Saturday 26 November 2016

Seasons Greetings My Friends

I made this card with a challenge in mind. Addicted to CAS this week is OMBRE and I thought this meet the challenge. I have used a Memory Box stencil. This stencil is one of those ones that must have repositional spray added to it so it will stay in place properly when blending as it is so very fine.
I put the stencil in a box and spray lightly, then wave the stencil around a bit then place on the card stock sticky is down but don't press down hard as if you have over sprayed it will stick and tear the card stock, worth practicing even. Once in place, start blending, I use Distress Inks different blues, starting my blending off the card so I don't get blend marks. I keep it nice and light. I then sprayed the whole panel with shimmer spray but it just doesn't show up here. looks fantastic IRL.

I cut a small panel and placed on a plain white cardbase. If you look closely at my sentiment you can see I have cut from a pink mirror cardstock, I love this colour. Sadly I will run out soon, it is so hard not to hoard the stuff.. It looks so good.

A simple, very eye catching card, even if I do say so myself.


Thanks so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.

Follow on to my post the other day

There has been a bit of a lag between posts as I have helped with the move for mum and dad into their new home, dealing with not feeling too crash hot myself (feelings of guilt turning into migraine and stomach upsets). The feelings of guilt have stopped, my mum is doing better than I have seen in months and there is a smile on her face and in her voice so we are all enjoying this time. 

How long it will last who knows and well who cares, its a beautiful time. I go down again next week for a few days to finalise the paperwork and finish the move out of the unit then life can settle down even for Elysha and myself a bit more, not that we won't go as often but no more cooking and appointments to follow up on. Just going to visit and socialise.

Now I have also been flat chat getting cards done for the Caring Hearts Card Drive and I met my goal- I made 110 for the Nursing Home mum and dad moved into. I'm thinking of getting my daughter and daughter in law to help me sign them all so they don't all come from me, people might think I don't have a life :). So this means you are going to be inundated yes INUNDATED with CHRISTMAS cards and I even did some HOLIDAY cards.

Will I hit you with photos of the 110 today - nahhhhh, why pass up the chance of a challenge or two. First here is a sneak peak as I finished off the pile of cards for the challenge - not for the year of course

not a great photo, actually as I look at it, it gives me a headache. It out of focus, always happens when I take photos with my phone but basically thats a pile of 110 - well 120 with a few left over from last year added in. Now all accounted for. I coloured, stamped, die cut, blended, watercoloured, glittered, shakered and generally put a lot of effort in. No short cuts for me. Biggest short cut was colouring the same image 8 times and making similar cards. Might need to pick easier cards next year I think. But the end result was a) start earlier b) start earlier c) you guessed it started earlier and yes it was fun and gave me a real sense of achievement.
Last year I think I made 15, this year 110. I am proud of myself cause I didn't think I could and I did.


Greta said...

Glad your folks are settled & hope it works out great for all of you! Often making the move is the hardest thing, but works out in the end. You're amazing to make all those cards, Aileen--what a wonderful gift for people who can use a smile. Hugs, Greta

Shona Chambers said...

110?? I'm so impressed, I wouldn't even know where to start to make that many in a short period of time. I can hardly make one at the moment!! They will definitely all be appreciated at the home, they must think your an angel! Especially with everything else going on at the moment with your Mum and Dad. I hope it doesn't take her too long to settle in and thank goodness she has your Dad there with her. Your card is CAS gorgeousness and I love that stencil. Makes me want to whip out some stencils right now and have a play but need to take the dog for a walk. Hopefully I can play and create tonight.....Always wonderful to see you at TIME OUT too!!

Maria Rodriguez. said...

Goodness Aileen, 110 cards??!!! WOW!! my friend, you've been busy.
Now, this card is gorgeous, love the Ombre effect, I've never been able to achieve that look, but you did a fabulous job, love the shimmer on that panel of beautiful stars.
I also hope you mum and dad are adjusting at their new home, I'm so happy they still have each other.
Big hugs, my sweet friend.

Nonni said...

Great combining of challenges! I love the ombre look and the shiny sentiment, all and all a very fab CAS card! Thanks for taking TIME OUT and joining our challlenge!

BożenA said...

This is a great holiday card with a very modern design. I love the subtle ombre, so beautifully you mixed colors. Sentiment looks great in the photo the color pink is very difficult to see, but my imagination works well :-). I have a way of colored cardboard mirror. Just silver cardboard paint alcohol marker in a suitable color and you will as you require. This significantly reduces the inventory to one, silver color, and besides, you have available all that you desire :-)

Kim Heggins said...

Fabulous...just fabulous card. Those stars are just amazing.

Pat said...

Great background. Thanks for sharing with Make My Monday

Lynne in NI said...

Bet all that sparkle is gorgeous in real life!
Glad to hear your Mum handled the move well, and a massive gold star to you for your 110 achievement!

Anonymous said...

i love the sentiment on this bright and colourful CAS card! it'll probably be a great relief to know your parents will be well cared for and you can enjoy your visits without all the worry. wow, you've been busy - 110?!! when my dad was in hospital, i made cards for the other patients in the wing and didn't put my name in, just a random act of kindness. when the nurse distributed them, she told people who made them so then they wanted me to visit them too. :) i know your bright and beautiful cards will be very much appreciated.

cm said...

Aileen, I'm so glad to hear that things are settling down for you and your parents. To hear happiness in your mom's voice must bring you such joy! They'll be well-cared for in their new place and you will so enjoy the opportunities to visit when you can. Cheering and applauding your accomplishment; actually, I'm awed by your commitment! As I mentioned before, YOU will be sparking smiles on the faces of all those receiving our amazing creations. Bountiful blessings sure to come your way after such a selfless act of kindness (x 120!). Your sparkly starry card: LOVE! Hope you're taking some time to give yourself a little spoiling and pampering...

Cazro said...

A fabulous starry card. Thanks for joining in the fun at MMM. Caz DT.