Thursday 7 April 2016

If nothing ever changed there would be no butterflies!

Okay quickly before we get to the photos of the cards here is a quick update on the triplets.

They are now 10 weeks old and out of Neonatal ward. They are in a room together. They have finally all hit 4lb each with Chase the smallest at just 4lb and Illa the biggest at 4.5lb. Demi is still having a bit of help breathing but they are all doing so well its time to share.  
Mum is doing very well and is breastfeeding them all. Their 2 year old brother is struggling a bit with having to share mum so much but is getting there and dad was given some local time in the army so he could be nearby but has now had to go so its time for us all to step up and help when they go home. 
I am totally amazed by this wonderful young mother who takes everything in her stride  and always looks so serine. I know I had my twins  23 yrs ago but I know I never looked so relaxed. 

I went to see them last Thursday but they were still in special Care and no one was allowed touch, tell you it was soon hard not to sneak one out in my bag. 

Alright enough gushing but really aren't they beautiful???

My Cards

I have done two cards, one with the outline of the butterflies blended and the other

With the butterflies themselves blended.

On this card I used the full size card and taped down the stencil that is a Stamplorations one and blended with Distress Inks and tried to keep it light as I can be a bit heavy handed with my blending.
I kept the blending around the outline and didn't carry it all the way over. After that I used one of the butterfly sentiment stamps and inked up in the same colours as the areas blended and stamped to add some texture.

I then removed the stencil added a few enamel dots and stamped the sentiment in black.

Exactly the same idea with this card, just a different stencil. This one is of the butterflies and is from Urban Artist. They are smaller so I just reduced the size of the card slightly. 

Was quite happy with the end results on both, they were very easy to do and after I finished I realised I hadn't done what I needed to do to enter them in one of the challenges I was thinking of.
This appears to be becoming a habit and I think I need to read blog carefully before I start on card so I am at least heading in the right direction. I was thinking of going in Loll and Bonnie's CAS Mix up but thought I used watercolour ink I did not watercolour I blended and I don't have a third step so will have to force myself (yeah right!!) to do some more cards tomorrow.

But still fine to add to:

Thanks for coming to look and I hope you come again soon.


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

oooer they are sooo cute Aileen, praying every blessing upon their young lives especially a very brave mum with dad away like that.. so good there are others to take up the slack, as much as able!
oh and wonderful butterfly cards too!
Thanks so much for the inspiration.
Shaz in Oz.x

{Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

Dotty Jo said...

Beautiful babies! Lovely cards too, Jo x

Cara said...

So glad to hear the triplets are doing well, beautiful pictures of them. Your cards are lovely, so effective with the blended technique, gives a very soft effect. Cara x

Ashwini Rao said...

All the best to the triplets and their brother and thrie parents too! :)
And I really loved your cards- love the first one more - the ombre looks awesome!

Mac Mable said...

So cute and so very adorable, you must be so very proud x Now the cards...Gorgeous blending and how you've popped the text script through the stencil is gorgeous too. Very pretty cards x

MaryH said...

Firstly, those little angels are absolutely darling, and I bet you can't wait until they are home, and able to be cuddled triple time. Cute babies and pray that all goes well so that they can go home to their family soon. Loved each of your cards, and what a lovely way to use that stencil. I'm heavy handed with sponging too (it's not as easy as it looks) or else I get 'spots' where I start the sponging, even though I start 'off the piece'. Your efforts look splendid and what a perfect sentiment! (I better check the rules too, as I hope to join in the CAS Mixed Media challenge!) TFS

Joyce said...

Adorable babies. Three times the joy. Both of your cards are so beautiful. Wonderful technique. And, thanks for spotting the error on my blog. I usually do a copy and paste from week to week for my CASoogy post, and clearly forgot to change the cue word. Good to see that you were actually reading the post. Wondered a bit if anyone ever did that. Interesting to note that you were the first to catch it. Thanks again.

Annette Allen said...

aww what sweet babies.. thanks for sharing..
Your cards are stunning.

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

How cute the three of them!!! Awesome, that the mother is breastfeeding all three of them. She'll need a lot of help! Soon they are going to be big and strong! Thanks for sharing!
Gorgeous cards, too!

Ruth said...

Oh it's so uplifting to hear that they are gaining weight and may soon be on their way home. I love your updates on them. Your cards are absolutely gorgeous! I love that you made two and reversed the pattern - I adore that all the colours blend into each other flawlessly. Xx

lostinpaper said...

Oh my goodness.... three! That is going to be one busy and fun household lol. ps love those clever and beautiful butterflies!

Loll said...

All three are so beautiful Aileen. Good that they are now out of Neonatal care.

Your cards are beautiful too. Lovely designs. xx

Marybeth said...

Beautiful babies ,Aileen! I will have to go back a few post to,see if they are friends or family:) love your beautiful butterfly card!

TaeEun said...

Adorable babies and indeed an amazing mom!
Your cards are both beautiful! But love the blended background version more!

Jane said...

Both cards gorgeous - just like those little babes! Thanks for playing at AAA Cards.

Lynne in NI said...

Ohhhh the triplets are gorgeous, love their names! And beautiful butterfly card too :)

Kim Heggins said...

Beautiful that wonderful sentiment. And those wee babies are just adorable. Congrats to mom and dad.

Greta said...

Oh my--those babies are so sweet! Hoping they continue to do well! Your cards are just beautiful--love both versions, Aileen!

Karen Dunbrook said...

Blessings to those precious little ones. Love, love your gorgeous!