Friday 22 July 2016

No Reply Blogger - Important Notice

I want to start this post asking you a question

ARE YOU A NO REPLY BLOGGER - Do you know if you are. I always assumed I was leaving comments on peoples blogs and they could get back to me. I mean I had supplied all my information, my emails etc.

But you know those times when you enter a comment and you are using your Blogger ID or Wordpress ID and don't have to enter any details about yourself.

Well I assumed it was all connected and people could reply but I recently (in the last month or so, hey it takes me a while to wake up ok!!) and I was told that I was posting comments and some people could not say anything back to me and if they didnt know who I was that was the end of the line because 'No reply blogger' doesn't show anything other than your first name as a clue.

Lucky for me it was pointed out  to me by a wonderful friend, and I must admit I scoffed to myself thinking I get comments from people but I did as suggested and went to one of my posts and sent myself an email.
 Sure enough when it arrived and I clicked reply then went up to my name in email address and clicked on the little arrow that allows you to open the email address it came up 'no reply blogger' so all I had was Aileen.

Now this is happening to me quite regularly where wonderful people are commenting on my cards, I may not know them because I don't recognise their name and their blog name isn't showing so I cant go check out their blog. I also cant reply directly to their comment because it is 'no reply blogger'.

I HATE THIS as I feel it looks like I am happy to have you comment but couldn't be bothered reciprocating or even looking at your blog. This is not so, so I want you to go check your self. Send yourself an email and see If it comes up 'no reply blogger'.

There is an easy fix and of course I deleted the email I received with it summed up perfectly as I love keeping my mail tidy. so its gone and the trash has been emptied as well so no retrieving it.

I can say whether you are 'Blogger' or Wordpress this can be happening and is an easy fix. If you are techno challenged then ask your husband, child or grandchild to fix it for you. You can do the first step:

  1. Send yourself a comment from one of your blog posts.
  2. Go to your mail and open the email.
  3. Now hit reply.
  4. Go to the top of the email and look at where it saysTo:
  5. This will be your name and that little drop down arrow is there, click on it
  6. you will either see your email - in that instance no need to go any further
  7. or it will say 'No reply blogger' and there are quite a few of you darlings out there and you will need to
  8. Blogger -here is a link to a  easy video tutorial for you 'no reply blogger' or
  9. you can go to this link for step by step with pictures - they cover both blogger and wordpress.

Okay thats it, no card  with this post but thought I would share a photo from Aarons Engagement party holding onto my youngest grandson. It's so funny to see them dressing their children how we were dressed ourselves as children, fashion doing the cycle.

Now its time to go check your email responses.


Ruth said...

It's a good point!! I was a no reply blogger until Vicki pointed it out to me :) Cute little picture - he has such sweet hair ❤️

Pen Sunshinepen said...

Wow many thanks for that up date will check myself in a bit. :)

crafty hugs Pen x

*Vicki* said...

I have been doing this for years. So you can hit reply to my comment anytime you want to reply to me! :) There are still many people that don't realize this along with a few other things that I wish they knew, but didn't or don't care about it...not sure which. It makes it so much easier for me to MAKE SURE that when someone asks me a direct question through their comment that they're getting a response. Although, I've even had a few bloggers that I COULD actually reply to, to only have it bounce back saying that their inbox was too full to receive any more e-mail! LOL!! I don't know what to tell someone if they don't clean up their inbox! LOL! Wonderful photo! Thanks for sharing!

Loll said...

I have only recently come across this as well Aileen. I'm very slow on catching on to things. :) I guess I had checked my profile a while back and click on adding my email, but didn't realize that's why so many of my comments had "no-reply blogger". I need to post something similar on my blog so that my readers understand why I can't get back to them. Thanks for the reminder.

Lovely picture of your son and grandson. Thanks for sharing. xx

lostinpaper said...

I am a no reply blogger myself, but over the years I have looked at it a few times and havent been able to sort it out, its different on Wordpress (I think). Maybe its time to try again...

Desperatehousewifecraft said...

Thanks for this info! I think something worse is happening with me. I spend hours leaving nice comments on other people's beautiful blogs using my wordpress id, and when my comments don't show straight away, i think its just going through validation. But i go back to these blogs afew days later and my comments still don't show so i'm beginning to wonder if blogger doesn't accept my wordpress id but doesn't inform me.

Desperatehousewifecraft said...

Thanks for the info Aileen!

Vicki Dutcher said...

I have a graphic on my blog if you want to add it to your side bar. I sometimes do send the link to fellow stampers [to help them] when I can't reply. Feel free to copy and paste it :)

Cara said...

SARN pointed this out to me as a new blogger, we make such assumptions about technology, don't we! Cara x