Tuesday 9 February 2016

Life isn't about Surviving the Storm

This is one of the pre printed images that comes in a package on watercolour cardstock from 'Simon Says'.  This is lovely watercolour card but isn't so great for using Zig's with unless you are using in full strength with little water. The paint just doesn't move well on this watercolour card so I used full strength and went back over some areas to give shadow and depth.

Elysha loves when I colour in like this, one colour for each letter, her rainbow colouring, she calls it.
Check out the gem I stuck on one of the rain drops to give 3D look. I had saved these gems for soooooo long they stuck to the sheet they were on and were rather useless. I got this one off and managed to glue it down.

A very quick easy card to do, the watercolouring was easy to do and looks brilliant. When finished I used a stitched rectangle die  to trim the card slightly to size and attached directly to a white card base.

A simple easy card to make and perfect for many occasions.

Thanks for coming to check my blog out and I hope you come again soon.


coldwaters2 said...

What a fabulous sentiment I love how you have coloured it like a rainbow a smashing make
lorraine x

Ruth said...

I adore it - Elysha has good taste. Those Zigs are really fussy about the kind of card they like aren't they? I really really love that raindrop jewel on it - worth keeping them and persevering with. Xx

Loll said...

LOVE! So colourful and fun. Great card Aileen. xx

maria f. said...

Love how you did this. So bright and beautiful.