Thursday 14 July 2016

Hugs & Kisses and Rainbow Wishes

Today I have again used Inktense Pencils from Derwent but this time I did softer colouring in what I coloured onto the watercolour paper and also with my wash over the top. These are the die cuts from the negative that I used last night.

Coloured with the same pencils as used before but in a different order so so different colours.

Check out the sparkle. I took the top off my 'Wink of Stella', removed the black stopper and added a few drops of water. Good shake and there is glitter again.

In this instance I have left the card CAS and no sequins and finished off with this wonderful sentiment. How easy is that. 


I have painted all my colours in stripes so I hope
 this meets the criteria. 

Now I am going to add some more photos in reference to Inktense
 Colour Pencils from Derwent and some information on how I store them.

Here you can see the two past cards together, both coloured with the same colours and water added to bring out the brightness of them yet they look quite different. Basically the one on the right I did a heavy coat of colouring on the card stock then once I had wet and brushed all the colours down I went back and added more colour to each line of colour using brush to pencil tip.

For the card on the left it was a very light brush of pencil onto each piece that was then brushed over again with pencil lead to brush tip but light coat.
These are magnificent colours and they change totally when water touches the pencil coloured area.
If colouring in say a flower I would only colour around an edge, then bring the brush in with water on it and blend out, much as we do with the zigs. The main thing to remember with Inktense is that its NOT a watercolour that will reactivate when more water is added. 
Once the layer you have added it is set, its ink and doesn't reactivate. The best part about this is that you can add other colours and it will not turn to mud, the worst part is if you are going for a smooth look and haven't got immediate access to more of the colour it will set as you leave it and an added layer will show as another layer.

I have seen some of the most amazing painting to material with inktense and the only thing that stops me is that smudges, splots, runs etc are all attracted to me. I couldn't bare ruining what I have started and on material a gem or sequins will not work.

These are my pencils and I love them. My parents bought me these the full set as a surprise and I love to open the box and just admire. When they got them they went to a shop to purchase them and the store owner couldn't be bothered chasing them up (had to order them in). In the shop they were in the tin. They then went on line and found these in the wooden storage with the shelf that you lift off and they were able to buy on line nearly $150 cheaper than the tin packed ones. BARGIN In Australia they are still extremely expensive so not a light choice to make.
I have made paint swatches for each pencil and each swatch has a heavy coloured section and a light wash. I have also written the name of the pencil on the swatch and the number. Not the official number of the pencil but 1 - 72 so I can replace them in order.
I made two rings up with the two separate trays and can open and mix and match to select colours I want together. I like having my swatches there to play with when paining so this system works well for me.

Here you can see where I have taken a swatch from one ring to put against others from the 2nd ring.

Finally on each pencil I have made labels that go around the top of the pencil 1-72 to help with correct storage and I have added a bright pink line to a number of pencils that give me a nice pick of bright colours from each colour range so I don't have to hunt through each time. This gives me my rainbow colours and those extras in between like blue/green/  yellow/green/  pink/red.

I keep my pencils always in the box except when colouring and I just grab what I need and return them all at the end when colouring/painting. I like to use the box especially if travelling though not convenient I have cut down on broken leads.

If you ever have a pencil that keeps breaking when you sharpen it the chances are the lead was already broken or your pushing too hard into the sharpener. 

A good brand sharpener can make a difference but if the pencils have been dropped the chances are the lead has been broken. I had two particular pencils that just kept breaking and I ended up buying individual pencils to replace them. 

You can purchase these pencils individually and as blocks as well. Would depend on what you want to use them for but the individuals are very expensive.

Another hint about pencils is look at the leads, are they centred. If they are not properly centred then they do tend to break more. If the wood splinters a lot when you sharpen the wood is too dry.

I hope this gives you something to think about and please let me know if I missed something you would like to have seen covered and I will.

Thanks so much for coming to visit and I hope you come again soon.


G Peplow said...

Hi Aileen, Wonderful cards, love that you used the negative images too, good job!!! :D Lucky you what an amazing selection of pencils, I would take them out and stroke them occasionally if they were mine LOL
Thank you for your visit :D

Mac Mable said...

Thank you so much for the in depth information on the pencils. How lucky to get such an amazing gift. Fabulous colours on your card again today x

lostinpaper said...

A Great post Aileen, thanks for sharing your pencils and knowledge. I love my Inktense pencils too, but don't have the beautiful wood box, what a special treat. what a great idea to create a rainbow of colours and die cut them, awesome cards!

Kim Heggins said...

OH my....I have these pencils and rarely use them. Just so beautiful Aileen, love your fabulous rainbows.

Maria Rodriguez. said...

I love this gorgeous cards Aileen, love how you colored this beautiful hexagons and arranged them on the panel.
Thank you for this awesome information about this fabulous pencils.
Maria Rodriguez.

Cornelia (fun stamping) said...

Awesome card (what else is new? - I like anything you make), but I am totally floored by your organization - I could never do that, but maybe I should... Love that wooden storage box - mine are in the tin....but I love them. My favorite pencils. So thankful we have amazon....

Susanne Vargas said...

Oh my, I adore this rainbow colored card (and the one from the post before)! Simply gorgeous! Your review of the Inktense pencils was interesting. Don't have them but now I'm very tempted to buy them...

Karren said...

Gorgeous cards, Aileen! The graphic shapes are so cool and your pencil colouring looks fabulous.

Cara said...

Fab card and I want those pencils now! Cara x

Lynne in NI said...

Wow, that was an amazing gift, lucky you! I love my intense pencils, but think I only have about 15 or so.
Fab colourful cards by the way!

Ceal said...

Fabulous card, I love your take on our code word stripes. thanks for joining us at ATCAS!

Loll said...

Another fantastic card using this awesome die-cut. Great job again with the ombre colouring. The wink of stella adds so much beautiful sparkle. Definitely worth adding some water as you'll still get lots of use from it. :) xx

Deepti said...

The coloring on those hexagons is stunning :) fabulous creations , thank you for sharing with ATCAS