Monday 3 August 2020

Happy Birthday Archer

We went over to visit my grandson who had recently turned one. We were unable to get to his original party as we were in isolation, so it was planned for the next week, no our isolation had been extended due to  Health Department  error. The next week Archer got sick so one month later we finally got to celebrate with him and his family.

This card is made using another of Mo's Digital Pencil images coloured with Copics. Archer had
a cake smash the same as his brother and sister so the card seemed perfect for that.

I added  a one die cut from silver glitter paper and his name in banner form (first time used) and I just added a piece of string across the front of the card then added the little banners with a bit of glue on the back of them. I die cut the image with another new die from The Greetery.

Family Time

I have a pile of photos I wanted to share with you from Archers birthday and also the brilliant gift my husband made for him which I must say has been a great success.

We had a lovely time though we did have to keep our distance a bit as Archer is not use to seeing us and bolts to the comfort of mum's arms the minute we get too close. 

It was so nice to see them all and heres hoping we can see a bit more of them soon.

 These first photos are the gift John built for Archer. Mel and Dale asked if he could make this and he did. It's for inside use and under supervision. Can be up one way as a rocker or turned over and used for climbing or a tunnel. Sophie sent me some photos after to show how she liked using it. She had it set up as a rocker but with some cushions on it so she could lay back and play with her iPad nice and relaxed.

next is Archer enjoying I think Cake number 4 in all his celebrations. Loves to have everyone sing to him and the next photo on is his Cake smash celebration. Cake made by his dad.
I couldn't resist these three cause I just love the look on his face as he listened to his mum. the protection of mums legs and now walking pretty steadily.

This last is the cake my son, Dale made for Archers party.
Who does he take after......I love that he loves doing their
cakes each birthday just like I did.

That is all blue icing and the amount of blue that went into that well everyone was very blue after eating some cake.


lostinpaper said...

You are right, the image (and card) is perfect for this fun little character! And your son really should start a business, what a fabulous and brilliant cake!

Anonymous said...

Marisela Delgado said: such a wonderful blog post, Aileen. I hope that you and your family are well. Wow, both your husband and son are both so talented! Be safe! Mari

I Card Everyone said...

Aileen, Archer could not be more adorable!! I'm so happy you and John were able to celebrate his first birthday - even if it were a bit late - I'm sure you celebrate his birth every day of the year!
LOve, love, LOVE that Cookie Monster cake - oh my goodness I'm not sure I could let him smash it!
Happy birthday, little man!
p.s. His card is perfectly adorable, too!!