Saturday 14 November 2020

Cgristmas Cards #2 & What to do With Your Loose Glitter

This post contains another three cards. 
Image from Mo's Digital Pencil, perfect for Christmas in the Summer.
Coloured with Copic, even made sure she/he had a bit of a tan. When I had finished colouring 
added sparkle to the hat and used white Copic ink on the waves to create a foam look.

Check out the sparkle on the hat. Love it.

Added a layer of fun foam to the back of the coloured image to pop it up a bit. Attached to a blue cardbase. Finished off with a sentiment from Paper rose  printed sentiment set.

This card I die cut last Christmas so I am struggling to remember the brand, my apologies.
I cut directly from the front of the card. I had made a pile of glitter backgrounds last week
so I found a couple I could use that looked nice with this die cut.

Check out the sparkle on this piece. I cut the panel to fit the back of the diecut then added another layer
of white card to cover the glitter panel and give the back of the panel a nice tidy look.

A stamped sentiment added to go with the wooden 'Christmas' sentiment that
I coloured with copics and added to an uncoloured background.

This card was done the same way except I had to add a little camouflage. Where that silver embossed snowflake is behind it you could see where I had added the glitter panel and it was just slightly added too low so there was a gap. 

Works perfectly, no way to see that the panel is actually sitting too low. And check out that beautiful sparkle.

Finished off with a die cut 'falala' that was cut from silver glitter paper.

A little information on the glitter panels.
A week or so ago I decided to investigate using my glitter which is not environmentally viable.
There has been a fair amount made of the fact that glitter is made from plastic and does not dissolve or break up so therefore causing issues within the environment.
It also appears that there have been a number of so called environmentally safe glitters made that are not necessarily safe so you need to double check that what you have bought is the real stuff.
Now the next point is disposing of your glitter, don't flush it or wash it down the sink. Don't just throw in the bin as loose product. If you want to throw it away one suggestion is that you mix it with a product like clay or resin,  and make something or  into a container that is not going to break open that has mod podge in it to mix with the glitter. 

Look for projects you would add glitter to that will be long lasting products not quickly disposed of objects.  I didn' t read that last till I had made these panels using up a fair amount of glitter so I suppose that means people who receive these cards need to keep them a long time.

But what I did do was I made these glitter panels by adding double sided tape sheets to cardstock, added the glitter then used a flat object to burnish the glitter into the tape. I found the fine glitter burnished well and I was able to get to no glitter coming off when tapped.

The coarse glitter just kept dropping glitter so I decided to try some clear embossing paste over the top. Its perfect, no glitter coming off now and the sparkle is still coming through perfectly. I must admit at first I was a bit dubious as the cardstock got very limp but once dry it was fine.

I now have a large number of sparkle backgrounds for cards in all the colours you can think of. I have decided to go back and add embossing paste to the fine glitter panels as well as this means they are double sealed and less danger to the environment. I am using up that stock of glitters that I have.

Now you know what to do with your glitter if you still have a draw full.

Thank you so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.

Crafty hugs


The glitters I used are from a collection I got from WOW with coarse and fine in similar colours and I dont know if they are still being sold. I hope they have found away to make environmentally safe glitter in these colours because they do look amazing. 


lostinpaper said...

Fabulous cards Aileen, thanks so much for the glittery tips, I have some glitter but not a lot, but still would like to know if you did find any brands in particular that are environmentally safe. Thanks hon x

frommycraftroom said...

Awesome cards.

Thanks for all the glitter tips. I like many have a few jars that I bought years ago before we knew it was not great for the environment.