Wednesday 19 August 2015

Sparkle Shaker Card

Stop the press. I finished it. Boy what a learning curve. Can still see things I have to do differently next time but I am totally happy with this.
I got the look I wanted and there are 40 minutes left so I am going to enter my third and final card. I'm pretty sure we can enter three times. If not doesn't matter, they  can just ignore it but you get to see it.

Well here it is, probably the most blinged card you will ever see.I love my bling but have learnt to be sparing with it as it can end up being a bit much. Also I love, love, love Annabells' beautiful gems and I have a bit of a supply but of course it it going down and I have never found it anywhere else.

Look at this shot it really looks like the gems are pouring into the bowl. See the wonderful smooth gems, they are the ones I got from Annabelle.

Anyhow the idea behind this card. Used the Jam jar die from Build a Boutique and the bowl is a small rainbow die upside down.
I cut first time on cardstock, then fun foam twice. Then I found with the foam doing two shapes can be dicy as it flattens and moved so it wasn't a perfect line up. Trimmed with scalpel but you can see at bottom of bowel bumpily white foam (should have glued some micro beads there to cover it but I will know for next time.
I marked out the outline of the bowl on my card base then blended a bit of orange distress ink there then brushed over with Copper Pearls to give a shimmery look.
Glued the layers together then realised I had forgotten the acetate, bowed my head for a little moment, thought about starting again and thought nahhhh. looked and saw I had a glue finger print on the front as well so better off making a new front, cut the two shapes, more trimming with scalpel. Added the first layer to the card base, poured in some micro beads, gems, sequins etc, glued some in place in both the jar and the bowl. Add the to top layer and once dry I stuck selection of gems and sequins.
Finished it off with the Sparkle Die Cut in gold.
I am more than happy. Now to try more shaker cards but more basic I think.

Better link it up before it closes. Thanks for coming to look and hope you come again.

I was just looking through the different challenges and realised I had forgotten to link this one to 
Now I am hoping that I have the right end of the stick here - anything with glitter meaning glitter and sparkle not glitter paper. My gems all glitter and a couple of the gems have glitter stuck all over them so heres hoping I got it right. If not please Fan-Tastic Tuesday, just ignore or remove.

Again thanks for coming to visit


Darnell said...

This is the blingie-est card EVER, Aileen! What a totally fun card, filled with cheer and sparkle!! Way to go!! Hugs, Darnell

Anonymous said...

So much sparkle. A+job well done. The mix of gems/sequins is beautiful.

Hannelie said...

Your effort was so worth it Aileen! Gorgeous!

lostinpaper said...

YAY, it was worth the wait, what a fantastic and unique design Aileen!

Mrs A. said...

Absolutely amazing . I love this to bits. Clever you. Hugs Mrs A.

Kim Heggins said...

Oh my goodness....this is just so fun and love all that bling!

Pop's Cards said...

I love this sweetie but I am a lover of all things sparkly, I love the pouring out of these sparkles, right up my street :0)

Marybeth said...

Ok, this one is amazing! You sure did get it right this! The shaker parts are so creative Aileen!

Joyce said...

This is so wonderful. I love how you've got two parts to your shaker and all that bling in between. This card looks like it was a lot of work, but oh so worth it.