Tuesday 9 January 2018

Christmas Cards From Friends


We received the most amazing handmade cards from friends in Blogland and Instagram. Being in Australia we received some of our cards after Christmas which means we have our cards on display longer than most and then I put them up in my craft room for future inspiration.

I have finally got myself organised and decided to photograph the cards and share them here then I can share them on Instagram for those who go to Instagram only.

Firstly I got this beautiful card From Maria for Thanksgiving
and it was much appreciated and as always so beautifully done.

Then came Christmas:

Karen Snippets

Therese Lost in Paper

Tina tina.mypop

Anna cards by_anna
BozenA Art Card Box

As I said a wonderful collection of cards from a wonderful group of people who made myself and my family feel feel a lot better during a time when things have been feeling low.

Christmas was hard with mum disappearing further into her Alzheimers; her twin passing away and dad no longer able to understand what was going on with mum due to his own dementia meaning that we had to make that final step of separating my parents and moving mum into a secure area.  

One thing I have found that has helped during all this time has been receiving the wonderful cards and reading the beautiful words inside from friends I have never met, yet can spare the time to be so nice to me and my family.
I asked people on Instagram if they would send dad a card and say hello from across the world just to help pick up his mood and Jessie called me yesterday to say I was in for the shock of my life when I get there tomorrow with the amount of mail he has received so I hope to share that with you all soon too. What a wonderful world this crafting world is hey!!!

Well time to sign off so thanks for sticking around till the end and I hope you come to visit again soon.


I Card Everyone said...

It's so nice to know these helped, Aileen ... hugs from around the world!

Bo┼╝enA said...

Hello, Aileen
I am so happy that my card reached you in time :-) For me it is even more fun when I know that I could give you a little pleasure. I hope that your days will be more cheerful and joyful. I thank you for your beautiful, colorful card full of good energy and joy. I also received many cards from my friends and these are such wonderful moments ...
  Suddenly, the world shrinks to tiny proportions, they stop sharing oceans, because we are very close to each other :-) I love it

Cara said...

What a wonderful array of cards. I must share all the fabulous cards I've received. Erm, my Christmas card for you must have got lost in the post, yep, that's it, I definitely didn't not post any cards this year, honest. Sending hugs x

TaeEun said...

So glad you got mine not too late :)! Each one is so beautiful!