Saturday 14 October 2017

Happy Birthday card and some Alcohol Ink on Yupo

Needed a sweet birthday card so what better than the little ballerina's whispering
to each other. These are the ones that are digital images and I have manipulated
the lines so that in this instance the lines are a light purple (why purple you may ask? well
I don't know purple appealed to me at the time) and I have printed through the laser printer
onto watercolour paper. 

 I watercoloured my little sweeties with Zigs and lots of water so its light on the skin
but trying to get the hair right meant more colour than originally planned. A little bit of grey
around where they are sitting to ground them.

This watercolour paper is not as white as others I have used but brilliant
for printing on and watercolouring so although the card isn't 'white' 'white'
I think it still looks very pretty. I finished it off with a strip of glitter washi
top and bottom and a silver mirror cardstock 'happy birthday' die cut
and my usual odd number of glass gems.


Thank you so much for coming to have a look and I hope you come again soon.  

Now I thought I would share a few pieces I have been playing with using alcohol inks and Yupo.
Ohhhh my goodness I feel like setting up a room that is just for Alcohol inks, Yupo, trays,  
all the bits and pieces. There are so many videos and amazing photos where people are experimenting and Yupo comes in full A3 sizes so you can do full on art and if not happy, clean it off or turn it over and use the other side.

Now I have to decide what to do with these pieces.

I have just put a frame from inside a photo frame around the piece to take the photos here.
This piece was inspired by TaeEun after she had done an amazing card using these colours and she had explained she had used her Copic Markers. I tried with my Copic Markers and the piece didnt turn out so well the first time but with this piece I used both The Black Copic Marker as I didnt have
refill for it but I used the refill inks for the greys.

I used different greys from the Neutrals and the Warms and I used my Colourless Blending Solution that I have in a large bottle. I poured some into a small container and tried a mix of ideas. Some dropping solution onto colours to cause the solution to reactive, some flicking for small dots and some using cotton bud for controlled dots. Love the end result just not sure what to do with it.

This piece was just a lot of dropping Alcohol ink colours and blending solution and moving the yupo to blend and move the colours. All the colours were from my Copic refills and I used so many I lost track of what I used so I cant list. Will have to get better at it. This piece looks better IRL than in photo and is really rich looking but again not sure what I will do with it.

This piece is Copic Ink refills blues and yellows so of course we ended up with greens. I went a bit nuts doing the cotton bud dots and you can barely see the bits where I blew the colours with a straw. Will end up cutting this piece up for backgrounds or die cuts as the colours are wonderful and vibrant.

This piece is a mix of pinks and reds again Copic refills and blending solution but it has warped, too much playing and not knowing when it stop. Hopefully I can use bits for die cuts or parts of backgrounds, its amazing how much torture a piece of Yupo can go through especially as this piece
had also been used on the back, as a dismal failure, thrown in the bin, retrieved because its too expensive to throw away (for me anyway) and played with again.

I now have more background pieces to add to my never ending collection of background pieces, I just need to remember to check them out and use them for challenges.

I hope you enjoyed this little additional piece and please let me know if I forgot to share anything that you would like to know.


Bo┼╝enA said...

Miraculous and sweet first card. I really like your image staining. Other cards have such amazing and unique AI backgrounds. WOW!

Vicki Dutcher said...

Such a super sweet bday card - thanks for joining in at STB. whoa! Those backgrounds are stunning! Love the gray & black!

Tinstar said...

those two little girls are very sweet - lovely card.

lostinpaper said...

Your girls are so sweet Aileen, but it's those Yupo panels that had me agape!

Heidi Weaver said...

Oh my, Aileen, those two sweet ballerinas whispering to each other have stolen my heart. Love the blue of their tutus and the coordinating blue glitter tape top and bottom. Keeping it simple with just the images, glitter tape, sentiment, and those three rhinestones adds such elegance to your card. Thanks so much for joining our Watercooler Wednesday Challenge this week.

P.S. Love those alcohol ink and Yupo pieces. They're simply gorgeous.

Ruth said...

I love the little ballerinas in their blue dresses. They look so sweet, but oh my your alcohol ink panels! Have you read Niki's post about using Copic markers for this technique. It's really clever. Me, I'd just frame them and hang them around the house! Feel free to send me one for my new craft room. That would be fabulous inspiration! Xx

I Card Everyone said...

I love those little whispering babes more each time you color them, Aileen! just beautiful in blue - and purple!!
The alcohol inks are like wizardry aren't they? LOve your final pieces!

Penny Hanuszak said...

I always love your take on this stamp imagery. You colour those little girls so wonderfully. Thanks so much for joining our Watercooler Wednesday Challenge this week Aileen and sharing your beautiful cards. The Yuppo cards are really awesome too!

Mac Mable said...

Oh my ....what fabulous and creative works of them x Such a cute card too x

TaeEun said...

I love the little ballerina image!!! It's so cute! Beautiful coloring on the little girls!!! The alcohol ink backgrounds are all awesome! I like the ones you want to cut out too! Thank you for mentioning me :)! Actually you could leave them in the frame!

Cara said...

Fabulous card, just adorable and perfectly coloured. Loving your alcohol ink backgrounds. I'd happily have the first one framed on the wall, just stunning. I think I need a craft room with a sink if we ever move house!

Bobby said...

Those ballerinas are darling, Aileen. The blonde one looks just like my granddaughter when she was little. I love your alcohol experiments and have tried a few myself. That first one is my favorite. Just leave it on your desk. An inspiration will strike on how to use it.

Marsha Reed said...

Lovely card, Aileen! Thanks for joining us at the Watercooler Wednesday Challenge.

Gail said...

Wow! A really sweet - and sweetly coloured! - birthday card. Thanks for joining us at Watercooler Wednesday.

libbystamps said...

Sweet submission for the challenge this week! Thanks so much for joining my All About Birthdays challenge at Watercooler Wednesday!

Viv said...

Love your sweet ballerinas Aileen! makes for such a cute card. Wow am in love with all your alcohol ink efforts too, frame them...frame them all!! I have Yupo , I have inks...but not played yet...oh the shame lol ! ;) hugs Viv xx

Loll said...

Those ballerinas are darling, Aileen. I love that you printed the outline in purple. It looks awesome with your watercolours. And your AI pieces are amazing. The first one is so artsy and cool. I would never thought of using black, grays and neutrals, but it really makes a statement. The other pieces are so bright and colourful. I'm sure you'll find lots of ways to use them beautiful pieces. xx

Patti said...

Truly stunning backgrounds you have created!! and your card is almost huggable : )

Thank you for joining us at Seize The Birthday!

Deepti Aggarwal said...

Such a cute card..Thank you so much for joining us at Crafty Creations Challenges. Hugs xx Deepti Aggarwal