Monday 31 August 2015

Live Like its Spring Everyday

If this looks very familiar thats because its a remake of the card I did for this post.
I wasn't happy with it and knew that I would never give it to anyone. I didn't want to waste all the colouring either. so I pulled the card apart and saved what I could. New base and this time I stamped leaves on with distress ink Olive green and with a wet brush pulled the colour to lightly fill the leaves.
Had to be sparing as the grey cardstock was not watercolour paper and I didn't want it to warp.
I was able to save to top panel and added that and then stamped the Spring sentiment as we are just starting into Spring here in Australia.

Lost some flowers, so coloured some more to make sure I had a good colour range and this time I added much more sparingly and I like the end result. Flowers are from Altenew and need to be used more. They are so pretty.

No sparkle or gems as felt the flowers were enough. Of course its too late for the challenge but it is satisfying knowing I have fixed it.

Would be quite happy to give this to someone.

Thanks forcing to have a look and hope you visit again soon.


lostinpaper said...

Sometimes we are never happy with what we make, i'm still trying to work out what was wrong with the first one lol. although gotta say I really do like both versions!

Sarn said...

BEAUTIFUL and so colourful xxx

Mrs A. said...

It's very hard not to be critical of our own work. Just had a look at the previous card and I have to say I like both versions. The colours are lovely. hugs Mrs A.

Anonymous said...

Great remake - although I couldn't see anything wrong with the original!