Tuesday 4 August 2015

Card Set

WARNING: This is a photo heavy post lol. I needed to clean my desktop and I had this set of cards sitting all over it so I decided post just to share what I did. No challenge in mind here.

Each of these cards has the same basic design. Used multi coloured wools/yarn on each. Lucky for me I had colours to go with each.

The same layout of 7 squares lined up within a piece of card stock I have cut 3/4" holes in as evenly as possible.  3/4" coloured cardstock that went together. Some left plain, some have a wee bit of glitter and some have glossy accents.

Some of the cards I just did 3 lines along the bottom of them with my score pal others I have done a crossed pattern on the card front with the score pal.

After I attached the coloured card stock piece then I went through my gem collection and added bits and pieces within the colour theme.

Some I have stamped with black ink, others with greys from Hero Arts inks.

When I attached the yarn to make sure it stayed on well, I cut a very small slit
at the fold on the card and fed the yarn thru. This made sure it stayed in one place. I actually didn't notice when I took the photos that some of the yarn was sitting very straight. It looks better crossed over so I fixed that before I wrapped the set to give away.

I used a mixture of sentiments from a few different companies. Some taking up centre stage others just at the top.

I was quite pleased with how it turned out and am pleased to say I have nearly used up all the card bases I made this way.

This sprang from a card I saw at an online class that looked so wonderful and when videoed it looked so simple. Simple turned into the card of the century.  Of course the card I saw the squares were just laid along the white strip - think I could get them straight - no way.  

You should have seen this place, first cutting out the squares, I swear that I must have punched out over 400 different squares going for all these different colour combinations. Then of course I had to add kindy glitz to some and glossy accents to others. some warped, smeared etc, it looked like a  mad house.

Now I can happily say there are just a few left, the box full of coloured squares that are left is tucked away where I can't see it to ponder using those other squares and I will never attempt to make these again. 

Lesson Learnt : I learnt that I should just make a couple of cards when I like an idea, stop obsessing over how it would look with this or that or I will never get through all the stamps, dies, papers, embellishments I have.

I hope you enjoyed my little journey with these cards and that you will come visit again.


Mrs A. said...

This is such a brilliant idea. Absolutely love how you have mixed and matched and changed the backgrounds to suit. Now if you could just chamge to punched butterflies and use washi tape instead of yarn....... Lol. You still have 3 weeks to enter. Hugs Mrs A.

Kim Heggins said...

WOW....these are just amazing. What a fabulous idea.

ChristineCreations said...

Those little squares are so striking in any colour! Such a great set of designs!