Sunday 16 August 2015

Hello card - lines and colours

What an interesting experience this was. I decided to have a go in Kathy's Daily Marker Pop Up Challenge. I just used a thick piece of printer paper as I didn't know if it would work and didn't want to waste copic cardstock.
I really wasn't comfortable with this idea. I like to use stamps where someone else has done the design and I get to colour and use. But there is a first time for everything and I have to say I have totally enjoyed the end result.

There were a couple of false starts where I drew lines then didn't like what I saw, threw it aside and went to do something else but had to push myself and basically say 'come on Aileen, do it'.
So I drew all the lines with a very thin Copic Multiliner 0.05. There were some sections where the lines were nearly invisible but I left as was. Then I just randomly picked out colours, light and bright cause thats me.
I tried to pre decide where colours should go and should be consistent then found I just wanted to colour and enjoy it so I did. Went in and recoloured a couple of time so probably wastes a bit of ink but wasn't too fussed.
Once I was happy with the colour fill, I went in with the  Sharpie Fine Point Black. couple of wobbles there that I think I caught okay. Probably could have done more with some wide bands of colour but was happy with what I was seeing.
Then I added the little itty bitty lines (eyelashes) on one side only of each line.

With the close up you can see some of those wobbles.

I really liked stand decided to make a card after all.

Cut out the Simon Says 'Hello', saved the little bits. Glued the coloured piece to a white card base and added in the little bits so Hello was clear on the card.

Wonky photo here but you can see side on.

Was going to multi layer the hello and put back into place but I decided I liked the card with the negative only. Will use this Hello on another card. Doesn't that look brilliant, looks like I have used pre patterned paper.

Hope I got the right link there. Thanks for coming to look and see you again soon.


Mrs A. said...

Aileen this is fantastic. Your colouring combinations are lovely. It must have taken a lot of patience to produce. Hugs Mrs A.

Ruth said...

I am absolutely loving this pop up challenge. It's made me be more creative than I have been for a long time, with really limited supplies. I absolutely *love* what you've done. I haven't tried the eye lashes thing yet, but might have to give it a go. That hello is awesome! Xxx

Marilyn said...

This is quite striking and I quite like it. Love the lines and eyelash lines. Yep, very effective and nice technique.

Kim Heggins said...

Oh my totally rocked this card. What a fabulous design and I love how you have 2 cards from you incredible creation.

Anonymous said...

Great job. The bright colouring make a happy hello card.

lostinpaper said...

Sooo fabulous Aileen, what an inspiration and a must try technique for sure! ps I wanted to let you know also that the MFT scribble dies are on their way back in at SB, I asked the boss lol.

Sarn said...

I love the look of this and how you used it. Top marks for going out of your comfort zone and getting a fabulous result.

Hugs, Sarn xxx

Shona Chambers said...

This is so awesome!! I totally enjoyed doing a similar colouring project. It was very strange drawing random lines all over the place but loved being able to sit down and colour away like I did as a child. Your little eyelashes look fantastic too!!

Kathy said...

You have perfect eyelashes. Love your flow of lines and various colors. Spectacular card. Thank you being part of the Pop Up Challenge. Sorry for the delay in commenting. Hugs, Kathy