Thursday 14 April 2016

Peony Bouquet flowers from Altenew with Vellum overlay

Wellllll I decided to try doing a set or two of cards just like Jennifer McGuire did on her blog in 
this post using the same flowers.(I just realised I didn't add any sparkle like Jennifer has and it does look nice- off to get the Wink of Stella out)
 I have stamped all the little cards and they aren't too bad though it was a bit harder in that you are trying to estimate where the next layer comes down as you are not using the outline (after watching Therese at Lostinpaper  where she showed me how beautiful they can look by using the outline, I have decided if I do it again I would be better off doing even a very light outline stamp first).

Then it was time for the vellum layer. I thought my vellum was quite thick and couldn't image it any thicker for the flower to show through. BUT the cards won't stand up. Maybe thats the way they are meant to be, I don't know. Anyway I continued on and as you can see here it is quite pretty BUT they will be my last set.

As you can see here the over stamping isn't so neat but its passable.  

To be honest the vellum is the hardest bit and a learning lesson. Probably if I had just gone one card then decided from there if I wanted to do more, but I set myself a task of 8 cards.

Problems are:

a) you need to remember to use the anti static pillow or tool each time you go to stamp as your fingers will leave oil on the vellum that the white powder loves to stick to.

b) You need to make sure your card is lined up where you want it each time you are stamping and make sure it hasn't moved so your embossing on top matches. I did attach with temporary tape but they can still move.

c) Make sure you have really good light so you can see where you are stamping as the vellum makes it harder to see exactly where you are stamping.

d) You really need to prepare and stamp and emboss each part separately, so it is a bit time consuming.

e) Jennifer points out its a good idea to preheat your heat gun and do your embossing more as short bursts to stop the vellum curling (as you can see I didn't listen too well).

f) You need to remember to clean off the stamps roughly every couple of goes or the outlines start to get thick and no where near as pretty.

Moral of this stamp and emboss adventure. 
Loved the idea but it is a bit more time consuming than I want for a card or a set of cards. I have stamped all sets but have only done three so far in the vellum part as light ran out and it was too hard to see the outline. Will finish tomorrow. Of the three done I will need to do one again.

My yellow card that you can barely see is hidden because I juddered(Is that a word???) as I stamped and I have double and triple lines in some spots. Then my sentiment I pressed down too hard and ended up thick and ugly.

This isn't for any challenge as it is a direct copy of what Jennifer has done. Her cards are stunning and when she does it and she does go through step by step it doesn't look that time consuming so don't take my word for it. If you like them go try them. 

Thanks for coming to have a look and I hope you come again soon.



Ashwini Rao said...

Very pretty cards, Aileen! Vellum definitely behaves differently depending on the manufacturer - so, its still great that you made these! And I agree Jennifer does make it look easy! :D
Also thanks for 'watch out' list - really does help! :)

Cathy said...

These flowers are so pretty Aileen, I'll have to watch the video that Jennifer did, although it does sound like a pretty tricky technique to me. Thanks for sharing the highs and the lows :) Cathy x

lostinpaper said...

These look amazing Aileen, I haven't seen Jennifer's video yet so I am not sure how they would stand up but I know that a couple of companies have very heavy weight vellum (that I haven't seen in Australia). LOVE your cards and yes, they would be definitely time consuming, but so worth all the hard work!

Mac Mable said...

Yes I watched the video too and thought they where are yours. I find nothing is ever as 'easy' at it first appears and Jennifer makes it look sooo easy. I was wondering too how they would stand up. So glad you persevered as these are fantastic and so very pretty. Thank you for the heads up on the do's and dont's very much appreciated x

Marlena M. said...

aaaahhh vellum~so pretty but so tricky! These are gorgeous, though, you got further than I ever have with vellum. :)

Cara said...

I hadn't seen Jennifer's cards before so it was interesting to see your cards and get the truth about making them! Definitely a labour of love. Cara x

*Vicki* said...

These are so soft and pretty!! You've done a fabulous job with Jennifer's design! :)

Ruth said...

They are beautiful and I applaud you for doing them. I have a love hate relationship with vellum! I'm impressed. They do look lovely! Xx

Anonymous said...

Fabulous CASe of Jennifer's cards. You have done a great job. Worth the effort :)

Maria Rodriguez. said...

Oh my gosh!!! Aileen, what amazingly gorgeous cards!! I love this stamp set, I'm yet to sit down and play with it, I also saw Jennifer's video and I was just drooling.
The vellum always adds a touch of elegance and softness to any card, I love how beautiful it looks on your cards.
You just gave me some inspiration my friend, thank you, thank you.

Loll said...

Interesting technique ... it definitely looks hard to line everything up. But the end results are BEAUTIFUL, Aileen! Love the softness of the card with the vellum. xx

Penguin said...

Everyone at this Same Day Flower Delivery NYC service was really professional and friendly. The flowers were beautiful and well thought out. I'd definitely go back there and use them again to send thoughtful bouquets to my clients.

Raymonde A said...

It looks nice. Well done! Jennifer said in a post that she passes distorted cards in a Big Shot to straighten them. In my case, it worked. I don't know if it works with velum but it's worth a try. It also passes them through a laminator.