Wednesday 2 December 2015

Copics On line Colouring Class Day 7

This is Day 7 class working with shadows and colours. In this instance I have only coloured one robot. Isn't this robot and the vampire bat cute. I don't have any greys other than the C1,3 & 5 so I struggled a bit for the darker shadow. I think I used up half the copic just doing the shadows. Really need/want to invest in the W greys as well as I hadn't realised till doing this online class what a difference there is in the three different types of greys mentioned. Very well worth purchasing.

So I also used the black for the real death in the shadow but had to do a lot of blending for my C5 and C3 to work. Was quite happy with the result. This image is so cute.

In this instance I just did the two colours again I didn't have the warm grey for the white flower so I made my shadow with the cool greys. Will wait till my warms come to do more. I love the blue/green leaf and stem. I knows not real but it looks so cool here I will be doing this again for one of my imaginary flowers in my imaginary garden. The red I love, love. Sandy is brilliant with her hints and tips. Love it. I didn't have the greens suggested for either flower so just used ones  I had, same with the centre for the red flower.

okay thats it for he Online Class Day 7. If you haven't yet nick over and say high to Ruth at
 Crafting While the Baby Naps. Ruth been better than me in her adventures trying different colours and trying out her warm greys and a night sky. We will be back soon just need to put on hold while we finish off Christmas cards and all the parties and exciting things that happen at Christmas (babysitting; parent sitting; cooking gifts and catching up with the relo's). 

  I just want to share a couple of family photos

This is my youngest son, Aaron (home from work), who is twin to Elyhsa and standing next to him is my eldest grandson who is 13 and 6 foot tall.
My daughter posted this yesterday :Soooo sooo soooo proud of my beautiful son Keegan  making the ACT under 15's squad for Basketball!!! Very, very well done Keegs!!! Especially after you just got your cast off from your broken thumb. When he tried out after the first day he decided not to go back for second day trials as they were all older and he felt better than him. Then he got the call telling him he is in. So proud of him.
And this one:

Middle son who loves dressing up for any occasion. This was a fancy dress housewarming. He and Mason are going as clark Kent and Sophie and Mel as Wonder Woman. Gotta love em.

Okay thanks for coming to visit. Hope you come again soon.


Ruth said...

Love your robot and bat - and I'm impressed you got such good blending with the Cs - I do love the Ws and I think they'll be a great investment. Also love your leaf with the BGs - I only have one of those so that's for future purchase next year - never ending!!! Lol!!! Been fun so far - we'll get cracking again in the new year :) xx

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Great coloring skills!!! Thanks for sharing your family photos! A Super-family!

Deepti said...

Fabulous coloring and great family pics !