigs and Wink of Stella to spread and thin.

I added a pale green Zig background so you could see the white embossing
then placed straight onto a white card base. Added a thin line of silver glitter
washi tape each side.

No sentiment as it can be used for anything. I keep saying to myself, back to other colouring Aileen, but I really do enjoy using the zigs as they make for quick colouring that looks so bright and vibrant.

Out of interest can You take the time to leave a comment and tell me
a) Are you still posting on your blog as well as Facebook and Instagram ?or
b) do you stay with one group and not bother with the others?
c) Are you finding comments few and far between?

I am trying to get right back into regular posts and wonder if I have lost lots of my audience because of my break from cardmaking or are people happy to look on Instagram and not bother with the blog.

I try to keep my posts light and informative and share a story or joke but then I wonder if there are actually people reading or just looking at the card, if that. Some blogs I go to have an amazing number of people commenting and I wonder if its because they only blog? Or could it be they are going in challenges which I haven't gone back into yet? Or maybe its just my posts are too off track. 

What a quandary lol nah not really its just puzzling me and has me thinking Instagram is probably enough. 


Viv said...

Gorgeous card Aileen - the colours are stunning.
Posting cards on my blog. Don't post cards on FB as many of my friends are not into cardmaking and simply would be bored.
Posted a couple on Instagram but as I do most of my stuff on a PC and not on the phone.
Insta to me is a nuisance as you can't post pics direct from the PC (and I always use my camera to take the pics not my phone and upload into my Google photo album)
I don't bother to look/comment at hings from people who I know on Insta either! (Sorry!!!!)
I do Ok for comments, - average a reasonable number each post and obviously more comments when I link to challenges.
I would not want to give up blogland - it's kept me going and is to me more personal as it shares a little bit of me.

Tracey T said...

This is stunning. Will have to look out for this stamp. As for posting cards, like Viv above I stick to my blog, and for exactly the same reasons! I can go for ages without posting when I'm really busy at work, but I wouldn't be without my blog. I've made friends for life through it so I really don't mind if some posts don't get so many comments. Like Viv, I get a good deal more if I've entered any challenges. x

stephanie said...

I don't have a blog and for me I like blogs way better. I am so glad I found you and love
how your using your zigs give me great inspiration. I hope you keep it.

lostinpaper said...

Your card and colouring is stunning Aileen, loving your use of vellum recently!
As for your questions
a) Yes, I still use my blog / FB and Insta because the blog is the only thing that 'I own' and all the other platforms are run by other entities... so if for some reason they folded then all my info etc would be gone. I think that my blog is mine and I can say as little or as much as I want and if people have time to read and comment then that is wonderful but I do know that time is tight and precious. It is also easier for me to keep my blog as most DT make that a requirement and I can link things and make it 'look' the way that I want.
b) I love Instagram because it is 'short and sweet' so I see it differently to my blog and mostly check it when I am 'out' or on my break at work to see what people are up to. FB is not my friend and I find it very confusing and basically use it as a link to Insta. Though I do love the messenger portion of it for keeping in touch and I use it communicate in some of my DT's.
c) I do still get comments on my blog, I have some amazing supportive friends who continually encourage me (thank you Aileen) and I appreciate every one of them! Obviously there is a bigger number of comments on giveaway posts but who doesn't love to win something lol. But, as I said I know that time is precious and I that people are often still interested and look but don't have the time to comment and I certainly won't hold that against them. My blog is really for me and my journey and anyone who wants to join me along the way is more than welcome!
I know of some people who take a 'blog break', maybe a holiday to Insta could be the answer for you... although I know I would miss your blog chatter as I do read it (and I don't see all the Insta posts) Crafty hugs Tx

Diane said...

Just stunning Aileen, stamping on the vellum and then coloring it is amazing.

Hugs Diane